Laravel Telescope keeps scanning

Hey everyone! I just installed a fresh copy of laravel telescope in dev. I can access telescope at /telescope. And i get the usual screen as shown below....

Issue in data variable

My data properties are working inside mounted method only. But when I access them in component they doesnt work and show the default assigned value. The status var...

how to generate a ressource entry?

I have a nova action with creates a pdf, how can i create a new entry in my ressource after that? lets say.. download invoice as pdf and save the created invoice as...

speed up make:migration

when I make a new DB migration, it takes 50 seconds to finish. I suspect because Laravel needs to update autoload_classmap and autoload_static. Is it normal? Can I s...

Learn it all wrong first?

What is the point of teaching the wrong way (in great detail) to accomplish a task? Why not teach the right way with detail on why it is the right way? You could make a sep...

Compiling Assets without NPM?

Any easy way to do this? Shared host doesn't support node and I'm not in a position to switch at the moment....

Proper way to skip duplicate value while inserting 100k rows

As title says I am wondering about better way of there is one: if (is_null(Products::where('code', $code)->get())) { Products::create(['code' => $c...

Custom unique rule

In my system, the username can appear twice in the table, but only if its department (another table) is different. How can I check that there are no duplicates?...

Laravel does not display images in the view from storage folder

So, guys, I and a friend are working on the same project. We are using GitLab, the same repository, one branch. I used storage:link command to use a shortcut of the storag...

Data type for all numbers. ex: 2, 3.3, -2.890, 01, etc

Trying to create my database but I cant figure out what data type to label a specific field in my migration. I want the field to store numbers like 2, 3.3, -2.890, 0...

Multiple Joins with Where's

I have a query that I can't get to work. It works if I take out the second join with instructors $SemesterCourse = DB::table('coursesemester')...

Laravel Passport auth:api Middleware issue

Laravel passport auth:api middleware based function not working on server ,in local its working fine. Route::group(['prefix' => 'api','middleware' =&...

How to add a component that smoothly pushes down the entire page?

So I have been fiddling with a way to display flash messages in my app. What I want is a div that spans the entire width to show up at the very top of the page...

Add message for user

has an option to enable and disable documents, it is working. In case I want to trigger a message to the user when it activates or deactivates the document. how to make?...

Why is my ajax response JS redirect not working?

I have the following add to cart method, at present it is a two-step process so once added, a link is shown to the user to click to goto the checkout. But in some cases I w...

vuex and multiple :class values

i'm using vuex store to fitch data from db then passing data to component // this is how im looping through the section element <section v-for="(widg...

Controller Route subfolder

Hi all, I was wondering something. I splitted up my controllers in 2 additional subfolders. /Controllers /Controllers/Front/MainController.php /...

Laravel Echo - How do you add headers to requests?

I am not using standard Laravel authentication in my project. Instead, I am using tymond/jwt-auth, which requires that I send an 'authorization' header with the value 'Bear...

Bind a select field from db

Hello everyone! I want to bind db value to <option> tag of select field so that db value will be first in select list, and other option...

Echo.private listen issue, real-time broadcasting

I am still struggling to get to know the magic of real time updates within my application. This might be a redundant example (sorry for that), of a real-time-applica...
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