Need to show all records AND check one record in view

Hi all, In my "" view file I am doing a foreach to show each person attending the event as a list. However, I also need to change a single button...

Javascript variables to Laravel

I have a script to get current geolocation. I want to pass the latitude and longitude variables to the database when my form is submitted. I know that it probably mu...

Nested Object in response API

Trainer::find(1) // returns my trainer Trainer::find(1)->fighters()->get // returns all the fighters related to this trainer H...

Attaching multiple image to form

I have a table that contains image fields to be uploaded. obviously, it is only the url that is to be stored in the database while the main image will be sent to amazon s3....

[WhereBetween] - Retrieve Data between Two Dates from Timestamp Column

Hello Guys. Im having trouble to retrieve data from the database using eloquent, I am trying to retrieve all data between two dates (created_at field). I've D...

Laravel Relation One to Many (Polymorphic)

Am making a laravel project, Admins & Executives an assign jobs to designers. Below is the Admin model: Admin.php public function jobs() {...

Override cache remember method

I would like to override the method remember() of the class Illuminate\Cache\Repository as : <?php namespace App\Illuminate\Cache;...

Laravel 5.5 disable auto login after registration

Hi, I cannot figure out where to disable the automatic login after registration feature and it seams that prior methods do not apply to L 5.5 or....

How to turn off "build sucess" notifications from Laravel Mix?

I am using Laravel 5.4. I want to turn off the notifications from Laravel Mix. How can I do that?...

pdf in laravel :(

how i can generate a pdf file using dompdf package i get this error ErrorException (E_ERROR) Undefined variable: order (View: C:\xampp\htdocs\Partenrs\resources\vie...

Validation with Lumen.

Can I validate the class in a Lumen api, how do I use it and an api laravel application?...

Laravel Job doesn't get scheduled with delay()

I am trying to schedule a job in the queue as described in the example here but it's getting processed immediately....

How to storage link laravel project in live server

I have already upload a laravel project in live server using subdomain. How to storage link laravel project in live server....


Hi EveryOne. i have a dashboard for web site management.when site managers Exit from dashboard press Exit button the Exit link execute below code...

mail configration

hi guys i wan to send mail to my app users but i got this error in my laravel app Failed to authenticate on SMTP server with username "[email protected]" u...

getPdo usage

I have posted a while back a guide on lengthaware paginator:...

Host a Laravel 5 application to a sub-domain of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS server

Hi, I am expecting to host my laravel 5 aplication to a sub-domain named I have configured a *.conf file for my sub-domain named marketple...

Failed to authenticate on SMTP server with username "[email protected]" using 2 possible authenticators

Hey guys, I have an application that sends out emails. Everything was working fine until I connected this email address to my Gmail account in order to have easier a...

Riddle me this (PHP Error: No property on object)

Long time no speak to some of you. Okay, so we use LDAP for authentication at work on our internal server (intranet). I've come across an issue on a new application for one...

Laravel Validation - Check if a column exists

I'm using laravel's awesome validation classes, but I need to know if a column exists in the table (not a row in a given column, the column itself) Is there a quick/...

Trying to load selected value on select

Hello I have an issue loading the selected option of a select input. Here is my code, items is the object I want to populate with the products obj...

How can add CSRF token in axios post?

Hi, Server rejects my request because not contains CSRF token but I have not a tag for include it: <select class="form-control form-control-sm"...

dompdf in laravel

I have a problem with dompdf package when i use loadView its download a blank page this is my function public function downloadPDF($id) { $pdf = A...

Render two tables in one loop

Hi friends! Im developing my first Laravel app. Im making a simple CMS with two type of content: galleries and videos. Im trying to make a home page that render all...

Does any time series adjustable chart package exist for Laravel?

Is there a Laravel package that would make it easy to implement time series data charts like this one:...

Laravel Nova - Table 'action_events' already exists

Hi there, I am trying to run my migrations with Laravel Nova installed. I got everything running and deployed to production, but locally my migrations broke. I have tried...

Nova display Multi field in same row

How to display multi fields in same row on nova Now nova show 1 field in 1 row...

view my valet sites on my iphone without valet share

Hello, is it possible to view my valet sites on my iPhone? (on the same network of course) I know I can use valet share which will assign me a URL whi...

Keep getting TokenMismatchException VerifyCsrfToken.php on line 46

Hi all, I've been working on a application for 4 days now. but since today im totally stuck! Whatever i do i keep getting: TokenMismatchException in VerifyCsr...

Method 'table' not found in \Illuminate\Support\Facades\DB

I have used use Illuminate\Support\Facades\DB; still its table static function is not found. I have opened DB.php in facades and there was no static function DB. Any sugges...

API Error display

I understand how error handling is supposed to occur for regular http calls. Laravel has custom ways to handle specific error types and you can extend this by adding...

Mention a user

Hi people, I have a little problem, I followed the series on building a forum. In the part where you have to mention the name of a user after an @, is problematic....

eloquent count relation

Hello, I have 2 tables, tours and destinations. Tour belongsTo destination and destinations hasMany tours. Im doing some queries on Tour model and I want to show after the...

How to remove Vue's default Div Element

Hi. I have a problem about the vue's constant div element. Vue build all application in the div elemen which has id="app" or etc. This wraps all content in a div...

Spark - Eloquent Relationships for Teams

Hi all I am currently trying to create a simple SaaS application, where teams can create projects. I am currently stuck at the migration, because I am unsur...
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