JeffreyWay JeffreyWay

Laracasts Refresh

As you may have noticed, Laracasts has a new pair of pants today. A few quick notes on this: There is no scenario where I undo three months worth of work, so p...
dipakrataniagile dipakrataniagile

Laravel Series Count Issue

@JeffreyWay When i check then it shows...
DigiProduct DigiProduct

Laracasts Search

Sorry @JeffreyWay The recent upgrade to the Laracasts Search ... isn't very user-friendly ... In fact ... it sucks ... No o...
Andreas94 Andreas94

how to send a post request in dynamic input fields

Hi everyone, It's been a while since I'd like to integrate dynamic input fields into my project as you can see in this example:...
dipakrataniagile dipakrataniagile

Laracast Testimonials

in Laracast Testimonials page, when I was clicked on More Testimonials and when I reached on last testimonials still then scroll bar was not touched on the bottom ....
mstojanov mstojanov

Many to Many Polymorphic Relations - Is this right?

Hello. I'm trying to wrap my head around this, my logic below seems to work perfectly fine, but the only doubt if is this approach right, perhaps there is a better a...
cameronscott137 cameronscott137

Handling Laravel Model Relationships within Vue

In my Laravel/Vue applications, there are frequently scenarios where I need to build a component that functions both in the create/update contexts. For instance:...
deansatch deansatch

Best answer button 404

Tried marking a best answer and end up on the 404 page every time. A couple of what seems like variable names being output in the url. Just in case it is caused by j...
yassineqoraiche yassineqoraiche

Laravel Mail Editor (Mailables editor) - Package

Hello guys, 4 days ago I've published a new laravel package that allows you to preview/edit all your application mailables at a single place. can you please take a l...
Mehdi Mehdi

English subtitle for videos

Hi Jeff, Hi laracsts lovers. I just subscribed to your wonderful web site, and I really want to thank you for the effort you provided in the explanation. Jeff, I think many...

Laravel Echarts with WebWorker

I have developed a new package for Laravel Echarts. Feel free to test it and give a feedback for improvements. Under Github the repository and on packagist...
harendrasingh harendrasingh

Laravel 5.9 Wish List

After The Huge laravel update of 5.8, Let's create a wish list for upcoming new update features and functionalities of the upcoming laravel version. Kindy share your...
pstephan1187 pstephan1187


Sometimes we (especially newer programmers) come across terms that are unfamiliar to us that can be scary and prevent us from learning new things. I think it would be great...
niggannivea niggannivea

Thoughts on subscribing to Laracasts?

I've really been looking into subscribing to Laracasts. Assuming that I subscribe and absorb almost all of the information from the myriad of videos on the website, how wel...
Cronix Cronix

Site broken under Firefox as of this morning

@jeffreyway It worked fine until about 20 minutes ago. Works fine in chrome. In firefox, you don't see your avatar in the upper-right corn...
josephdetor josephdetor

Thoughts? Opinions? Roadmap to proper use?

Totally new to Laravel. I know a bit of PHP but most of my web development experience has been with Rails, although I've never done anything overly complicated with it eith...
jbardsley jbardsley

Tutorials - Python

Hi Jeffrey, Great tutorials, love to brush up on my skills here after work. Are there any thoughts about Laracasts branching out other languages, like Python for exa...
Keisto Keisto


I just wanted to say "Hello World!" Laravel / Laracast has been one of the best things to happen in my developing career. Although I haven't found a job de...
lizeshakya lizeshakya

Is it best practice to store role_type in the session

In my project, I have used Zizaco/entrust package. I need to check whether the user has a role administrator/super admin/employee? Since it needs to check for...
orediggerco orediggerco

View Team Member's Completed Videos

I really like that we can set up Team accounts and assign/reassign subscriptions over time. As the team leader however it would be great if there were a way to view the les...
Pixelairport Pixelairport

MP3 Upload

Hi. I think about a application like spotify. Musicians can upload songs. Do you think its enough to restrict the upload to MP3s. Or would it better to use something like t...
dbos1504 dbos1504

Good teacher 😊

I only what to show you my latest work, (Laravel+Vue)....thanks Jeffry...
makswin makswin

Cannot watch on LG Smart TV

I would love to watch your videos on my LG TV's web browser. However the video is not even showing up. TV's brand is LG 65UK6100PLB 65" . I know this developmen...
MaverickChan MaverickChan

Something about Jeffery's twitter

Can anyone double check Jeffery's Twitter? All tweets are gone. And the description says 'i am error' what happened?...
manalico manalico

[small bug] broken link

link from the left menu -> image has a double quote at the end of link...
trevorpan trevorpan

When is a JSON API necessary in a Laravel app?

When you type JSON API and Laravel into a search engine there's tons of posts on how to build one—even the virtues of building one. I could not find one that stated why,...

Making Job w Redis throttle and chunk?

Hi everybody, i'm so n00b... Have a problem trying make a job. I want notified a lot of users any thing but massive . So i make a job sendCrentials (for example) an...
Rymercyble Rymercyble

using logic in controllers

Hello, I would be very happy if someone turns me to the right way. At the moment I'm using controllers probably in the wrong way (I'm quite not sure) When I need for exampl...
patrickadvance patrickadvance

What convinced you into becoming a Full-Stack Developer

Please share your story so newbees can draw wisdom from it...
Punksolid Punksolid

Is it viable to make a CRUD just to add one field to serve as Only Read Relationship?

Hi, I want some feedback because I think something it's a little bit wrong here but I don't now the principles that it's wrong. I have an SPA and there a form to cre...
lizeshakya lizeshakya

What is your Laravel design pattern?

For me, it is being very difficult to implement SOLID design principle in Laravel application. It gives ache to refactor and implement new feature in the code. How do you a...
AndySong AndySong

Maybe a forum diffforhumans(time) bug?

If I create a new thread, when I visit /discuss the subtitle diffforhumans(time) shows correctly, however, when I visit the thread itself page...
spacedog4 spacedog4

Bug on a Discussion

Hey @JeffreyWay I just found a bug Navigating in your profile, I clicked on your latest contribution for the laracast dicussions where you...
splendidkeen splendidkeen

Event Listener Logic with Popup Notification

Hello, I am currently thinking about a simple logic, to test in terms of visually outputting a push notification or just a partial logic, like a container (div) on the use...
easteregg easteregg

Video Player with Keyboard shortcuts

Please change the player like before or something that we can use arrow keys and space to control it, it's really frustrating to always use the mouse....
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