laurentm laurentm
I got this error when trying to access one view and I don't understand the error. 2/2 Whoops, looks like something went wrong. ErrorException in /path-to-app/storage/framework/views/44812f12bcefe0281da2f29a7f94d872 line 40: Trying to get property of...
wmoghes wmoghes
Hi, I has been working on ldap auth and i was following below instructions and it's works but the question now is when i tried to return Auth::user the result always return null so how can i check if the user authenticated or not (I mean how can set...
AbdulBazith AbdulBazith
guys iam working with a student online examination project. i have two tables ExamRequest and ExamCreation staff will request for a exam to be create, and exam creation team will create an exam for that request so here ExamRequest is parent table and...
Prido Prido
Am trying to output an array saves in a db table and it is outputing as string example I save [ 'key'=>'value'] and when i query i get "[ 'key'=>'value']" I want to get the absolute array...
Invisible Invisible
Hello, I want to create a laravel 8 (jetsream vue) app more like a game where a user can login and than have the ability to create multiple character accounts. So if a user click on a character than he is fully logged in with the specific character a...
bestmomo bestmomo
Since Laravel 8 there is something weird with Authentication stuff. The TALL stack is arrived with Tailwind and Livewire (or Inertia). Of course we can still use the package laravel/ui even if at the start we had announced its death. I must say, but...
Kristina Kristina
Hi, I really need your help. I'm trying to connect my laravel 5 project with Active directory, but I'm getting error message: "BadMethodCallException in Validator.php line 2615: Method [validateName] does not exist.". This is my steps: I'...
AwadGorg AwadGorg
Hello, am building this app to learn how to work with NUXTJS and am kind of stuck on how can i make pagination using nuxtjs(vuejs) with laravel i already made an api with laravel that return data using paginate, here is the code am using right now an...
SeanIz SeanIz
I'm making a multi-step questionnaire, here's a lil bit of my code from my controller: public function FirstPage(Request $request, Survey $survey) { $class = $survey->questions->where('category', 'Class'); return view('ques...
Norbertho Norbertho
Is there any way to submit a livewire registration form to Laravel Fortify?...
SunnyBoy SunnyBoy
Hi Laravel Gurus, I'm new to LDAP and for a project, the requirement is to use username instead of email for authentication. For username authentication i need to connect to the company's active directory. I tried this
Deekshith Deekshith
i tried to test sending email to 100 users in foreach but it took 5 min to complete the load and results gateway error, Please let me know how to speed up this as this should done in background without any extra load if there is a foreach as i am us...
I am trying to get request data from my inputsID but it's rendering my data the wrong way, how do I fix this? ````"1min_price=max_price=search="what I am getting on dd($request->cat_id) instead of just the value for$cat_id```. Inputs <...
Deekshith Deekshith
In one of the application i have used facebook JavaScript SDK for login purpose and also used google signin sdk too. i have used below approach when user first click Facebook login it will check for email exists or not if exists it will login if not...
shrooq shrooq
I have 3 SQL tables. clients events client_events Because a client can have multiple events, I made the third table to show those relationships. I am using the following code to retrieve all of the clients that have the have a record matching this ev...
VincentKos VincentKos
Hello, I'm currently following the « Let's Build A Forum with Laravel and TDD » series and loved how easy it is to generate the document comments on phpstorm. I'm working on VisualStudio Code and did not found any extension that do the job so I cre...
johnwalker1 johnwalker1
Totally new to Laravel. I know a bit of PHP but most of my web development experience has been with Rails, although I've never done anything overly complicated with it either.
RomainB RomainB
Hi everyone, I have a ManyToMany polymorphic relation, and I would like to increment a pivot field. The query should be like: UPDATE `pivotTable` set field = field + 6; The problem is I've don't succeed into using addBindings, setBindings or mergeBi...
RomainB replied
zambie zambie
So i was trying to make the name i inputted on laravel to show up to mail trap but it doesnt seem to work. Heres my code. .env: MAIL_PORT=2525 MAIL_USERNAME=8879f30f595e30 MAIL_PASSWORD=a0d2d46682a4ed MAIL_ENCRYPTION=tls MA...
zambie replied
IrsyadAdl IrsyadAdl
I'm trying to upload multiple files, is there any efficient way other then below. Because, when I do this, I got problem when the network is so slow. Because all the image not executed successfully. $thumbnails = request()->file('thumbnail'); fore...
masterenv masterenv
hello good in a larevel application an authentication api was created and I am trying to consumeisla, the user database is the same and the two developments are in larevel and vuejs, and this is the code that I use to consume the api but when I consu...
Babara Babara
Hi guys, am working on a Laravel website . I'm kinda intermediate. i have an issue with uploading the image on a form i have created for products that should be displayed on a web page.every other thing works fine except that.i want the image saved i...
jinsonjose jinsonjose
How to optimize the query? any idea? How to speed up this query ?? $members = DB::table('users') ->where('users.type', 'member') ->join('user_profiles', '', '=', 'user_profiles.user_id') ->where('user_profiles.profile_status', 'appro...
anam anam
I have developed a package which provides a simple API to ease the process of converting HTML to PDF or images. This package is new and looking for reviews to improve the API. Any thoughts would be apprec...
sergionc sergionc
I am testing inertia js. Laravel and Vue. The problem is that when I try to save data and the modal is hidden, the inputs are cleaned with a function. I realize that the problem comes from my clearForm () function but I can't really find the fault. s...
hackroot hackroot
Hi i am trying to add dynamic sliders in Laracom Ecommerce package by @jsdecena on github. I have created all the necessary spaces but I am getting the following error, when I try accessing the project.test/admin/slides page; Symfony\Component\Debug\...
tkhara tkhara
Hi, I just set up valet linux, but was wondering how i could setup custom php settings for each dev project like error reporting on etc. Thank you, TJ....
SimonAngatia SimonAngatia
I have set up a cron job that calls a method on the controller every five minutes. However, it is not running. So I thought maybe there is a way of kicking off cron jobs after setting up application on the server. Any help? $schedule->call('App\Ht...
laracoft laracoft
I need a Laravel image package with the following criteria URL manipulation, filename_20x30.jpg to resize it etc Good memory managment via readfile() type design and not file_get_contents(), fails this Caching m...
Ramlashkar Ramlashkar
function annexNumber() { $annexures = App\Annexure::all(); if($annexures->isEmpty()) { $annex = 'KKPL0001'; return $annex; } foreach($annexures as $annexure) { $latest = App\Annexure::latest()->first(); if($latest-&g...
redroseamit redroseamit
Route [home] not defined. (View: C:\xampp\htdocs\45\resources\views\vendor\Chatify\pages\app.blade.php)...
Tippin replied
davincho davincho
Hello, i have a problem, how config my .htaccess or my config with my project in need delete the public on the URL for example my url is i need change whit this i see examples and tutorials abo...
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