Fetching Data - Best Practice (Laravel/Vuex)

I've just implemented rue-router and vuex into an App I'm working on. I thought everything was going along quite nicely until I implemented a loader (spinner) and discovere...
ajithlal ajithlal

corcel not working on server

I'm using jgrossi's corcel package to integrate my WordPress site to laravel. It works fine on my system and it returning 500...
TzuSun67 TzuSun67

Defining a comments field to a specific user

Hi All, I know this may be a very easy thing to achieve but I have been struggling to to assign edit functions to comments that users have created. I.e. if th...
LaravelFan2019 LaravelFan2019

Permission Denied after refactor.. Help!

First of all setup is thus: New Laravel App with Auth. Editor: PHP Storm 2019.3 Web Server Software: Laragon I have installed many laravel apps but this is a...

File storage in local and public storage at the same time.

In my project i have two kind of files first one is user avatar, and the next one is user uploaded files. (image,pdf). As you can imagine, first one should be publicly avai...
mrkarma4ya mrkarma4ya

AJAX for Laravel

I'm planning to learn Vue JS, but I thought it'd be better if I learnt some basics first, like AJAX, jQuery, etc. What's the best way to learn AJAX for Laravel? The...
zyxxyzyxz zyxxyzyxz

Laravel/InertiaJS Checkout help?

I'm making a storefront with InertiaJS and Laravel. In previous projects where I've used Vue CLI 3, I've generally just had a multiple step checkout with the data stored in...
theUnforgiven theUnforgiven

Editable table but save all values

Just hit a roadblock, I have a table quite a big table too, and most cells are editable, but I want to click a submit button and save all the values in the all the cells....
tomasosho tomasosho

How to integrate stripe & Cashier Subscription payment system on laravel 6

I'm getting that error when i post a payment from my app. I'm using stripe payment system and cashier. My controller <?php namespace App\Http\Contr...

Cashier Error: Stripe\PaymentMethod instance has invalid ID:

I'm trying to use Laravel Cashier, but getting 'Stripe\Exception\UnexpectedValueException Could not determine which URL to request: Stripe\PaymentMethod instance has invali...
Tommy001 Tommy001

Unisharp Laravel Filemanager can't be found after version upgrade

I wanted to upgrade Laravel Filemanager by Unisharp to the latest version, so I changed that row in my composer.json to "unisharp/laravel-filemanager": &quo...
matthewh matthewh

Weird 'Function name must be a string' with auth:api

Passport is installed. CreateFreshApiToken is on the web middleware auth.php API driver is changed to passport All passport routes are ther...
Mithridates Mithridates

Can't change app default language

After a lot of struggling I coudln't change app's default language. What I have done: change locale attribute in config/app.php to: 'locale' => 'ar',...
marmour marmour

Queue set by config - Constant expression contains invalid operations

I am trying to set the name of a queue based on a config value. Here is the basics of what one of my listerns looks like: class SomeList...
rfountain rfountain

process.env.MIX_<variable> not working

I'm currently working on a project using Laravel Spark and Laravel Echo to send WebSocket notifications. The problem I'm having is the variables for process.env.MIX_PUSHER...

Laravel - Using Gates on API requests for authorization

I have a laravel app setup perfectly with roles and permissions using gates. For example, in the web routes file I have this which works great: WEB.PHP...

api_token working - but how to authorize access to API's by roles/permissions?

Hello. I'm struggling to get this basic concept off the ground, and have actually found little to no literature on the internet on how to do this. I want to restrict access...
waiyan13 waiyan13

Combine data from multiple models

I have to show data from multiple controllers in a single view file. How should it be done properly?...
Bacchus Bacchus

Laravel Automagic for Beginners?

Hello, I'm pretty novice and have built some makeshift frameworks before for e-commerce projects, but have never used a mature framework like Laravel outside of expl...
camillele camillele

Get hour-wise data for today sales report generation

Hi, I want to get hourly-wise data for today sales data for chartjs. Do I need to create a separate table to store with hours to get all the hourly data? what is the struct...
Devedge Devedge

Laravel 6 - security consideration when building 'Formidable Pro' style form builder

I've been working on a front-end page builder which has come together quite nicely and now I'm looking at building something similar to Formidable Pro for Wordpress, where...
bmartus bmartus

Having trouble with relationship/collection ..

I've been struggling with this in another project, but am able to show the problem using a standard Posts/Comments/Users example project. I am trying to show a list...
mindoroDev mindoroDev

I need help

How to use this https://github.com/akiyamaSM/larapoll ? do i need to install...
InspiredPrynce InspiredPrynce

Database Query Duplicate Entries

Let me explain this to you better so i wont harm myself... I have a staff attendance system that runs offline, when there is internet, it uploads the attendance data online...
ThePoet444 ThePoet444

websockets only work once browser hits wss endpoint

I'm currently using beyondcode/laravel-websockets. I have everything setup according to the instructions. The only way to get it to work however, is if I poin...

How to store data about trello style board.

Hi , This probably a mixed question with JavaScript. Forgive me if this is inappropriate for this forum. I am looking for some brainstorming ideas form fellow developers. I...
InspiredPrynce InspiredPrynce

Deleting Duplicate Records

Hello guys, i have an issue please someone should help me... I have duplicate records in my database, i mean thousands of them.. How do i delete the duplicates and leaving...
ilex01 ilex01

Add a new line before and after the <div> tag in PhpStorm

Hi! Here is my current HTML code in PhpStorm: <body> <div>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit.&l...

How to select column from nested relationship

Hi, I have a model relationship where a 'topic' has comments, 'comments' have user. Now in the json response i want to send topic with comments and related user. How do i g...
dipeshnx dipeshnx

/storage/ directory path

What is the recommended way of pointing Laravel to use different path for /storage/ directory?...
marmour marmour

ChangeMessageVisibility - Intermittent Access Denied

Hey everyone! Happy new year! Thanks in advance for any help you guys can provide. I have an SQS queue that appears to work normally most of the time but I ke...
Thavarshan Thavarshan

Laravel Installer Shows Segmentation Fault

I keep getting the error segmentation fault laravel new blog every time I run the command laravel new blog. This also happens when I try to...
blaineglynn blaineglynn

post request from webhook work locally but appear empty on production

I've created a simple app with a route that posts to a controller. The data that is posted is from a webhook on another app. (it does contain some underscores) In my...
camillele camillele

How to keep range values in database

To check a patient's status in a medical test(high, low, average), I have to keep range values for the tests in a table For a test there can be several ranges....
cookie_good cookie_good

urlencode not working on forward slash in destroy method

so I have a method: destroy($id){ /* delete database records */ } the route is generated by a resource route. Route::reso...
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