I upgraded a laravel 5.8 application to 6.x and it runs fine on my development system which is running php 7.2.4. I deployed the app on a vps and changed the php version to...

TypeError: this.nav.find is not a function smartwizard

I use film of the (Step Wizard with Bootstrap 4) and my version of bootstrap is 4.5.1. Link:...

laravel Sanctum

Can someone help me understand what the purpose of device_name is in the Laravel sanctum documentation. Does anyone have a good example?...
Gabotronix Gabotronix

Trying to hide model when clicked outside has different effects

Hi everybody, I have a vue modal component which I make visible/invisible depending on a boolean variable, I also want to hide the modal when the user clicks outside the mo...
oussamaSid oussamaSid

backslash to focus on search bar using alpine

i'm building website using alpinejs and i want to when the user hit backslash the cursor auto focus on search bar. Note:...

Doubt about Eloquent relationship

Hi! I was watching episodes 58 and 59 of the laravel 6 course but I had some doubts it would be cool if you could help understand better. In the episode 58 to...
dbnames dbnames

Authentication With Third Party API

So here is the flow: User login in 'Login' page, User input phone number and password, Request to API -> If 'Success', save data to Databa...
Kaluna Kaluna

Laravel Markdown & Custom Partials

Hello everyone. I'm using Laravel Markdown for emails. I published the vendor files into my views directory, but I want to create a new component essentially....
bitsense bitsense

Form autocomplete in nova

Hi! i need to pre fill a form in nova with data coming from a webservice. Basically, the user need to insert a key field, then click on an autocomplete button which fill th...
Corbin Corbin

Checking to see if user has subscriptions causes test to fail unexpectedly [Laravel Cashier]

I've created a method that processes user checkouts using cashier: CheckoutController.php (working) public function processCheckout(R...
Redwolff Redwolff

modification and additions some functions

How to make sure that when adding an ad there is a different currency? example:
chrisan chrisan

Multi-tenant SaaS and email domains - what services do you guys like?

Hopefully this kind of question is allowed here... I'm curious how you guys may be handling a multi-tenant app where each customer has their own domain and their own...
AdamSpindle AdamSpindle

WSL2 Development Environment

Hello Everyone! Is there anyone who actively uses a windows machine as a dev environment with wsl2 with or without docker? There are several tutorials, which...
laaassseeeeee laaassseeeeee

Does "website isolation" isolate the queue worker too?

Does a queue worker watching a queue named "default" on a new site installed using website isolation pick up jobs from other queues on the same server with the sa...
magunet magunet

Vapor error by large response (File response)

Hi, I've a problem by gettin a file from storage. I use Laravel as API system, and separat I've a PWA in vuejs. I'm trying to get a file from storage with Storage::g...
alistairreynolds alistairreynolds

sync eager loading

Is it possible to have eager loading on a m2m relationship whilst using sync? I'm fetching a relationship of Tags against a model of SiteApplications, then syncing t...
tarang19 tarang19

Laravel with nativescript

I'm new to nativescript-vue, I'm working on my own nativescript-vue app, I created a laravel project which is basically the API of my native app, my app has to "call&q...
andytalbot andytalbot

Forge Wildcard LetsEncrypt with Cloudflare

I try to install a LetsEncrypt certificate via Cloudflare I have it set for *, I pick Cloudflare I enter an API token I have created follwing th...
rati_geo rati_geo

how to write Feature Test for -excel document uploading

i'm using for uploading Excel and then display on vi...
LetherMade LetherMade

Automatic includes + Warnings

Hi All, I have some irritations about PHPStorm and Laravel. Like the most Laravel users they include the Barry IDE Helper in the project to auto-complete the...

Nested constraint eager loading overrides existing closure

I'm finding difficult to use multiple with() statements with nested eager loading and constrained eager loading in the same query. Ref:...
David77190 David77190

MongoDB Problem windows

Hello I always have the same error message: Your requirements could not be resolved to an installable set of packages. Problem 1 - Installation request for mo...
surajjd surajjd

Access denied on resource image field

Hello artisans, I am using Laravel nova and aws s3 as storage location. In one of my resource I have Image field as follow Image::make('preview_image')->disk('s3'); I co...
SohaibKtb SohaibKtb

Laravel Deploy to AWS

when we create a pipeline on AWS we can provide a Github repo, let's say the repo name is: "RepoName/exampleProject" and in this repo, we have many folders. So ca...
schliden schliden

Valet install fails on Mac OS 10.11 El Capitan

Following the valet install instructions, I'm unsure if php installed correctly as it seemed to fail with: (Brew was unable to install [nghttp2].) Last 15 lin...
hemantghatawal hemantghatawal

dompdf - image not found or type unknown

When i'm running the PDF generator script manually the logo(image) is showing on the PDF generated page but when i'm running the PDF generator script using Cron Job then th...
artyak artyak

Carbon differents

I have weekly discounts on the product on my site, when buying, the user is written how much the discount will still be valid. There is a problem in calculating the time be...
megaman megaman

multiple instances of laradock conflicting databases.

I have a existing project with its own laradock instance which uses mysql. I just started a new project with its own laradock instance. whenIi first ran the second i...
Optional Optional

Maatwebsite / Laravel-Excel version 3.1 - manipulate with cell

Hello, do someone has experiance how can I add/edit value of cell (e.g. A1) in Maatwebsite / Laravel-Excel version 3.1? What would be syntax? Thank you, Jakub...
Atef95 Atef95

Vue progressbar issue

Hey guys Anyone here is using vue-progressbar package ? https:...
Romentigo Romentigo

Unique fields with conditions

I have the following migration: PAIRS public function up() { Schema::create('pairs', function (Blueprint $table) {...
MwSpaceLLC MwSpaceLLC

Gate::abilities() return null with Gate::before()

Hi there, Today i want use my custom before. All works but for only test the result in laravel if i get abilities list not show in array. (gate work perfectly)...
nhoxtwi nhoxtwi

[Laravel 7] deadlock when running multi queue processor

Hi everyone, I'm running 6 different queue jobs 24/24 (about 300k jobs per day), using docker container and Redis, let call them Crawler, Updater1, Updater2, Updater...
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