drewdan drewdan

Asserting Policy is Present

Hey Guys, I am currently writing lots of tests and I have a question around assertions. In most of our controllers, we are starting to use policies...
Rymercyble Rymercyble

retrieve data related to related table on model query

hello, i have got tables articles, files and uploads my current query ArticleNew::where('article_id', 2931) ->with([ 'f...
thiyagu thiyagu

Laravel Redis cluster nodes sample configuration

I have a Redis Cluster with 3 master nodes and 3 slave ones. I'm using Predis version '1.0.1'. How to configure all these redis cluster nodes in database.php? 'redis...
xtremer360 xtremer360

Yajra Datatables

I'm using the following package to better display a rendered table of users for my project. The problem is what I would like to do is extract the logic inside of the ajax c...
palony palony

Using vuejs, vuetify and Laravel Authentication best practise/advise

Hi i am working on a new project, it was previously built with bootstrap css and laravel. I am exploring rebuilding but with vuejs as the front and utilising vuetify for ma...

Storage Download File

Hi, I would like to download a file from the storage folder, which has been imported via a command script. I use the Laravel 5.8 File Storage class, when downloading...
payafterwork payafterwork

Laravel-Vue Site slow, Please help!

https://www.torah.media/ is my site which loads really slow. The open-source project (...
knubbe82 knubbe82

Use js class for map setup

I want to use class for setting up a map. This is my SmartMap class: import * as L from "leaflet"; class SmartMap { constructor(element, longi...
galih56 galih56

How to use express-messages

I'm trying to make flash session with connect-flash in expressjs.I want to display the message in a pug file.But it's not working.I'm watching a video tutorial about this....
aGandrass aGandrass

Stripe Payment Intent | Manual Confirmation

Hi, does anybody have experience in coding the new Stripe Payment Intent Manual Confirmation? I am trying for a couple of weeks but I am unable to find the right way. Thank...
Sociopath Sociopath

Is it possible to get the key of a translated string?

Hi, I have on resources/lang/fr_FR.json, resources/lang/en_US.json etc there I have all keys on spanish and his value on the desired language. I'm trying to translat...
bigweld86 bigweld86

Authentication with VueX and Laravel Passport

I'm currently using Vue (and VueX) and Laravel Passport. I have my register page working fine, now I've moved into my Login page. All the tutorials and posts I've seen onli...
divpusher divpusher

How to make a multilingual Laravel website

Hey everyone! I wrote a tutorial about how to add extra languages to a Laravel site and how to make elegant subdomains for each language, e.g.: de.yoursite.com...
LeonardChallis LeonardChallis

Return a hasMany relationship for a child object

I have two types of object: Level and Game. Every Level can have exactly one parent Level (or none, if it's the first le...
hjortur17 hjortur17


Hi, I'm having trouble getting v-calendar to work on an iPhone, it works on Samsung and iPad but not an iPhone. Any ideas on how to fix that? If I launch responsive mode in...
alphadev alphadev

how to change display layout at frontend using laravel

hi m getting categories from db in this way: https://ibb.co/3WtryYK and I wants to show them...
evaslims23 evaslims23

Decimal number in Form Validation/Insertion

Hi people. I want to automatically output a decimal number on insertion in a form. Let's say a person would like to insert the number 1000,00. What I want is after he types...
SkyCoder SkyCoder

Adding custom private channel for broadcasting notification in laravel

Broadcasting works but it uses notifiable_type as channel name with user id. But what if I want to change only on backend api that some model is within 10 sub folders. I wo...
marijnbent marijnbent

Spark still lists Braintree as payment provider

Unfortunately, the braintree cashier package is depreciated. Are there any community efforts to make it work again?...
spacedog4 spacedog4

How do I create a new request overwriting json()->all()

I'm developing an exporter, when I'm exporting data to an table I pass all the data trought post, inside a records parameter and the server discover if it need...
kabelo kabelo

Using an Action/Lenses on Relationships

Hi I have created a lense on a Model (A). That model is related to Model (B) -> hasMany(A). However, on the detail of B, I can't see any the lense on that "...
hackroot hackroot

One BREAD multiple tables in Laravel Voyager

Hi i am using voyager laravel and i wanted to know if it's possible to be able to display contents from different tables in a single Bread interface?...
shailajareddy shailajareddy

X-editable selct dropdown with checkboxes

X-editable selct dropdown with checkboxes...
hackroot hackroot

Integrating extensions/packages into laravel voyager, is it possible? How do i proceed?

Hi I am working on a eCommerce front-end and POS with inventory system using laravel voyager as back-end, i would really love to implement a forked and updated version of S...
princeoo7 princeoo7

How to update vue data variable from laravel blade file ?

I have app.js file in which i have a data variable for blog. i am using vue-tinymce-editor and now the issue is when i need to update the content then what should i do ? i...
lawliet lawliet

Window.app TypeError: Cannot read property ‘context’ of undefined

Dear All , I am trying to mount a component in test file using vue test util. I am getting a below error right after the below import statement. impor...

Guzzle and HTTP/2 headers

Hello all, As this is my first post i would like to take am moment and thank you all the guys here for the great work. It's been one of the most helpful places for p...

Returning paginated results from a mocked repository

View is failing to render because of what is returned from my mocked repository which makes the test fail. It works fine if I replace mocking with factory that adds entries...
Gabotronix Gabotronix

Access vuex state dynamically with bracket notation in template

Hi everybody, I have an v-for in my template and a piece of state which I want to dynamically access using bracket notation (this works for actions so it should work for st...
paulipv paulipv

Hello morphTo

So, i have troubles creating an advanced query. i have a table 'users_friendship' which morphTo sender and recipient (App\User) sender_id | sender_type | reci...
Tharindu Tharindu

Prerender SPA plugin in Laravel Mix

Does anyone know how to set up prerender SPA plugin with laravel mix ? Thanks...
ReakyMark ReakyMark

Weird Queue stuck and it work as normol on tomorrow

Hi, i got problem just yesterday not sure what exactly cause my schedule queue stuck and it start working as normol on next day , i didint do anything. My Queue driv...
Lenophie Lenophie

Laravel Dusk process exceeded timeout

Hi, I recently started to run my browser tests with Laravel Dusk on a Windows 10 console but the tests are kind of slower than other consoles. This wouldn't really b...
skeith22 skeith22

Pass instance to vue-worker?

Does anyone know how to pass the instance to the vue-worker? or does anyone know how to properly implement a web worker on vue?...
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