santino santino

how to get a record?

I use this code and get this return $info = $curso->sections->first(); { "id": 1, "course_id": 1, "sort_order":...
santino santino

Help, with protected casts in laravel model

Protected $casts=[ 'information' =>'array' ] ; got this, I need to save the information as a text and then load it as an array, but how can I...
santino santino

HELP, convert string to json... ?

HI, please I am trying to get out the information of this string I save this string in a field of my data base [{"layout":"information&...
theUnforgiven theUnforgiven

Dates in for loop issue!

If I specify the start date as 2020-07-01 I want that to go in the loop also, and then finish the loop when it hits the end date given, say in 6 months time.....
theUnforgiven theUnforgiven

Date incrementing based on given date

Hi all, I hope everyone is well & healthy. I have a small issue, I can't seem to get my around. Just bashing this out in Tinkerwell for quickness,...
jrasheed46 jrasheed46

laravel websockets multiple apps setup

I am trying to make laravel-websockets mutiple tenancy setup work. Everything seems to be configured correctly but whenever I dispatch events from my socket app it does not...
Bloomanity Bloomanity

Livewire nginx conf

Can anyone help me with an nginx conf to get file-preview working?...
siempie93 siempie93

How do I extract all tag ids from a list of posts

I have many posts that have many tags. I perform a simple query to get all the posts; $posts = Post::query() ->with(['tags', ...]) ->where(...)...
jyotishmoy jyotishmoy

Accessing form values posted as objects in controller

I have a form in react using formik which stores information like name and address of an user with laravel. The address fields are stored as nested object with formik and t...
marmour marmour

Service providers, interfaces, and models

Hey Laracasts, Thanks in advance for the help. Hopefully what I am asking makes sense. I am looking to implement an interface for "devices" of vario...

factory()->create() returns all rows from database instead just created

Laravel Version: 6.18.23 PHP Version: 7.2.24 Database Driver & Version: SQL Server 15.00.4043 & Driver version 17.05.0001 Let's assume da...
theUnforgiven theUnforgiven

Render Laravel var in VueJS, QuillJS Editor

Hi all, I am using the QuillJS editor for a wysiwyg editor and works perfect on the creation of a post, but I need to use it for the edit of a post. I have th...
appyapp appyapp

Saving user search parameters

I have a list of records shown to users and as this list is quite a long I have added a simple form to filter this list. <form> <select name="l...
trevorpan trevorpan

Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded. Spatie MediaLibrary

$this->numberOfPages = $this->imagick->getNumberImages(); Has anyone run into this? Have laravel medialibrary installed. It works fine...
FareedR FareedR

Proeng - jsValidation

i got an error during my index( ) "Undefined variable: validator" . How can I solve it ? how can i return $validator in index method ?...

Can you help me with this error

Can anyone help me to find out what this error means ? When I do POST I get status 419 unknown status and below is the error. Btw, I have {{csrf_f...

Laravel 5.5 Socialite Error

I have an issue with Socialite on Laravel 5.5 I have Socialite required by composer, updated services.php with different providers credential and updated providers in app.p...
sisilchandana sisilchandana

php artisan serve not working

I am new to laravel. I installed properly laravel last week and it was work properly. Unfortunately today it is not working. When I issue the php artisan serve command it i...

How to setup multiple sites on one droplet with Laravel Forge?

I already have a digital droplet created and using it on another site. I am using laravel forge to deploy it all. In terms of Forge, I simply added another website u...
TerrePorter TerrePorter

What am i doing wrong? loadViewsFrom

This doesn't seem to be working as expected from my packages service provider. $viewsPath = [ __DIR__ . "resources/views/themes/one",...
theUnforgiven theUnforgiven

Sending to other ID within One Column...[Assistance]

Hi all, I'm sure there's a way to do this, but can't for the life of me think what/how. I have a bunch of different IDs in a recipient column wit...
santino santino

nova - after record creation RETURN, HELP

after I create a record in a general resourse view, nova enters into it, I don't want to enter, I want to get back to the model general view, someone knows how to do it?...
sethobey sethobey

Enable Debugbar for subdomain routes?

Debug bar works exactly as expected at http://site.local but when I visit...
jesse_orange_newable jesse_orange_newable

Fixing ugly code

Hi everyone, I have been working with the DocuSign e Signature API to send out documents to clients, then to check for changes I have been using polling. I ha...
user501254 user501254

Add Class/Filename to log message?

I am coming from Java and would like to log the class/filename in the log messages of my Laravel App. However, I can't find enough documentation of examples that cover this...
nenglish nenglish

Laravel is not registering the `.store` route in my resource.

Hey my name is Nicholas. I am having trouble trying to figure out why Laravel is not registering the .store route for my resource. I viewed my php artisa...

RedirectIfAuthenticated not working

HI, hope somebody can help me, when Im login and visit Im not being auto redirected to the specified page, hope somebody can help me public function handle($...
RohanGupta RohanGupta

Posting a part of <form> as Json File

I am new to Laravel and Web-Dev in general soo sorry if I sound too vague. I have form where i have i don't have a set number of input parameter(user can click on an add bu...
FareedR FareedR

Prevent faker from repeating the same number

How can I prevent faker to repeat the same number ? for($d = 0; $d <= 3; $d++){ $project_facilitation = new ProjectFacilitation([ 'company_project_id'...

Diffrence between using refreshDatabase trait and 'migrate:refresh' ?

HI , I am trying to understand the actual difference between refreshDatabase trait and using $this->artisan('migrate:refresh'); in my each test...

Http::attach() stream working, string not.

Hey hey SO I'm using the Http client and attaching a file to the request. Using a stream works fine as per the docs Http::attach('file', fopen('path-to-...
BlackMercury BlackMercury

Changing minimum characters for password

How can i change the minimum characters for registering a password in laravel , the default in 8 chars. Thanks for help...

Checkbox array - old('value')

Head is not working... how to return old value after validation to this? I already tried so many different ways... <ul class="optional-features-list&...

How to write code in laracast?

I want to write code that cleanly. So nice views. How can I do that?...

PHP Auto-indenting on markdown and I can't fix it

My PHP Storm is auto-indenting my @component('mail:message') and I can't get it not to. It's screwing with my markdown. Does anyone k...
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