Himanshu_wkd Himanshu_wkd

Getting values from radio button

Guys, I am having one radio button for gender. The values is inserted into the db. Now I want to retrieve that value and the radio button to be checked with the value recei...
Bastet Bastet

Destroying only the login session

I've created a site that uses laravel auth and has multiple sessions that happen after the user logs in. I've also managed to save the sessions into the database. What I'm...
Kel_ Kel_

Spark Showcase

Hi, I am interested to see any sites in production that have used Spark as the starting point, is there a list anywhere (I couldn't find one) or if not, perhaps ever...
kiasaty kiasaty

implementing 3 types of users

Hi guys, I'm building an application and I'm new to Laravel. In this application, there are 3 kinds of users that interact with it: admin, donator, charity....
finchy70 finchy70

Group by and count on pivot table.

I have an intermediate table match_player that holds a match_id and player_id. It's the belongsToMany relationship between Player and Match models. I want to get the player...
MartinZeltin MartinZeltin

leftJoinSub() inside another left join subquery?

Is it possible to put a left join subquery inside another left join subquery using Eloquent? For example, I have this query that I would like to re-write using Eloqu...
WallyJ WallyJ

Best Autocomplete for Laravel Projects with MySQL backend

I normally receive awesome help from these forums, but in the Javascript category I posted a question here about Typeahead.js and have received no replies:...
threeel threeel

Policy always returns 403

Hello all i have been having an issue while testing an api endpoint i have tried introducing a policy into the project and still trying to figure it out the policy i...
hasen39 hasen39

Srvice Container

i want to understand service container i didnt understand on the documentation any one who recommend me the best tutorial for service container...
appyapp appyapp

How to get sum of a column in this relation? user > booking > booking_items

I have 3 tables with their models. User.php public function bookings() { return $this->hasMany(Booking::class); } //----------------------------------...
jenya jenya

Manipulate eloquent collection

Hello. I have some eloquent collection, for example: $task=Task::take(30)->get(); It...
Alexb0903 Alexb0903

Assign a role to user

i've tried following the laracast tutorial 'ACL in Laravel: Roles and Permissions'. The table roles, permissions and permission_role are working out like they are supose to...
ZeonmkII ZeonmkII

Need help for (school) questions/tests relationship

Hi guys, I'm new here (to both Laracasts and Laravel). I'm a little bit confused with (I think) a Polymorphic relationship. I'm working on a school test/quest...
AdRock AdRock

Custom login and authentication

I don't know if this has ever been asked before but I'll ask anyway as searches don't return what I'm looking for/ I need a custom login/authentication for Laravel...
rubiotv rubiotv

loading vue

I'm trying to just load the basic due component provided in the basic laravel template. I have added the ap id to a div but when I look at it in the resources I don't see a...
drtyrell drtyrell

Automating Child Insertion from Parent using custom UUID

Okay, I have done the 38 episode Project/Task tutorial which was great. I'm making one change from exposing database ID's to more secure (unguessable) UUIDs. I found a grea...
jaheller jaheller

laravel validation rules

I'm struggeling with laravel validation rules. I've got the following fields: 'productPrice' => 'required|numeric|min:1|max:100', 'reqAmount1'...
dan3460 dan3460

VSC blade Snippets not recognizing blade.php

I have VSC installed at my home and work computer. Both installations are identical as far i can see. One of the extensions that i have in both is Laravel Blade Snippets by...
thebigk thebigk

Pusher Broadcasting Error After apt-get update?

Frankly speaking, I'm not sure what caused this error. I did apt-get update, apt-get upgrade followed by sudo apt-get dist-upgrade. I...
Th3apprenTis Th3apprenTis

Caching in laravel

I have installed php redis via pecl (php-pecl-redis4-4.3.0-1.fc29.x86_64)as well as redis on Fedora 29....
yougotnet yougotnet

Is it possible to move a folder to another folder with Storage Facade?

I want to move a folder and all of its contents (folders and files) to another folder; is this possible?...
uccdev uccdev

Task scheduling runs every minute despite my directions

Hi, I'm scheduling my app/console/Kernel.php to run the following code every fifteen minutes: protected function schedule(Schedule $schedule)...
kshitizmittal kshitizmittal

Memory error because of Telescope Package

When I try to fetch large amount of data on my blade page. following error restricts me to do so. Path : - C:\inetpub\wwwroot\jconnectproductionserver\vendor...
hjortur17 hjortur17

Authorization with Vue

Hi, I'm trying to create Vue Component and to make this component function correctly I need to do authorization. On my User.php I have isAdmin method and a mid...
Davkruger Davkruger

Implicit conversion from data type nvarchar to varbinary(max) is not allowed. Use the CONVERT function to run this query

Hi guys, I need to save a string into column image type to MSSQL but i recieve this error: Implicit conversion from data type nvarchar to varbinary(max) is not allow...
gameoverllc gameoverllc

Importing and parsing xml response from an API

Hi guys, I've been going through the basic Laravel course here, and will start the intermediate one this weekend. I built a site which is essentially a blog,...

Laradock: separate environment for each project or single environment for multiple projects?

Laradock offers two options: (1) separate Docker environment for each project and (2) single Docker environment for all your projects. What's the difference between...
Charrua Charrua

Where to place logic to check and compare model on request

Hi, I wanted to compare and check every Transaction model when is requested. Our problem is that some people of our sales team is selling products with...
zonkedcode zonkedcode

Simple use of eloquent join

Here is how this package will be useful :) : Facilitated how to write join in your codes. Make aliases in your tables during your queries. Re...
Triumfator Triumfator

App.js conflict with Bootstrap CDN

While learning VUE i discovered that if App.js is loaded, my bootstrap dropdown navbar menu stopped working. Correct me if i'm wrong, but upon further examination I discove...
rojonunoo rojonunoo

The given data was invalid

I am building an API using laravel 5.5 and i am implementing a store method with validation. In a normal laravel application if any of the fields fail you get the "Fie...
demoskp demoskp

Multiselect Vue data properties and methods missing

I am trying to use multiselect Vuejs component but I am getting the following errors: Property or method "options" is not defined on the instance but refer...
pllaguno pllaguno

Understanding token usage auth

I am trying to learn how Laravel works, i have been digging real deep on the password reset function of the native Auth. what i don't find is in which part is the token mat...
twiggy99 twiggy99

Should validation be in the controller?

I have a very simple input of one text field which posts to my controller's store method where I validate the request and then if valid will go on and store it in the datab...
Aricia Aricia

When I change the quantity of my items, the total doesn't update (PHP)

When I add a number of items in my shopping cart, the total at the bottom of the page change. But when I change the quantity of my items, the total doesn't update....
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