DavidPetrov DavidPetrov

Laravel cookie forever expires on session end

So either I don't seem to correctly grasp the concept of cookies and sessions or there's something wrong. What I'm strangely experiencing is the following: I've got a very...
towhid towhid

with out declaration in authservice provider is it work policy authorization ?

'App\Project'=>'App\Policies\ProjectPolicy', is it work if any function call or metthod call ? in projectpolicy file...
dadidi dadidi

How to use transformers resource for blade

Hi guys, I'm new to Laravel. I know how to use transformers for API already. I use it for not only change the name of key but also change the value of the key....
chrislentz chrislentz

How can I mock a different model to retrieve a polymorphic relationship?

I have 3 data models, one of which extends the other: namespace App\Models; use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model; class Opinion extends Model { publi...
andyjh07 andyjh07

Laravel Mix IE11 Babel Issues

I'm currently trying to install Laravel Mix inside a WordPress project to handle my asset compilation. I have my webpack.mix.js file set up as follows:...
apokall apokall

How does the $schedule->command work?

Hello! How does this feature work? In my understanding, cron every minute performs the schedule function of the kernel class. If it is obviously clear with job here that th...
NoelDeMartin NoelDeMartin

[Laracasts Snippet #98] Defining an ideal media architecture - Just for fun

I've been listening to the podcast for a while and I find it really interesting :). Many times I've got some thoughts about an episode, but I don't know exactly where to pu...
chrisebner chrisebner

Previously eager loaded relationship is queried again?

Hey all, I'm having an issue that is hard to explain. Using N+1 Query Detector I have a view that creates a Dashboardview that is nested. Therefore I'm using eager-l...
VikasSwami VikasSwami

Auth with Firebase in Laravel

Anybody help me how can i do Authentication with the FIrebase in Laravel...
atfinho atfinho

Upload image base_64 format issue

I'm trying to upload an image using Intervention Image package but I'm always getting the following error ** Intervention\Image\Exception\NotReadableException: Unabl...
Mike_SA Mike_SA

Appended data not picked up in $request

Hi, I am using laravel 5.8 I am working on a post create form where the user is able to add categories not listed. The new categories are then appended to the...
atfinho atfinho

Restful Api Laravel + React JS

Hey guys I'm trying to get a user data from an api using react connected to my laravel back end app the issue is I'm always getting '401 unauthorized" even thou...
vansunet vansunet

How to set multiple domain names on 1 nginx server ?

Hello, I installed nginx under new ubuntu 18 installation under AWS and I want to make multiple domain names on 1 server. Fot this I created at freenom new hosting d...
Ap3twe Ap3twe

Authentication External API as a middleware

Hey, I want to authenticate users with external API before allowing the request to go through the laravel auth. Users are stored in our CPM system and we want to limit othe...
wuschelino22 wuschelino22

Edit Function Crud

Hello , i want to build Laravel CRUD. And now i habe a Problem with the Edit function. ''' public function edit(Request $request) { $shares = Url:...
rabol rabol

getmxrr not working on homestead box

Hi the function getmxrr() does not work on the Homestead dev box nor does nslookup is that a VirtualBox issue or ? Thanks in advance...
joaorbrandao joaorbrandao

Fail to build amcharts 4 using laravel-mix

Hi, I'm trying to import Amcharts 4 into my project but i got the following problem in my terminal. I followed the installation that is in the amcharts....
MarkTierney MarkTierney

Automatically restart mysql after valet restart?

I'm finding that every time I change php version in valet I need to restart mysql otherwise it doesn't work properly. Is there a native way to achieve this? Or do I...
ahoi ahoi

Webpack chunk names with Laravel mix

I'd like to use Webpack chunks with Laravel Mix. At the moment this list is outputted: Asset Size...
BinuMon BinuMon

How to send data to database from a form using if or similar conditions:

Hey guys, i was creating a project on choosing two types of data to be sent to the database using conditions. in that form, there are two Radio buttons "Artist,...
mouzak mouzak

table reading

Hi! I have a problem to properly query my table which is in my database. I want to recover either column 1 or column 1.5 or column 2 etc. according to a variable. for examp...
oliverbusk oliverbusk

Improving a rule engine

I am trying to create a simple parsing rule engine, that can parse text according to some parsing rules the user can define. The problem I've encountered is that my...
nogepog nogepog

allow users to change their password from edit form

I have a edit users form with all the fields user filled in registration form.How do i allow the user to modify their password and confirm password on edit. I have this way...
Shiva Shiva

Getting validation to work for address

I'm making a page that before the user submits they need to add their address. For example: The user goes to the order confirmation and they forget to add their addr...
seantiago24 seantiago24

laravel echo , broadcast , socket.io , redis configration

i'm starting a laravel project configuration , for chat app , so for that i'm using laravel-echo-server and socket.io and redis , no pusher . i've configured all and...
mohammadkaab mohammadkaab

Laravel dusk can't run two tests referring to one page

Hi I'm writing a couple of tests with LARAVEL dusk and I've recently dumped to a new problem. well, the problem is very famous and everyone has seen it for once at least Ac...
jacquet-clement jacquet-clement

Dusk testing vs. Vue unit tests

Hello everybody, I'm struggling finding the best way to test my vue SPA. I've tried using Jest & vue-test-utils to unit test my components / routes / guar...
austin_h_s austin_h_s

Update Podcast page please

I'd love to just listen to your podcast and have it automatically go to the next eps like the courses. Instead, I have to realize the podcast is over stop what im doing and...
nitinsinghnaruka nitinsinghnaruka

Nuxt JS auth middleware not working properly in ssr mode?

User is authenticated but in middleware auth state is undefined. When page is fully loaded is showing right information in vuex state tab....

laravel pagination meta data not showing

hey guys , am using laravel api resources with my collection and pagination it all works fine when i return the apiresource directly but when am trying to pass the r...

Laravel Passport Scopes for 3rd Party Client App

Hallo, If i understand this correctly i can only use scopes if the Passport package is installed in my client application, and not if the Passport lives in a separat...
alex_hill alex_hill

Node and Relationships in Eloquent

I have a Document Model and a Relationships pivot table. One document may refer to many other documents, or be referred by another document (the relationships are created b...
samleserieux samleserieux

Birdboard : patch project error.response

Hi all, I just finished the course "Build A Laravel App With TDD", i try to implement a modal for editing a project, i reused the code we made during the lesson 4...
faezx3 faezx3

Check address balance row and update .

hi, i have problem to make a query check the given address. Not sure its problem at guzzlehttp or my eloquent. This is suppose to run in schedule command but for now i jus...
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