disputes123 disputes123

Laracasts - Thoughts? Opinions? Roadmap to proper use?

Totally new to Laravel. I know a bit of PHP but most of my web development experience has been with Rails, although I've never done anything overly complicated with it eith...
davy_yg davy_yg

Laracasts pp disappeared

Hello, on laracast on my post : https://laracasts.co...
jefferyjames jefferyjames

What is the best way to manage an unregistered visitor rating system? Token? IP??

Hi all, I want my website visitor to be able to tell me by two simple button if some post are 'Usefull' or 'Useless', like thumbs. I know some packages could do this...
siangboon siangboon

Always show Notifications list

I would like to suggest that the forum to include the notification list, or at least include the @ name mention into activity feeds, otherwise, once you click on the notifi...
davy_yg davy_yg

Laravel Fixed Next Version?

I wonder why everytime I installed a new laravel version this error will appears: Illuminate\Database\QueryException : SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access viola...
trevorpan trevorpan

How do you instantiate variables in an event based markdown mail?

Hi, I've been banging up against a wall. When reviewing this section of the docs:...
JeffreyWay JeffreyWay

Laracasts Refresh

As you may have noticed, Laracasts has a new pair of pants today. A few quick notes on this: There is no scenario where I undo three months worth of work, so p...
joveice joveice

Should "best answer" update as if someone replied?

So I might have made some spam after I went to mark a few old question I had that I had forgotten to mark thanks to...

Chat database and relationship design

Hi all, Am having a hard time to find out how to structure my tables and my relationships when creating a simple chat feature for my app. I want it to be able...
itguy614 itguy614

Vapor Series

I know it's not specifically development but with the merging of Dev and Ops it would be great to have a video series about Vapor and getting up and running....
cosavostra cosavostra

Proposal for Symfony casts

I'm so happy for the work of Jeffery Way and his method to teach some cool staff related to Laravel framework, Frontend and tooling. The pattern used by Jeffery Way...
MaverickChan MaverickChan

cannot complete a course

the Laravel 6 from scratch course , i just cannot complete it 100% even if i had already completed it . it shows 96%....

Invoice for Laracasts Forever Access

I've just purchased Forever Access $350. I don't where I can get the invoice & receipt for it....
Fijvect Fijvect

Elegant way of Input Sanitation?

Hello! I'm looking for feedback, or recommendations on tweaks, to my current way of input sanitation. I found it odd that Laravel seems to be missing scaffolding for...
RomainB RomainB

Which Open source CMS based on Laravel for a web agency customization?

Hi all, I'm working in a web agency and we are about to use an open source CMS project and customize it to create our client's websites. But don't know which one is...
cbrewt cbrewt


Laracasts is a reflection of the character of Jeffrey--very strong. This guy really cares about every detail. It is evident that he has invested tons of hours into the si...
Charrua Charrua

Storing JSON on database as array or as object

Hello, I have a question for storing some JSON values on my invoices database. On my taxes column on the invoices table I wanted to store e...
yassineqoraiche yassineqoraiche

Laravel Mail Editor (Mailables editor) - Package

Hello guys, 4 days ago I've published a new laravel package that allows you to preview/edit all your application mailables at a single place. can you please take a l...

Laracasts search buggy

Anyone else notice the search on the discussion board doesn't always pull up all the discussions? Example: I am looking for discussions on Laravel Vapor so I search...
trevorpan trevorpan

best way to send an order mailable

From many examples I have found on the web, it's best to use the user_id in an orders table and utilize a pivot table. e.g. for the contents of th...
joveice joveice

I belive there is something wrong with laracasts

I can't view any of my replies or posts, they are all gone. If I view my page I can see the, click on it and they are not there. I have contacted on the support link...

Webflow animation in laravel

Has anyone used Webflow to make scroll animations and then exported the code to use within an existing project? I usually dont like those "build your site" sites...
rosswintle rosswintle

Two Laracasts issues

Hi Jeffrey, hope you can read this. Thanks for Laracasts - am really enjoying the videos and being in the community at the moment. A couple of things. One I r...
successdav successdav


I setup my site using Forge and now my subscription is out and my certificate is outdated can you guide on how to renew the lets encrypt certificate without going th...
Sidirgot Sidirgot

Opinions about using Storage inside a controller

Hello everyone, I was just working on a project and I am handling an image upload/Update situation for a post inside my Posts Controller. My question is mostly about...

Video Privacy Setting

Hey! I'm trying to have a quick scan through the Laravel 6 from scratch series, landing on the first video without any browser extensions active I get a message appe...

Can't see answers

Suddenly I can't view any of my answers....
callumthomson callumthomson

Performance implications of binding lots of classes to the service container

Hi all, I'm attempting to make my first scalable Laravel application utilising single action service classes. They are in the App\Services namespace and...
joveice joveice

Sorting on channel and the other one

It would be awesome to sort on both the sorters. Let's say Laravel and no replies yet and so on....

Laracasts coupons codes?

Are there any coupons? I searched in google but they are all expired. are there any new ones? Thanks...
Hayk_D Hayk_D

The time of posting is not correct in Laracasts forum

I noticed this previously, but today it popped up again, so here is the issue. The time of posting is not correct. We had this discussion about 3 hours ago, but it s...

Disable autoplay feature

Hey Jeff, Is it possible to give us an option to disable the autoplay feature? Or if the is in fullscreen, automatically disable the countdown at the end. Ask...
DrWhat DrWhat

Laracast comments bugs

So I was watching the new Laravel 6 video and left a comment that for me, a fresh laravel 6.0 install still uses whoops, I instantly noticed when i posted the comment it wa...
oscarwilde oscarwilde

What is the best approach to get pc name or unique identifier?

Right now I'm working in an app that's using ip to limit some actions. But we use private ip. So when the user take public ip become a mess... What could be the best approa...
Flerex Flerex

Some bugs I found

I just answered a post and went to check my profile to find this: As you can see it says that I have post...
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