UsmanBasharmal UsmanBasharmal

Uploading file to onedrive using microsoft graph api

I am trying to uploading a video file to onedrive using the microsoft graph api with the php sdk implementation in laravel. Code details as below // G...
spbaniya spbaniya

Not able to configure purgecss in Mix

I've following folder structure:...
NarekEVN NarekEVN

Broadcasting auth working or for web guard or for custom guard

In project I have two auth guards, web (users, by default), and my custom (teachers). I have noticed, that teachers can't authorize in broadcast. After adding middleware in...
brainlet brainlet

Pass Extra Parameter to new PrivateChannel in Event Broadcast [Laravel]

public string $attachedDevicesStr; public string $targetDeviceId; public function __construct($attachedDevicesStr, $targetDeviceId) { $this->attachedDevicesStr =...
Abdifatah Abdifatah

Laravel Localization different route parameters

<a href="{{ route(Route::currentRouteName(),'en')}}">English</a> <a href="{{ route(Route::currentRouteName(),...
daniels daniels

submit laravel form data using jquery wizard form

i have no knowledge on jquery, but the project is using a wizard form on the frontend, i need to submit the form data but i have failed, i tried looking on how to all in va...
SmokeTM SmokeTM

Someone could give me an advice on the vimeo laravel bridge package

I know it is no really laravel related, but maybe some could help me anyway. My problem is I feel a little bit uncomfortable with the vimeo api I am not sure if this is cle...
davy_yg davy_yg

vue component

This program actually works. Servers.vue <template> <div class="col-xs-12 col-sm-6"> <ul class="list-group">...
meenctg meenctg

php artisan tinker run with node child process spawn

I know that this is the command for running a file in artisan tinker. more test.php | php artisan tinker I want to run this command with nod...
awcodes awcodes

API grant from machine

Looking for advice on allowing a rest api post for a lead gen form from a separate domain. Let's say I have and I need to post a form through an api route...
ahmedSarhan15 ahmedSarhan15

keydown event in vue 2 doesn't work on android

<input type="text" name="add-ingredient""addIng" v-model="another">...
davebeesley1983 davebeesley1983

Laravel Sanctum - Role/Abilities on the Front End

Hi, I have created an API using Laravel, and have added Sanctum/Airlock for authentication with an SPA. I have utilised the SPA (csrf-cookie) as opposed to Token based auth...
mastermindlegion mastermindlegion

Access morphedByMany relationship

Greetings guys, do you know how to access morphedByMany relationship? I got this api route, where when I access this path I will be presented with all article...
bngaard bngaard

Import @fullcalendar v5 using ES6

Hi, I am trying to implement Fullcalendar v5 in project (Laravel7) - I managed to make it work using google and videos here on laracast, but there most be a better way to m...
Dircm Dircm

Cashier : adoption of customers from existing stripe account

I have a new laravel project using cashier with Stripe. There is an existing stripe account and legacy app with subscription customers active and paying regular amounts wi...
HartleySan HartleySan

Where does the "Authorization: Basic xxxxxxx" header come from?

I created a new Laravel project a few months ago and have been developing it since. The Laravel back-end serves both a website and a React Native app. During develop...

DockerCon 2020, May 28th 9AM - 5PM PT | GMT-7

Hi all! Not a question, but maybe this (free and online) event is also interesting for you....
Roadrunner829578 Roadrunner829578

Resolve Roadrunner Email Settings Problems- Roadrunner Mail Support

Here is one of the best online portal for solving roadrunner email problems like roadrunner email settings, roadrunner email password reset, time warner login, and many mor...
SolomonRei SolomonRei

amCharts js Create the same schedule

Hi, Could you help me pls to create the same schedule with amCharts js
kankai kankai

Is there anyway to insert and get data to mysql by using redis

Hi guys, I'm new to socket io and redis. Recently i'm trying to develop a real time game by using these client and also laravel. I had go through this series...
shing_shing shing_shing


Hello, Laracasts! I'm Shane from the Philippines! How are you guys doing? I would like to ask how to freeze specific rows ( freezepane freezes column t...

Converting RAW query into Eloquent query

i have a table called partner_transaction. On those table their is some column line - id, partner_id, amount, type(Debit, Credit) and balance. We wants to readjust all bala...
mhmd_kavosi mhmd_kavosi

how to use multi marker props on single marker

hi guys. i need use rotationAngle(vue2-leaflet-rotatedmarker) and duration(vue2-leaflet-movingmarker) but i want use two props in single marker. for example :...
iristechph iristechph

Dynamic Inner Foreach Loop in Foreach Loop

Is there a way to refactor this code. I'm preparing this to be dynamic. The user will set how many inner Loop will it make....
bbdev bbdev

How to get Passport access/refresh tokens for my API after socialite login

I'm having difficulties combining Laravel passport with Laravel Socialite. I have an API with OAuth2 implementation using passport. The API is used by a SPA (Nuxt). The SPA...
artyak artyak

Laravel does not make 1 value when parsing

I make online matches on the Dota 2 game on the site. I use a third-party service for parsing. Everything works as intended, only there is 1 problem. I have 2 Tournam...
gymdone gymdone

Vuetify with Spark

I would like to add vuetify to a new spark project. Is this a good? bad? idea? Could someone point me to tutorial to use the latest vuetify with the latest spark or...
lnb596844 lnb596844

Customizing The User Provider for Laravel Passport

I'm trying create a A Password Grant Client for an user account where I'm using a custom guard and custom provider As per the...
Haswell Haswell

File Upload Problem Vue.js

Hello , sorry for my english. I'm trying to upload multiple image on a form and other string element. I did it like this : <div v-for="...
PetroGromovo PetroGromovo

Mapping with elasticquent got Root mapping definition has unsupported parameters error

Hello, In Laravel 7.12.0 app I added "elasticquent/elasticquent": "dev-master" plugin and I try to implement sample data example from...
nufolder nufolder

laravel dompdf return 404 not found

so i am using nginx server with digital ocean for my website with laravel. i use laravel dompdf for exporting views to pdf files. this is my blade...
Loomix Loomix

Unwanted effects of @media (max-width: 991.98px)

I am using a Bootstrap 4 template (Material Dashboard Pro) and have these 2 unwanted effects I failed to track down, both in material-dashboard.css and b...
Robinhood05 Robinhood05

Error while upgrading to Lumen 5.5 from Lumen 5.4

I'm upgrading a project to Lumen 5.5 from Lumen 5.4. After changed the composer.json file into 5.5 did composer install. It seems all the dependencies installed correctly...
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