show data in modal

Suppose we have a table that has many items and each item has a button to edit I want the item's info to be displayed in a modal when clicked on How to i do this with vuejs...

NPM install Laravel-Mix gives error: “Maximum call stack size exceeded”

I've been trying to install npm on laravel but it keeps giving "Maximum call stack size exceeded". So i decided to install the modules individually and it all wor...

I want to make a custom redirect.

I am using "php artisan make:auth" command to make user but I want to make a custom route. Where if there is no users registered, if someone clicks or sends a req...

Passing data from child vue component via events is giving undefined

I'm very new to vue , i have 3 simple components in my laravel project , one PostForm to post a tweet , and others to show the post on timeline . I am using axios to post a...

jQuery is not loading into project

Hi, I have tried to get jquery working but I am failing. I took the basic laravel installation that includes already bootstrap for the User/Login and just to be sure instal...

Re-queue the same job again without increasing attempts..

I am looking for a way to re-queue the same job back to the queue without increasing the number of jobs's attempts (tries) .....

Where are you all from?

I'm wondering how far Laravel's reach extends to. I hail from London myself....

Npm install maximum call stack size exceeded ??

I installed fresh laravel 5.7. and tried to npm install.. it gives following error log 3264 verbose stack RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded 3264 verbose s...

dictionary for save and retrieve with eloquent

i want to define a dictionary like ["a"=>1,"b"=>2] and for save i pass "a" to eloquent and it save 1 and for retrieve return "a&quo...

Laravel logging to gzip rather than .log

On my AWS server all my Laravel log files older than today get gzipped and the .log file emptied. In my development environment on a local server this does not happen and I...

How to create URL slugs in Laravel

Right now I have a routes with an ID as a wildcard. Route::get('detailPage/{id}', '[email protected]'); How can I create URLs with...

Make vuetify dropdown menu overflow drawer

I am having problem with vuetify dropdown menu, when I add just drop down and scroll down, content from menu goes up with page on scroll. On github I found attach as answe...

exists validation rule

Is there some way I can use this rule $validator = Validator::make($data, [ 'code' => [ 'required', Rule::exists('coupons')->where(...

How to access functions within a model, in a view

Hi, How can I access a function within a model? (in a view) I got this small function in my model, and I would like to access it in my view. namespace...

Drag and Drop form Builder package for laravel

hey guys, do you know any package for drag and drop form builder in laravel? i'm designing a web site and one part off it is that admin user can simply create...

How to purify Laravel user input ?

I have been using html purify to purify the user data (

Laravel SPA with vuetify

Hello everybody, I just finished another "starter kit" for your next laravel SPA project....

Laravel login doesn't seem to work - Laravel 5.7

Hi, I started learning about Laravel 3 days ago and I reached a problem which I cannot fix. When I register a user, the form works and the user is logged in....

Extending Vue SFC, methods from child component not working

Hi there, I have a base component which sometimes I need to extend with some extra functionality, they look like this: // ParentComponent.vue <temp...

i got an error when upgrading my laravel 5.4 to 5.6

Problem 1 - This package requires php ^7.1.3 but your PHP version (5.6.30) does not satisfy that requirement. Problem 2 - laravel/framework v5.7.9 requires php ^7.1.3 ->...

Laravel cashier with braintree

Am integrating brain tree using laravel cashier. How can you check if invoice is paid or unpaid from this invoice object. <table> @foreach ($invoic...

How to bind form data

i have navbtns array on a vuex store, and i need to get single record from that state to bind the data on update from. This is my first time doing this so i need com...

Laravel 5.4: insert each item as row from one form

I have a form which contain a for-loop on multiple products here it's sample from my form {!! Form::open(['route'=>'']) !!} @fore...

Trying to get property 'slug' of non-object (View:

I know this has been answered before but please i do not find a solution relevant to my case. This works very well $productsAll = Product::inR...

'php' is not recognized as an internal

after install heroku, i writing any command in cmd 'php' is not recognized as an internal returned...

Table structure for a different kind of eWallet system

I am trying to build an eWallet system. The rules are simple. Every person is either primary or dependent on a primary person. Primary person shares h...

Updaterules with Nova

I have a page/model with the name "Machines". And this model has 3 fields say "id", "name" and "description". Now I want the name un...

Determine Date of Birth from dates/ages

Hello, Been thinking about how to best accomplish this for a few days but haven't come up with anything..hoping someone might have a suggestion. I'm looking t...

Server Admin Panels for Homestead

Has anyone had any success installing a server admin panel in Homestead? Wouldn't it be great if Homestead came with a slimmed down version of Forge installed so we...

"Overriding" data retrieval methods for a model (v5.2)

Due to a change in a 3rd party database which cannot be modified, for every call to get(), first(), or any other data retrieval methods on one of my existing models I need...

Login Account with Something Else

Hi, I want to implment login for Admins and Students, and they are in two separate tables. However, the Students will be logged in with their Students Code and Exam...

(key,value) to img src in Vue

Consider the following: <div v-for="(key, value) in active" class="flex-1 px-2"> <img src="

Best way to backup MySQL database from Laravel Forge production server?

I have a relatively small app (but still kinda big) with current database dumps being around 20 MB. So that's pretty small. But there's still some important data in the...

Remove route param from being passed to controller.

routes/api.php Route::prefix('v1/clients/{client}')->middleware('auth:api')->group(function () { Route::apiResource('patrons',...

Why did Not working Laravel middleware CORS with Vue JS

working with Laravel 5.7 as backend and Vue JS as frontend. so, I need send http request fron Vue to Laravel backend. so, I used Laravel CORS package to using github link a...
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