Cloning rows, but....

Hi all, I have a form and a button of which I clone the row, however this all works fine; but I have a select to select a user. Upon selection it's sends an ajax req...

Moved my project from 1 directory to another and shows index file list now

ok so set up a new sub domain and just renamed the directory actually so the new domain is pointing to it.. but get file list instead of the project loading up.. then if I...

Looking for some help and suggestions

I am working on a site, and am new to jquery I want to write a dynamic modal plugin using Jquery and bootstrap I was wondering if anyone could point me to some useful tutor...

How to fix No query results for model [App\User] settingedit in Laravel 5.6?

working with Laravel 5.6 and mysql. in My application i am going to show for edit current loging user name and email. this is User Model public function scop...

Form Requests

Hello Guys, i wonder about use it my project for store and update methods, then i have to make two different Form requests? One for store and second fo...

Try/catch with Stripe API

Something that didn't occur to me before now on building this app is how to handle errors that don't come from my own code. I have an AccountController...

Problem accessing query parameters in middleware

I am playing with middleware and trying to make my own. I want a middleware that returns a message "You must say the magic word" if a query parameter 'please' is...

When editing post

Love the new design! I noticed this morning when editing a post, that it moved the comment box over to the right and wouldn't let me select anything or click anythin...

Please bring back the older Laracasts design

Jeff, I love you for everything you've done so far but this site update... The other one was so much more classy and easier to follow....

Do I need phpv8js for Nuxt ssr or just the nginx-proxy?

Hi guys! Recently I've been trying Nuxt, and I really loved it. I'd like to use its SSR functionality, but after reading and googling a lot I still have doubts about what I...

New fresh Laracasts UI

Recently there has been an update with the UI/UX of the website. When i visited it for the first time since its update i was stunned by the visual effects. For sure Jeffrey...

Foreign key data retrieve showing error in laravel

Guys i am working with a project job portal site (job seeker module) I have a problem in retrieving the data from db using foreign key constrain. i have a use...

Manually Authenticating Users and Ban function not working

I am using laravel 5.2 and I wrote this function in the AuthController but it doesn't work at all public function authenticate() { if (Auth::attempt(['email'...

Restricting URL params to a certain user type

Hi, suppose I have a route /users , when a regular user access that route he would only get active users , but if the user passes ?all=true parameter than he would access a...

Naming question: What is the appropriate short name for BillingSeller?

Currently, in my Order Table, I've got the relationships billingSeller and billingBuyer. I would like to change it so that billing is always the buyer data and ****...

paginate () method with errors

I have detected that laravel when sent a numerical page parameter works perfect, for example. $users = User::where('votes', '>', 100)->paginate(15); but...

htaccess mod_rewrite

Hi, I don't know whether this is the right place to put this question here. but the issue is very strange that I have with my rewrite rules in simple PHP files as follows....

Pipelining Laravel Jobs

I'm trying to define a chain of laravel jobs where one is executed after another allowing them to get the previous output as input allowing any of them to stop the chain....

Deploying with Forge resets file permisssions

I'm running this on a Laravel Forge server, and periodically (perhaps after a deploy I'm not sure) the file permissions on the Laravel.log file are changing, or at least I'...

Algolia Vue InstantSearch Tree Menu

Hi, I’m using Vue InstantSearch by Algolia and I'm having trouble formatting the data for a tree menu. For my website users can create a profile. A l...
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