JohnBeales JohnBeales

Three Way Relationship or Relationship with a Relationship?

I'm puzzling over how to set up this relationship in Laravel, (I'm converting a legacy app): I have Repair Shops, which provide different types of repairs, on differ...
princeoo7 princeoo7

Need Eloquent Relationship help.

Hello Every one. I am new to eloquent relationship and i am sucked with following questions. i have three tables. article. gallery. us...
SangminKim SangminKim

Grouping by 15 days( 1 ~ 15 ) / ( 16 ~ end of month ).

Hi everyone, I have a query that groups billing information by month. However, I'd like to tweak it so that the query retrieves billing information by 15 days - i.e....
zaster zaster

Get several rows using the foreign key

How can i select several po_item rows with several cost_item_id (foreign key of po_items table) $cost_items-&...
konrms konrms

How to implement oracle query to select from different tables in laravel

I'm trying to select distinct from different tables in laravel. In oracle I have implemented successfully the query and works. Now I'm trying to "translate" it in...
yoeriboven yoeriboven

Which relationship would you choose?

My app functions kind of like Twitter. A User would follow Profiles which have Posts. A user doesn't have posts, profiles do. The User and the Profiles are in a Many...
bufferoverflow bufferoverflow

Multiple models query and order optimization

I'm getting all rows from 3 models and then concat in the same collection and order them by creation date. I'm thinking in a way to optimize, any ideas?...
jhutto jhutto

Cleaner Controllers

I recently watched the Laravel 5.7 From Scratch - Cleaner Controllers and Mass Assignment Concerns Video And I started working on cleaning up my controllers. T...
hmiggels hmiggels

Eloquent GroupBy unexpected results

Hello, I'm trying to group records based on a column 'role_id' in the products table. But I also like to use eager loading / with() - I must be missing something but...
megaman megaman

update some related models of some models

I need to update a load of models The models i need to update must be related to a different model which must be filtered by a where clause The models being updated...
bwrigley bwrigley

'Undefined index' since 5.7 upgrade

Hi There, Just moved up to 5.7 from 5.6 today and seem to have hit an issue in Eloquent. We have a model called Profile and another called...
kshitizmittal kshitizmittal

Raw Query To Eloquent Query builer

I want to convert this raw query to eloquent, but it seems to be complex, please help me out. select one.emp_id,,one.punch_in,one.punch_out,two.type_...
DPlachkov DPlachkov

Turning Many to Many relationship - to - hasMany - as comma separated values

Hello guys. I have this problem with a relationship i want to save differently. I have Shipments and Errors tables(models). Now we have some validation and if a ship...

Workaround to avoid using 'polymorphism'?

I read in the book SQL Antipatterns several solutions to the anti-pattern of polymorphic relationships. (The point being the key is on the wrong side of the relationship -...
kylevorster kylevorster

Original data on belongsToMany

I'm trying to get the original data on a belongsToMany relationship, I've tried everything I can think of but I just can not get it to work. Anyone got some advice?...
tanveerkhanwd tanveerkhanwd

How to use json encode on following data

( [_method] => PATCH [_token] => pp7bjIqWRL8hatrNyh4ZPtNeb8i6lpjD51QCzFMw [permission] => Array ( [A...
vinubangs vinubangs

Laravel Join 3 tables , one data from first two table and multiple row from third table

I have 3 tables. 1st table- journals id | journal_name 6 | xyz journal 7 | abc journal 2nd table- volumes id | journal...
ashwini1987 ashwini1987


Hello, I have dump data from MySQL to Mongo DB. Now I want a data between the two dates and recodes store as timestamps. Please suggest how to write the query in laravel....
zarcoder zarcoder

One to Many Relationship Logic

I'm learning php and laravel. I'm doing a crud test for a company and if I pass I can be considered for joining the dev team. One of the requirements of the crud test is th...
Vic-Gutt Vic-Gutt

Making a Laravel 5.4 query on a JSON field containing a JSON array

Hi everyone, i'm trying to query a JSON field containing an array of values. For exemple sake we'll name the table "User" and the field "...
rb224315 rb224315

Details table is deprecated; data is now in its own column on master

I have a system from a third party which was recently upgraded. Prior to the upgrade it used master and details tables to store configuration. Post-upgrade, the details d...
trevorpan trevorpan

don't show form if auth()->user has submitted form

Hi, this form shows how many interested bidders there are for a given job. After a user_id has submitted interest to bid, the blade takes away the possibility...
corean corean

Adding a subquery to an eloquent query

I want to add a field to the result set of an eloquent query that its value is provided by a subquery. In other words I want the returned eloquent models have an ext...
midwestdev midwestdev

Reference two columns on another table or reference the id?

I have a parent called formula_items that will have many ingredient, and it has a parent that will have many formulas I don't want to have to add ingredients each time so...
shone83 shone83

I can't get property name from belongsToMany method

When I try to get name from tags I get error: "Property [name] does not exist on this collection instance. (View: C:\xampp\htdocs\wink\resources\views\b...
ravipw1801 ravipw1801

Laravel Relation One to Many (Polymorphic)

Am making a laravel project, Admins & Executives an assign jobs to designers. Below is the Admin model: Admin.php public function jobs() {...
fikri1510 fikri1510

One to one relationship based on imported existing data

Suppose I have customized User and Profile tables. Profile table is based on imported existing data. They are connected with one to one relationship. How can I deal...
davidifranco davidifranco

Get Model Only if All Related Models Have

Whats the correct way to query a model only if ALL the related models fit a certain criteria.. Model::whereHas('RelatedModel', function ($query) { $query...
Simon_G Simon_G

Pluck nested values from Collection

I'm trying to pluck the value from a nested relationship within a collection. But I can't seem to pluck the nested column values: class...
rb224315 rb224315

"Overriding" data retrieval methods for a model (v5.2)

Due to a change in a 3rd party database which cannot be modified, for every call to get(), first(), or any other data retrieval methods on one of my existing models I need...

Pluck value from nested relationship

Hello everyone I have been searching through the documentation, as I am convinced there is an Eloquent way of doing what I am trying to do but can't seem to find it....
PhoeniX5 PhoeniX5

Laravel transfer data in Mysql

I need to transfer data from mysql table to another mysql table, here is my code: function Commande(Request $request) { $pn = $request->input('id'); $pdr = Panier...
Sinres Sinres

Laravel eloquent where date is equal or smaller than DateTime

Hello Guys! How I can take date where date is equal or smaller than date time? This is my code: $current_date = Carbon::now(); $date = Carbon::...
pawan94 pawan94

Fetch data from multiple tables

I have four table 1) batch table 2) student table 3) batch_student table (pivot table) 4) student_attendance. batch : id, name student : id, name...
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