theUnforgiven theUnforgiven

Str limit using QuillJS

Hi all I’m using QuillJs as my wysiwyg editor and upon saving content the image is stored on S3 but is saved in the html as b...
moctarss moctarss

How to parse an object passed by an AJAX?

I made an Ajax POST request into my Laravel function however i am facing this result: <script> Sfdump = window.Sfdump || (function (doc) { var refStyle...
jmyersnc jmyersnc

Setting up new project

MacOS Catalina (10.15.1) I am able to connect to the database using TablePlus I am able to connect to the database use terminal within VS Code Installed both PHP and MySQL...
thebigk thebigk

Googlebot Cannot Access Images Hosted On CloudFront - Reports Blocked By robots.txt

Google Search Console is reporting that my images hosted on AWS CloudFront are "blocked by robots.txt". I'm looking for ways to make Google acknowledge that I hav...
JoerJoers JoerJoers

Botman: Asking for both Images and Videos in Conversation

Instead of asking for Images or Videos one at a time, is there a way to ask for both? // ...inside the conversation object... public function askVideos() {...
trevorpan trevorpan

Why is link to page section /#footer not linking?

The site allows you to link to sections of the docs. I'd like to implement that exact feature. // link on navbar <div class="ema...
gfvante gfvante

@import directive only works with relative path when importing css file in app.scss

After trying to import some custom css style sheets using the @import directive on my /resources/sass/app.scss file, I have noticed the stylesheets a...
tomirons tomirons

PHP 7.3 curl SSL Error

I've got a strange issue that Google hasn't been able to help me with. I'm on Catalina 10.15.1 and I've got Laravel Valet installed with PHP 7.3 and I'm running into this i...
ibjorn ibjorn

Laravel Passport Token without login

I'm trying to wrap my head around api authorisation. I have a simple endpoint that records a contact form and sends an email. Logic says to me, I still need t...
ramzidev ramzidev

I'm trying to integrate Google's API and create a calendar/event on demand

Well, I've been trying to integrate the API for a couple of hours now, for some reason even tho I have no errors whatsoever I still can't add a calendar, event etc.....

Laravel Trying to write log files to local project location instead of remote

Good Morning, I started having an issue with my laravel project and I've been developing it for a while now. The trouble started when I tried removing telescope and then re...

Separate front-end and back-end application with single codebase

My question isn't how to create a front-end and a back-end for my application - I already know how to do that. In fact my question isn't really even Laravel specific, but...
ajithlal ajithlal

Converting raw SQL to Eloquent

I'm trying to convert my raw sql query to eloquent. But can't achieve the same result. This is my query select `users`.`id`,`users`.`rol...
gokyo66 gokyo66

Image to the post

can you pls let me know how to insert code or screen-shot in the discussion board. Thank you...
Devmaurice Devmaurice

Multi Domain Login

Help me figure out this: I want to create one site where all the other domain site can login from: Login from then be re...
zubairmohsin zubairmohsin

Returning from a class in Chain of Responsibility?

❓Chain of Responsibility Pattern. 🛑Only thing that stops the chain right away is to...
angelorigo angelorigo

Change background color if there is an error

Hi I am trying to change a input type text background if there is a form submission error for that field : {!! Form::text('phone', $employee->phone...
JuanRangel JuanRangel

Jobs No Longer Running

We have an application on a production env and today the jobs had an issue and I got the following error in Bugsnag MaxAttemptsExceededException. So I looked i...
zyxxyzyxz zyxxyzyxz

"This action is unauthorized." Only on update and destroy methods.

I created a new model ExternalApiKey as well as a Controller, Policy, and Request for it. Then I defined a resource like so; Route::resource('api_keys',...
pggtenorio5990 pggtenorio5990

i have payed the yearly subcription but i still have the message "reactivate your subscription"

i have payed the yearly subcription but i still have the message "reactivate your subscription" . The charge has been made on my account but i dont have...

password setup for user by admin

Hi , I am working on system where only admin can register new users. So admin will fill in the register form with user's last name, first name other info, then the the us...
zyxxyzyxz zyxxyzyxz

How to make Policies execute BEFORE Form Requests?

So I'm building an application and writing tests along side it, and one problem I've continuously ran into is tests returning 422. Ideally, I want to keep my test fi...
zyxxyzyxz zyxxyzyxz

Storage::allFiles('directory'); giving wrong return?

So I'm using Storage::allFiles('directory') to get a list of files from the file system, and ideally I'd like it to just be an array of file names. But for som...
zyxxyzyxz zyxxyzyxz

How to convert axios response to DataURI?

I feel like I've tried everything! I do have a semi-working piece of code, but it has a lot of issues and often runs into some maximum call-stack issue, as well as it just...
utilityLA utilityLA

Trying to get property 'id' of non-object for one user type

I have three user types: admin, parent, provider. After logging in, each type is shown a landing page with a list of posts. Admins see all posts. Parents only see posts tha...
zyxxyzyxz zyxxyzyxz

hash_file No such file or directory with Laravel

I'm trying to generate a file hash for a file that's located inside my Laravel storage, but I can't seem to get the php hash_file method to recognise any path...
theUnforgiven theUnforgiven

Render Laravel var in VueJS, QuillJS Editor

Hi all, I am using the QuillJS editor for a wysiwyg editor and works perfect on the creation of a post, but I need to use it for the edit of a post. I have th...
splendidkeen splendidkeen

Broadcasting from Partner to User

Having two systems, Partner.php and User.php, I am trying to broadcast an Event, which is triggered by a Partner (post method), and t...
zyxxyzyxz zyxxyzyxz

Should I (or is it worth it to) use queue's for webhooks?

So I've watched the series on queue's, and they seem like an incredibly useful feature, especially for tasks that can take a long time to process. However, I'm unsure if I...

How to write code in laracast?

I want to write code that cleanly. So nice views. How can I do that?...
joe-inz joe-inz

Auto discover generated files

Currently, I'm developing a package that generates repository classes, but when i try to instantiate a class throughout the container with app(RepositoryClass::class)...

Switching from Tailwind version 0.6.5 to 1.1.2 having problems with classes and not sure how to make a smooth transition?

So I've created a vue project that is using tailwind. What I have to do is port my Laravel projects vue frontend to a vue project. The original project uses Tailwind versi...
Dev_Ganky Dev_Ganky

Automatic Downlaod After Payment Confirmed on Paystack

i am working on a project where i will be required to upload books for sale, The download works fine without integrating the payment gateway. please how can i sync the two...
Bromira Bromira

Absence Table with Individual Records for each Day (CRUD)

First of all, thanks for any help/advice in advance. I'm trying to track sickness and absence; normally id just have a simple table with something along the lines of...
abujunaid abujunaid


Hi everyone, @jeffreyway I am trying to build a form that contains image uploads. I know I have to include the attribute enctype=&q...
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