A tool to monitor websites status?

hi everyone, this morning I had a call from an angry client complaining that his site was down. I just restarted my server and all went back to normal, but I'm still invest...

How to edit Vagrantfile for Homestead?

Hi guys, I'm getting 100% CPU usage from VBoxHeadless process. After some research, it turns out this setting in Vagrantfile should help: $enable_serial...

How to host laravel application on digital ocean.

Am planning to use digital ocean for my next laravel project. At this early stage of the project I can't afford laravel forge for server set up, can anyone point me to how...

Low request per second with Laravel, Docker, and AWS

Laravel 5.5 Php 7.0 AWS 8 cpu / 16GB Docker with nginx/php inside. I have an api that serves oauth2.0 via passport. It was wo...

Failed login or failed registering attempt redirects to /(home) on server, but working fine on local server

Hi all, Not sure if this is a Laravel issue or a Server issue. In using the Laravel Auth generated by Artisan and have only made minor changes to the template...

SSL Problem Treating www and non www different

I have windows server and have domain of godaddy. I took SSL from godaddy and apply on my server. My domain gets secure by SSL but problem come when, i redirect from...

Randomly cannot Curl or ping subdomain for a 30 minute block out of the day?

Hello, I have a site built upon the Laravel framework. We have a shop on our site and it is pulling products via the Woocommerce API using an install of a wordpress I've pl...

There is no existing directory at "/var/www/html/storage/job/12" and its not buildable: Permission denied

hi, Greetings, i am facing an error There is no existing directory at "/var/www/html/storage/job/12" and its not buildable: Permission denied...

Sending email to Gmail and A2Hosting

Hello everyone, I need to implement a contact form on the website which is built using Laravel. So everything worked fine until I switched to send emails to the dedicated G...

Create server with no public ip

Forge, aws ec2, printunl Trying to setup printunl and having trouble with forge because you’re required to enter a public ip address. Does anyone have sugge...

Godady domain mapping issue

My Domain From godaddy , and i am Using Aws Ec2 instance , My laravel project open while enter into ip address like (Ex : if i enter this address it...

Why php-swoole will not used in a Laravel ECO System?

Hi @ all Why php-swoole will not used in a Laravel ECO System? Nodejs is very fast and has a event-driven asynchronous way. In php is that not so easy possible with...

Hosting godaddy.com not support laravel 5.4

Should anybody recommend me good hosting service , fast and also support laravel 5.4 I can not get it working in godaddy.com hosting....

connect website to other database server

hi all i have server A that contain database. server B that contain website. i want to connect B to database in A. how to do that?...

Is docker good for a real time system?

I need a 1:1 performance for my app and wan to use Docker to contain my app for better deployment on server....

Lost browser view of site

I am working on a local network and well been workign on several laravel sites for a while on this network computer as well as other php sites, but all of a sudden today, t...

Vagrant\Homestead - setting up multiple php versions

I have installed virtual box on my machine few months ago, and I have read that it is possible to set the PHP version per project in Homestead.yaml file, here...

Redis on godaddy shared host

Please I need help on how to confirgure redis on my godaddy share host cpanel to host my laravel application...

URLs only work when '/index.php/' is used

I have just launched a Laravel 5 project on a live server and all is going well except for one thing. I need to write /index.php/ in the url to access a...

Laravel 5.5 on Synology NAS

Hello, I try to run Laravel on a synology NAS, but I have big troubles with the PHP-Version. I already installed php 7.0 over the PackageManger but when I login via...
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