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Laravel 5 Fundamentals

Feb. 12th 2015

Hi, I'm Jeffrey. Nice to meet you. So you're new to Laravel and modern PHP development? Interested in a guide...


Testing Jargon

Dec. 31st 2014

There's no two ways about it: terminology in the testing world is incredibly overwhelming. Let's fix that! Bit by bit...


Code Katas in PHP

Dec. 12th 2014

If martial artists use kata as a method for exercise and practice, what might be the equivalent for coders, like...

Dec. 4th 2014

Let's take a break from the back-end, and instead focus on that other world: the front-end! Don't worry, Laravel 5...


Simple Rules for Simpler...

Nov. 20th 2014

If you've ever heard a developer use the term, "object calisthenics," you might have assumed that they were referring to...


Object-Oriented Bootcamp

Nov. 11th 2014

As wonderful as Laravel is, it does assume that you have a basic understanding of object-oriented programming. If you don't...


What's New in Laravel 5....

Oct. 16th 2014

Each new release of Laravel feels like a mini-Christmas, and version 5 is no different! Though some of these changes...


Laravel 5 From Scratch (...

Oct. 14th 2014

So you've chosen to learn Laravel? Excellent choice! I can't recommend it enough. In this series, step by step, I'll...

Sep. 19th 2014

Does the thought of a confusing regular expression send chills down your back? Don't worry; you're in the majority. But...


Be Awesome in PHPStorm

Sep. 15th 2014

Think about how many hours each week you spend within your editor. Doesn't it make sense to unlock every inch...

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Taylor Otwell

Laracasts is insane!

Shawn McCool

Laracasts is the shit.

Ian Landsman

Really, Laracasts is totally off the hook. Jeffrey Way is an amazing teacher.

Dries Vints

Probably the most "must-watch" web development screencasts on the internet.

Eric Barnes

Laracasts is the premier learning tool for Laravel. The tutorials are always concise and relevant. If you use Laravel, subscribing is a must!

Chris Fidao

Even when developing something I "know," I review Laracasts on the topic. There's always something new Jeff talks about, even if it's just a different point of view.

Ricardo Fuhrmann

The best resource to learn Laravel! Jeffrey did an amazing job. This was exactly what was missing for the community.

Ionut Tanasa

Laracasts was the missing piece in learning Laravel. Yeah there were some series on other websites, but none of them was at this level.

Tolu Olowu

Jeffrey is simply a one-of-a-kind tutor - teaching is obviously his calling. Laravel and Laracasts, twice as nice!!

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