KingsleyO KingsleyO

Uploaded images works on localhost but broken on live server

I do not know why this happened. I first pushed my project to github and then git cloned it into my server(digital ocean). On my local machine i have uploaded over 350 imag...
bugsysha bugsysha

Can you code on iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard Folio via Apple Sidecar

Has anyone tried coding via Apple Sidecar from their iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard Folio? Some setup like MacBook Pro + iPad Pro or Mac Mini + iPad Pro or any other combinat...
cherrycoding cherrycoding

Form Builder with drag and drop for Nova

Hi Guys, I am new to Nova and would like to try it in my current project.... Here I have many dynamic forms and at the moment I am importing them from a CSV. So is there an...
Troj Troj

_.debounce on v-if="noresults"

Hey peoples, I have a debouncetime on my inputfield with autosuggest. If there are not any results, a text appears "no results found", instead of the dropd...
vandyahm24 vandyahm24

how to group data with EAV (entity attribute value) tables in laravel

hello everyone i have an eav table like this id |vendor_id |client_detail_name|client_detail_value| 1 | 1 | vendor_id | 1...
Prabodhana Prabodhana

Export process work but no file downloaded [ Maatwebsite / Laravel-Excel ]

PHP version: 7.3.9 Laravel version: 5.8.30 Package version: 3.1 Description I am trying to export excel file. I do all thing...
ThePoet444 ThePoet444

websockets only work once browser hits wss endpoint

I'm currently using beyondcode/laravel-websockets. I have everything setup according to the instructions. The only way to get it to work however, is if I poin...
uwmwebmob uwmwebmob

Laravel 5.2 & Vue2 - how to change Vue publicpath for production?

How do I tell Vue to use /my-app as the publicpath when deployed to production? Our application is deployed in a subdirectory on our production server:...
cmdobueno cmdobueno

Route Model Binding Resolve

Back Story: This system uses multiple databases to store what could effectively be called cached data. When a new quote is created, the system data is cloned for the quote...
SPresnac SPresnac

Using a queue with --once on forge

I have several queues on our forge, all running well. For reasons, i need to run a queue with the --once option and that this queue will be restarted every few...
PhoeniX5 PhoeniX5

Yajra/laravel-datatables slowdown issue

Hi, I am using yajra/laravel-datatables, the problem is that during the execution of the method function getProduction(), the whole application hangs in the pa...
shing_shing shing_shing

Table in 2nd page to display on top

I generated a pdf using dompdf stream so it's displaying now on browser which is what I really have to do to design the downloadable pdf. I have this 2 divs: below...
mustafaabdujalil mustafaabdujalil

XML Response

i run php curl with xml data it should return xml response but return this response b""" \x1Fï\x08\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x04\x00Ý¢\x07`\x1CI...
Chris1981 Chris1981

Testing the Passport /oauth/token functionality

Hey Guys, I'm wondering if anyone has any examples of testing the Passport /oauth/token endpoint using the password grant type. I can't seem to find any examp...
simonw simonw

Vue Typescript cannot bind model to input

I'm having a terrible time with Vue and Typescript. Spent countless hours trying to figure out the niches of what Typescript does and doesn't like. It's like unlearning eve...
Samyam Samyam

(1/1) RequestException cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate (see

Hey can anybody help me with this issue ? I have been trying to get my Facebook socialite up and working but after using stateless() to get rid of the invalidStateException...
camillele camillele

Get hour-wise data for today sales report generation

Hi, I want to get hourly-wise data for today sales data for chartjs. Do I need to create a separate table to store with hours to get all the hourly data? what is the struct...
RichardGarcia RichardGarcia

Upload image on responsive website

Hi, i have a project on laravel on server and have problems when users intent upload a image on responsive mode (phones). This problem causes don't happend nothing on formu...
krishna8723 krishna8723

How to use proxy for the asynchronous request from the browser?

Hi, I am having issue accessing particular api from my location and working on it from the browser. please help. Thank You....

Laracast bug: Post shows up as no replies yet, but has comment.

This post shows up as no replies yet but it does have one reply and it is marked as best answer....
skeith22 skeith22

How to register self signed certificates of homestead in windows 10?

Does anyone know how to register the self-signed certificates of homestead on Windows 10?...
mehmetanbaki mehmetanbaki


I need some data-mapping tool but not this for excel and csv files and I need it free...

Laravel - Using Gates on API requests for authorization

I have a laravel app setup perfectly with roles and permissions using gates. For example, in the web routes file I have this which works great: WEB.PHP...
spbaniya spbaniya

Cannot load custom package blade files

In ServiceProvider I used: public function publishView() { $this->loadViewsFrom(__DIR__ . '/../../' . ucfirst($this->module) . '/views'...
xtremer360 xtremer360

Different Formats for Accessor

Currently the code below all works as expected, however, I was curious if anyone notices any possible flaws and what they might suggest doing differently. I'll go th...
notomato notomato

Nova MorphMany Relationship

Hi Everybody I have a polymorphic relationship that an address can belong to a user or an organization. I keep getting the error 'Call to undefined method App\HTTP\R...
dineshsuthar92 dineshsuthar92

Issues in image uploading using vue-wysiwyg

I am using vue-wysiwyg editor in my laravel-vue application. In this editor there is an option to upload...
zafercuz zafercuz

Logging out other devices not working after overriding login function

I overrode the login function since I need to have the user login with their username/email. I also added invalidating session if ever they login to their account on anothe...
Kris99 Kris99

Buefy Autocomplete show Name but give ID to SQL

Hi! In Buefy Autocomplete I want to choose by name, but I want to its value be ID on background, and it sending to the SQL, because I store by ID not by name....
sanjayacloud sanjayacloud

Error in laravel File Manager in laravel 6

Hi Friends, Hope you are ding well, I am trying to integrate Larave File Manager. But I got localhost:8000/laravel-filemanager?field_name=mceu_43-inp&...
Alewa Alewa

Laravel 6 JQuery Error

Hello, i am working on a ecommerce application with laravel 6 and when i want to update my product quantity with axios this is the error i am getting app.js:...
palak palak

Homestead Installation Issue

I am using Windows system and have installed virtual box and vagrant. When I provide "vagrant up" command I see the following: C:\xampp\htdocs\lara...
Apporio Apporio

Building a drag and drop HTML builder for Shopify store to Mobile App

I want to create a Mobile UI designer in HTML through which i can create how My shopify Store's Mobile app will Look alike So, anyone can guide how i can store/manipulate m...
Mahaveer Mahaveer

Payumoney payment gateway issue.

Redirection issue after add card detail. Getting this url htt...
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