warpig warpig
I have my server finally up and running, I can run various commands such as composer --version php -v and php artisan serve problem is I don't know how to set up the database, i find myself in a situation where I need to use a Windows Machine (not my...
lemmon replied
vincej vincej
I am 100% new to Axios having come over from Ajax. I am also brand new to Vue, and I am getting a 419 error in the JS console when I attempt to POST a value into L8 through Axios inside Vue. This appears to be a missing CSRF token in the Axios heade...
vincent15000 vincent15000
Hello, I have a very strange problem with an app on which I work and which has been started by another dev. Here are the tables. brands : id, name bicycles : id, name, brand // the brand is a string in the database quotation : id, bicycle_id And t...
nickywan123 nickywan123
I am allowing user to upload an avatar (profile image) in their profile. While uploading avatar is entirely optional, if user does not have avatar, a default image will be used. However, checking whether a user has an avatar uploaded or not in my sho...
sirch replied
spook1 spook1
The apllication used to work, I upgraded recently to laravel 8, and solved many issues. Now, just as I I want to work on css, I get a new problem in the backend... In the view I use input field to enter a picture. It is not processed anymore, I get n...
spook1 replied
vkronlein vkronlein
I have a typical Model and Policy that are registered correctly: Program::class => ProgramPolicy::class, I have the following before method in my ProgramPolicy class: public function before(User $user, $activity) { if ($user->super_admin)...
baspax1 baspax1
Hi i want to have something like this:https://prnt.sc/116mqrg when i press success want to make toggle success(green) not success(red) and changes on the sql to 1 or 0 any idea to do that? i try it but cant work. public function success($serviceID) {...
biswajeetetech biswajeetetech
The GET method is not supported for this route. Supported methods: HEAD. Route::get('/', [AdminController::class, 'callHomePage']); Already my method is get type, then Why I am getting this issue? Also, I used cache route command to clear cache from...
spook1 spook1
Trying to get croppie.js to work I figured out that jQuery is not loaded correctly. Tried many thing, install via npm, download, yet app.js already is active. Maybe I broke something during upgrades.. Probably it is something trivial, I am new to la...
kensmithzzz kensmithzzz
I sent an email about this to Laravel, but never got a response. A fresh Laravel install shouldn't throw an exception due to a malformed URL... To replicate it: laravel new test cd test php artisan serve Then visit;)...
helloejsulit helloejsulit
Hello, I am having a bit of confusion regarding how does money coming from PayPal or credit card be converted to an e-wallet balance and use that balance as payment to the merchant? Say, I cash in $100 to my e-wallet account using PayPal. That transa...
MarkusHH78 MarkusHH78
Hi, i need help with creating custom user provider in Laravel 8 What i need: User credentials are stored in an external DB After submitting login form i check if is valid user by custom API If valid i need to login this user in my laravel system. Wa...
Emil_Aa Emil_Aa
I've recently started to learn Laravel and im left wondering how to exactly grasp all the new features it brings. I've decided I want to use vue.js with Laravel for creating components and using them in my layouts, but as I understand, vue brings som...
Emil_Aa replied
raviawasti raviawasti
My website is working fine in server but same laravel project not working on localhost linux..can anybody help me me please... I have given all the permission to the folder..but still not working..please help Here is the error.. "This page isn...
MrSandyWilly MrSandyWilly
Hiya, this is probably a bit of an idiot question, but I'm struggling a bit with stripe. <form id="payment-form" style="width:25%;"> @csrf <input id="card-holder-name" type="text">...
kebasita kebasita
How can I create a many to many relationship between ‘commodity’ and ‘group’ with Laravel 8? Kindly show the controller, models, migration tables and routes....
jrdavidson jrdavidson
Looking for suggestions on rewriting this so that the years array looks like this. @php $years = [ \Carbon\Carbon::today()->year, \Carbon\Carbon::today()->addYear()->year, \Carbon\Carbon::today()->addYears(2)->year, \Ca...
rokka rokka
Hi, I have a form with a checkbox <input type="checkbox" name="is_deletion_required" id="is_deletion_required" class="form-checkbox rounded-md" value="1" @if(old('is_deletion_required',$computer-&g...
Foks Foks
Hi! I'm in the middle of changing my dev environment from Laragon to Laravel Sail. However, when accessing it takes a good time for the browser to even respond with some data. Any ideas that could improve the response time?...
Foks replied
fabiothebest fabiothebest
I just tried manually installing the dev environment for Laravel: php, composer and a database (in this case mySQL). I created a database and confirmed the right login with a MySQL client and via the shell. I edited the .env file in order to setup th...
sr57 replied
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