Laravel FORM::open - method and named routes

I may be wrong here, but... couldn't FORM::open() determine the method from the route when a named route is given?...

Vue.js - props don't update when input changes

I have this simple component where I try to bind props both ways but it only works one way. When I change the text in my input fields, it shows 'Initial property 1' to be t...

Laravel Passport and Alexa Account Linking

Hi, I've got Laravel Passport within my Laravel application. Right now, I'm trying to setup Alexa account linking so that users of my application can login to my ski...

not_regex validation

hi How to use not_regex for validation i'm using laravel 5.2 $this->validate($request, [ 'title' => 'required|not_regex:([0-9])', ]...

Select Query Posts with Likes

Hello , I have a question , I am developing a website like a facebook . It will have POSTS and a User can LIKE those posts , So a user can search all those posts , i...

why did not search combine key words in Algolia in Laravel 5.6?

working with Laravel 5.6 and mysql and Algolia search. I have been using following vehicles table for searching key words, id name categor...

Model Alias - 'Members' Vs. 'Users'

I've a users table that contains to all the registered users of the site. There's a User model to represent them. Now I'm build a 'Groups...

Laravel mix extract problem

I have this webpack.mix.js [ 'resources/js/vendor/jquery.js', 'resources/js/vendor/bootstrap.bundle.js', 'resou...

Access env variable inside js file

I need to retrieve an env variable inside a js.file. I have prefixed it with MIX_, so that it looks like MIX_MY_VAR=1234. The js file is located public/js, and all js files...

Problem installing new repo on servers

Hi! I am working at an agency where we have used forge for a couple of years now. Today when I am back from my vacation forge does not work at all. I can not install a new...

check if input value before update

Witch is the best way to check for input value and compare them with the database values, if the input value is the same with the database value don't update. If the inputs...

change date format

hi all i have data in json formt [ {"id":4, "title":"title", "description":"hi there", "created_at&quo...

Generating PDFs from Laravel Views

Hi, I've been playing around with Snappy to generate PDFs from a Laravel View. The PDF is an invoice and ideally I'd like to store it and then automatically email a...

Laravel 5 Validation Request, how to handle validation on update?

First of all I love the way that validation is going through, can now easily use public function authorize(Authenticator $auth) { return $auth->use...

What does @extends('nova::layout') mean?

I've come across this syntax in one of the blade templates. @extends('nova::layout') So far, for all my views, i'm using the following synta...

Extend core app (Events/Hooks/Actions/Filters)

We've recently upgraded our CMS, which was a single entity, and replaced it with a centralised core. We're now running into the scenario where we need to add functio...

How to get record based on type?

I have Project model and it has class field. i want to fetch detail base on class. but below code is not working. when i try $project->detail for 'Web' class, data is no...

Help to implement logic by detecting end of file and loop out while parsing csv and dumping to database

I am using CSVLeague to parse csv file and then later dumping those data to the database. The structure looks like. $loop = true; while($loop){...

Localhost & liveserver

i create route admin in laravel.. in localhost: http://localhost/project/admin...

How to dynamically set hidden attribute, when passing model data to Vue components?

Hi there, I'm currently using passing of variables from blade to vue components by using the Laravel object and putting it into a corresponding prop. But this...
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