ChrisSFR ChrisSFR

Laravel Horzin Job stucks

Hey there, I have a problem with our Laravel Horizon Setup. My jobs are stucked in the Queue, after a while a failed job pops up and for the runtime column it is sa...
Kanchan186 Kanchan186

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'querySelector' of null

view <form class="m-t-40" method="post" action="{{url('/')}}/mechanic_brands/{{$mechanic->mechanic_id}}" enctype="mu...

show a dynamic table using a javascript.

The problem is when we click on the cross button the whole column should be deleted if we click the cancel button. And also there is a drop-down button is there, from where...

Telescope filter by IncomingEntry Type

In Laraval Telescope's register() function, you can specific which incoming entries should be included with Telescope. I noted the default filters when in non-...
joshpj1 joshpj1

Testing vue components with mocha-webpack resolution issue

I am using vuejs in Laravel 5.7 to build an SPA. I am using mocha-webpack and vue-test-utils to write some vue component tests. The tests can't seem to work out sty...
itxrahulsingh itxrahulsingh

want to get old value in select through array

<div class="form-group"> <label for="roles">{{ trans('cruds.user.fields.roles') }}* <span cl...
cyprous cyprous

How to pre-populate form with Vue props and fetched data?

Hi, this question is more about the architecture approach rather than code help. Imagine there is a select element with 3 cars options (single select) and ano...
mdhas mdhas

Polymorphic or hasManyThrough

I'm trying to retrieve a list of Roles that are related to a user for a particular channel. So the relationship is as follows: user...
autefrum autefrum

Sharing code between browser and functional tests

I have some assertions I want to share between my Dusk browser tests and my unit tests. I can share code between my feature tests and my unit tests by including them...
mohsenbostan mohsenbostan

Laravel Notification Via Broadcast

Hey, everyone. I have a notification that I send it via broadcast. the notification receives successfully in pusher debug dashboard but It won't show in my application :/ w...
javediq_143 javediq_143

Creating Routes from Database

Hello All, I have googled a lot but not able to find a concrete solution to this. I want to make routes dynamically in web.php. In my CMS, when the Admin crea...

Symphony Process

I'm trying to run a terminal command using Symfony Processes but can't seem to get phantomjs to run. I've checked the user the command is running as and it's...
TuffRivers TuffRivers

Using Que without Running Migration?

I have a laravel app that is hacked together (my very first proejct) at this time i only used stored procs and views to do all my database stuff. I want to use a job...
realtebo realtebo

back()->with() looses messages saved

I a route (an action of a controller) I ends with return back()->with('custom_message', 'something to say to user')...

Count number of imported rows in queued excel file import

Hello, I would like count number of imported and failled rows after queued excel file import with validations rules. I tried this but counters always return 0...
lambooni lambooni

Belongs to many with Spatie Permissions - solution feedback

I have a situation where a user can belong to many teams/companies and within that team/company they can have different roles and permissions depending on which one they ar...
kritika07 kritika07

Call to a member function beginTransaction() on null in Mongo DB

Call to a member function beginTransaction() on null in mongo DB...
zyxxyzyxz zyxxyzyxz

What is the correct way to write a test when paginating the output?

I've been trying to write some tests and if I just use a standard query like; Model::latest()->get() and write a test like so; $model...
hafiz_r hafiz_r

Adding diaglogflow with botman to save data to sql in laravel project?

I was able to include botman but i can't integrate dialoflow in it? I want to send data to sql database from diagflow. Thnaks This is my botmancontroller name...
Patwan Patwan

Validation Of Input Fields of Custom tabs depending on a dropdown in Laravel

Am working on an application which has some custom built tabs. When the user clicks on each tab, input fields relating to the tab are displayed automatically. When the user...
RomainB RomainB

Passport bearer auth: Laravel responds a 200 but I still have a CORS issue in front end

[EDIT]Ok, it was an apache/laragon config issue: added Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*" at the end of my httpd.conf, verify i...

I am using Stripe Payment Gateway Integration in Laravel using Vue js

when I am submit the form getting this error app.js:106867 [Vue warn]: Error in v-on handler: "ReferenceError: stripeResponseHandler is not defined"...
RomainB RomainB

Passport fresh install fails on /oauth/authorize

[EDIT]... Tries over tries, and as usual: I found the problems when posted this post... I just didn't check the "Require the client to...
blindkrone blindkrone

help with firestore in javascript

I want to get the user id on my newly created user so i could name my document to that uid, but it says null. here's my code addDriver(){ var $thi...

Search results with pagination but also containing information on all data without regard to pagination

Hi People, For a customer, I'm developing an API for an online book catalog and I'm drying out on a feature, or more specifically on some part of this feature....
mostafalaravel mostafalaravel

PostgreSQL , Jsonb type : works on local but not on the server

Hello , I have one problem with the result of the API bellow, as you could see the result is not the same with the external_urls field, it cut the strin...
arnoldp arnoldp

UTF8 settings

Hi Some advice please ... I am trying to get Laravel to handle UTF8 characters ... The PHP string handling functions like explode, has a mb_explode version that cate...
munazzil munazzil

How to integrate Amex and Visa Payment gateway in a website?

Can you please provide with source codes and some kind of example to implement it on a site any url or suggestions welcome, Thanks in Advance.Help neede?...
alokchaturvedi04 alokchaturvedi04


my website suddenly shutdown can anyone help me out of this error.. Warning: require(): Filename cannot be empty in /home/project_name/public_html/vendor/laravel/fra...
myke2424 myke2424

Media Query for component config settings

Is there a way to change the config settings of a component in a media query? I want to change my calendar from being inlined to an input field on mobile devices. So in thi...
whoisthisstud whoisthisstud

Issue w/ converting PDF's w/ Spatie MediaLibrary

I am using spatie's medialibrary to manage media for models. A week ago, I had no issues and everything was working perfectly on my Winblows machine at work. I pulled my...
monaabdo88 monaabdo88

How to get category Children in vuejs tree

I am working in laravel project and use vuejs library. in categories section in create form component I added vuejs-tree to to display all added categories the problem is a...

Billing: Team and individual plans

I was wondering if it's possible to have team plans and plans for individuals at the same time. I activated team billing and it seems like, everything is adjusted for teams...
Atef95 Atef95

Data not updating instantly after API response

Hey guys I've an issue that I couldn't understand why it's happening I've the following scenario : I have an array called final_products...
kellyjoe256 kellyjoe256

Httponly cookie not being set / stored (Laravel / Vue)

I have been struggling with this for a few hours now on how to solve this issue and I just can't seem to be able to get around it for now. Am building a simple authe...
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