seomike seomike

v5.8.25 > breaks Socialite Providers - Driver [youtube] not supported.

Just an FYI if you are getting a Driver [youtube] not supported error on your socialite providers then downgrade to 5.8.24. For now I've only seen it on youtub...
kylemilloy kylemilloy

Safari specific date input bug

I'm using <input type="date"> on the front-end of my app without poly-filling date inputs. This leaves Safari ignoring the type="dat...

Homestead / Composer issues

I've created a clean Homestead install and I've been getting problems creating new projects with Composer, it creates new Laravel projects just fine but say if I go to crea...
pordonez pordonez

DataTables glitch?

I'm using Yajra's DataTable script, on my tbody i have this input type field on one of my column, when the view is in default that input type field is working, but when i s...

Laravel excel validate two columns' combination is not duplicate

I have a requirement wherein I need to ensure that Excel file being uploaded by user does not have duplicate rows w.r.t. 2 particular columns. Example: In the...
jimdewes jimdewes

Homestead on Windows 10 unreachable via

I have Homestead up and running with the code folder mapped to a folder on my drives and showing the content fine. I have a laravel project in it and have mapped homestead....

Composer update breaks application

Hello people, I have a laravel 5.5 app running on which I performed a composer update. From the time it finised updating I cannot login to my app. I write my credentials,I...
matthewh matthewh

Weird 'Function name must be a string' with auth:api

Passport is installed. CreateFreshApiToken is on the web middleware auth.php API driver is changed to passport All passport routes are ther...
meriki meriki

Unable to do php artisan migrate

Illuminate\Database\QueryException : could not find driver (SQL: select * from information_schema.tables where table_schema = homestead and table_name = migrations and tab...
Atomzwieback Atomzwieback

The PHP Practitioner - EP 16

Hey guys, im not sure if this here is the right place but i will try my luck becasue i stuck with this problem since 1 day and may its becasue the course isnt really...
krishna9720 krishna9720

Stripe Error Must provide source or customer laravel and Stripe token response null

Hi experts, I integrate stripe payment gateway to my laravel application Below is the code snippets. ProductController.php public funct...

How to write code in laracast?

I want to write code that cleanly. So nice views. How can I do that?...
Bom_Basti Bom_Basti

Database Design for configurable Systems

I'm about to set up a database design and need your help. I have several systems that consist of different components. The components can be present in different sys...
dguerithault dguerithault

SSL issue on fresh Laravel install

Just installed Laravel and downloaded an existing Laravel application. The application is configured for a Postgres database instance and uses SSL. When I run the app loc...
elle3141 elle3141

Permanently remove certain migrations

I downloaded something regarding authentication (sorry, I can't remember what it was exactly) and this created 6 migrations: 2016_06_01_000001_create_oauth_a...
Mahaveer Mahaveer

Fatal error: Uncaught SoapFault exception: [WSDL] SOAP-ERROR: Parsing WSDL: Couldn't load

WayBillGeneration using bluedart api. Fatal error: Uncaught SoapFault exception: [WSDL] SOAP-ERROR: Parsing WSDL: Couldn't load from 'http://netconnect.blued...

Failing to install Laravel inside Homestead box

When installing laravel via laravel new or composer command it fails at the same 1-2 packages every time. phpunit/phpunit suggests installing ph...
Hachimaki Hachimaki

Doubt on how to define Model for Team-Athletes-Sports relationsships

Hello i'm trying to define a good Model to manage Teams, athletes and practiced sports. Here is the situation: One team can have multiple athletes and an athlete can play i...
jpinto.ptn jpinto.ptn

Query scopes and IDE inspections

Hello everyone, I've been thinking of using query scopes on my projects, but so far there's one nasty side-effect to that change: the IDE (in my case PhpStorm)'s ins...
maidul98 maidul98

socialite - how to pass the user token from backend to frontend React JS

My frontend is separate from my backend(Laravel) so when I log in with Google and it sends me back to my backend where I get the user login token. Now, I'm not sure how to...
aurawindsurfing aurawindsurfing

Elasticsearch - good tutorial

Hi, Can anyone recommend something worth looking at? Thanks!...
aurawindsurfing aurawindsurfing

Detect PDF version with PHP

What is the best way to detect PDF version with PHP? I know there are some external libraries that can be run from the command line but I only need to find out if I need to...
matildah matildah

Redirecting a route

i have a link of a review of a restaurant in the restaurant's profile.i want to redirect the route to review blade template and take the current restaurant id with it The u...

Custom Form Validation Is Not Working For Some Reason

I am using custom form validation for my replies using toastr. For some reason the validation does indeed kick in by display...

Laravel 5.5 Socialite Error

I have an issue with Socialite on Laravel 5.5 I have Socialite required by composer, updated services.php with different providers credential and updated providers in app.p...
zerodps zerodps

Undefined offset: 0 / WAMP W10 L5.8.27

Hi all, im facing a wierd undefinded offset problem. My Controller public function index(Project $project, User $user,Image $image) {...
JoeDawson JoeDawson

How can I structure my database?

Hello, I currently have a table of items that can be combined to create another item. Here's an example: Potion - 1 Dose Potion - 2 Dose...

Laracasts Refund

Hello, at 26-06 I've sent an email asking for a refund. Yesterday I asked on the forum about the refund - my post was deleted. I still haven't received an answer. How can I...

How to prevent direct access to files and directories inside public folder?

How do I prevent users from directly viewing files under public directory? E.g. if someones types they see this -...

How can I use a Trait (or anything that can fix my issue) in this instance.

Hello, I am currently in the process of refactoring my controllers, and I have a piece of code that is present in nearly all of my controllers and almost every function....
elle3141 elle3141

Why is laravel adding a trailing forward-slash to my values in my form?

I am programming a small project to manage returns (when someone wants to return a product they bought) and I created a resource controller for it. When I try to edi...
devilishdog devilishdog

Laravel and XenForo Authentication

I'm not even sure if this is the right approach I should be taking, so if anyone has any better ideas I'd be up for hearing them. Essentially, I'm making a web-app t...
rfountain rfountain

process.env.MIX_<variable> not working

I'm currently working on a project using Laravel Spark and Laravel Echo to send WebSocket notifications. The problem I'm having is the variables for process.env.MIX_PUSHER...
Kisiara Kisiara

Record screencasts with eloquence and precision like @jeffreyway

How does Jeffrey Way manage to remain as eloquent and precise when presenting some very complex topics in his screencasts. Does he write a script that he then reads...
zerodps zerodps

Storing values in different tables from a single Controller function ? WAMP SQL L5.8.27

Hi all, I am in the process of brainstorming for my upcoming project... My ideal process would be for the user to submit a single form with some text and an image, i...
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