BillRiess BillRiess

Running out of memory PHPUnit CI/CD Pipelines

I'm getting this error in Bitbuckets Pipelines when running PHPUnit but not when I run PHPUnit locally... PHPUnit 7.5.7 by Sebastian Bergmann and contributor...
LeonBuchner LeonBuchner

No query results for model [App\User] 6

Currently I am working on a Project Management Website. On the "Create Project" Page Users are able to add other users with a specific user role. Once they hit sa...
CoatneyDev CoatneyDev

Can't Access Homestead Site Using homestead.test

If I use http://localhost:8000/ I can access my Laravel site (although it takes longer than I...
theUnforgiven theUnforgiven

For loop with dates

Hi all, I hope everyone is having a good week so far.... I'm looking for some help from you awesome people, I want to have a number of rows entered into the d...

Gzip compression not working/showing

I am developing a website using Laravel, and to decrease load times I wanted to add gzip. I have never before worked with Gzip but I thought it would be good to learn....
maidul98 maidul98

Get a select number of results from a with()

with(array('comments.replies' => function($query) { $query->get()->take(1);})) That query doesn't do anything. I want to get the 3 most recent commen...
plasmic plasmic

Converting array of address parts to a string

I have a need to geolocate coordinate's based off an address a user can enter. I store the address into the following columns: address1 address2...
MohamadSleimanHaidar MohamadSleimanHaidar

Laravel Broadcasting To Private Channel Fails

Hello, I'm trying to broadcast events with laravel-echo and Redis. Everything was working while I was using public channels. However I'm getting Class 'App\Eve...

Laravel in docker - Vue wont work

I have Laravel running in docker and I dont yet have very good grasp of docker now laravel either and I'm getting very frustrated as I can't make the vue components to work...
swagger swagger

Laravel + Passport JWT, always Unauthenticated!

So I've tried for hours to make this thing work: Read the documentation step by step multiple times Watched many tutorial Tried random stuff...
Techguru Techguru

Statefull vs Stateless

Hi guys, Just need every one's view about building an web application. I have created statefull (with session) web application before when i started my journey as a full-st...

Help with a relationship spanning multiple tables

Hey guys, I'm starting to get back into Laravel and some concepts are kind of hard to grasp. I have a problem with a specific relationship I hope to get help with so...
andersonmichel andersonmichel

How can I create the same route to pages and categories?

I want display the correct view based on slug argument... I have pages and categories and both have the slug field and they have also unic slug values these are my r...
maidul98 maidul98

How to combain two tables in one result algolia

I have a posts table set up with algolia and everything works fine. Now I want to add a custom attribute to each post, which I have done, that shows if a post has been book...
nanadjei2 nanadjei2

Algolia Search -> Command "php artisan scout:make-aggregator" is not defined.

Am trying out Algolia search and wanted to search across multiple models. Before I can be able to do that I need to run php artisan scout:make-aggregator NameOfAggregat...
ldslaracasts ldslaracasts

Problems splicing collection

I am attempting to splice a two specific objects in to a collection. I am using a grid system to display a collage and index 5 and 6 need to be the "title images"...
bwrigley bwrigley

Scheduler caching job?

Please forgive me if this is an obvious question but does the scheduler cache classes? Or perhaps unique to using homestead? The reason I ask is that my scheduler ru...
AlexXander AlexXander

Laravel GET request results with an additional '?' character

I'm getting a weird bug in Laravel while using the GET request. I'm performing a get request via javascript like so: window.location = "messages/clone?id="...
pordonez pordonez

Dropzone Large file upload timeout every 16-20seconds.

Hey Guys, i need some assistance about my dropzone script. I want to upload a large file like 144mb but xhr timeout occurs everytime i try it. $(&...
andersonmichel andersonmichel

Error Saving Date format (d/m/Y) to (Y-m-d)

The problem is that laravel is trading the day for the month before saving the record. That way, the date 05/10/2018 is saved on database as 2018-05-10, and the dat...
jdubwelch jdubwelch

Conditionally Load Routes Based on a Wildcard Subdomain's Route Model Binding

Let's say I have a Game model with a slug and type attribute. Users can create their own games to manage. Based on the Game's type, t...

How to write code in laracast?

I want to write code that cleanly. So nice views. How can I do that?...

Stuck on a 3rd party project and need some help

My boss managed to pull in a big project that a 3rd party created, but couldn't finish to the clients' standards. They had a team to work on this, I'm on my own, so who kn...
Respect Respect

Git | Why when i checkout to other branch after push to merge i got some file deleted n working directory

Why when i hceckout to other branch after push to merge i got some file deleted n working directory Any one can help me and tell me why this always happned And to m...
raphaello3453 raphaello3453

Looking for tutor/mentor or studybuddy

Hi, im learning to code in Vue and Laravel here at Laracasts. Its great and all but I keep finding myself in the need for a tutor/mentor that can look at my code, answer qu...
matttonks11 matttonks11

5.8 Testing Issue - No application encryption key has been specified.

Hi there, I'm running into an issue when I install a new 5.8 project and run phpunit. I get the following error... 1) Test...
Tommy001 Tommy001

Can't figure out difference between local, stage and production site

Using GIT I have built a Laravel site, which among other things uses Laravel File Manager. Locally everything works and when I just transfer ALL files manualy with FileZill...
Chrizzmeister Chrizzmeister

Store session data best practice

Hi, i have a multi-step form for my current website. I decided to go with the Session approach of storing each step in the session, that way i can validate each step...
riaanv1987 riaanv1987

Please could someone help me with this file upload problem

HI I was just on stack exchange and nearly got devoured by some dude who clearly was not in the mood to help...either way... This is the code block that I am having...

Laravel passport with custom provider

I have a project where my customers have "Accounts", and employees of my customers can log in to the application using the "User" model. Even though use...
andersonmichel andersonmichel

Load data from bd globally

I have a table "options" with the columns "name" and "value". This table has several records with de main configurations of the site. I...
FarOutFred FarOutFred

Downloading images with Spatie Media Library

I am trying to download all images related to a model using Spatie's Laravel Media Library. When I try to download all images, I get the following error message....

Route::patten and Route::resource working together

Hello I've got an issue at the moment where I want to restrict $id in a resource to [0-9]+. With the resource you can't have ->with('id', '[0-9]+'); so it seems...
riaanv1987 riaanv1987

Multiple query results not merging

HI there I have a table that I run a query on to get all the users records in the table and then I return a datatable with the data. This works 100%. My problem is I need t...
hisprogrammer hisprogrammer

Where Can I find my receipt after payment for Laracasts subscription?

Where Can I find my receipt after payment? Please advise....
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