BobBb BobBb

PHPUnit lists tests vertically

How can I configure PHPUnit to revert back to making tests horizontal? It seems to have each individual test on a per line basis, whereas before the tests were just on one...
oribsn oribsn

cannot install laravel via the laravel installer

I am running mac os catalina, and I get this error: Your requirements could not be resolved to an installable set of packages. Problem 1 - Installation reques...

how can I fix: Packets out of order. Expected 0 received 1. Packet size=68

I installed Laravel in a shared hosting, I placed all the folders of laravel inside a folder called /site, at the same level of public_html, and the contents of public are...
Gabotronix Gabotronix

CSS concentric circles with orbiting "planets"

Hi everybody, I'm trying to render a "solar system" diagram only with css, the concentric circles are easy to do with css border-radius, border and some transfor...
gedeon2020 gedeon2020

how to add vuetify to a laravel project?

Hi i am a beginner with laravel i need help steps to add a framework like vuetify in a laravel v6 project....
Syarif Syarif

Help me to auto restock product

Hello.. pls help me, i make a pre sell product and i want every day can autorestock product to next day, this my form customers transactions : Select product:...
skoobi skoobi

Roles using middleware

Hi. I'm playing around with the middleware and thought that a good bit of practice would be to create a role-based auth system, but am a bit stuck when trying to do...
ThePoet444 ThePoet444

Multi model, abstract model, or something else?

I have a grandparent->parent->child setup going. Specifically Fleet->Wing(s)->Squad(s), or Fleet->Squad(s) as wings can be optional...
sndytj sndytj

What type of token authentication should I use with Laravel Password?

Good morning, I am developing an API that should be consumed by a SPA and app for Android and iOS, reading the Laravel Passport documentation and looking for examples I am...
benlwong benlwong

Homestead Doesn't Install ElasticSearch

This is actually more of a Homestead question. I upgraded to the latest version of Vagrant, Homestead, and VirtualBox and added the following line to my Homestead.yaml file...
codemandavid codemandavid

Package installation and php artisan serve not working

Hello im new to laravel and i have been trying to install a package (5.8) to kickstart my learning. But each time i run the installation command i get the following...
amitsachdeva45 amitsachdeva45

Php Unit Testing of API in laravel 5.5

Hello Everyone, I am working on phpUnit test in laravel 5.5. When I am trying to test the method on controller with 2 different methods by creating request object a...
AlexWinder AlexWinder

PayPal Smart Checkout - return_url/cancel_url just closes window with no redirect

I am currently writing an application in Laravel which has the PayPal smart checkout button is making use of the PayPal PHP SDK (...
James_Moore James_Moore

Xdebug from the command line

I'm jumping back into solving problems on each p...
saadaan saadaan

Passing value '0' is aborting DB query

Hi, I am facing a strange issue. In blade, I have a form carrying a variable 'gender', which has values 0 for female and 1 for male. When I select MALE and tr...
bobmyles bobmyles

Hosting two Laravel projects on one domain or sub-domain?

I have two Laravel projects and using NGINX webserver. However, since they related, I would want to use one sub-domain for both. How do I set up this? I have...
bestmomo bestmomo


I have explored the available packages to facilitate the construction of an administration: Voyager, LaraAdmin, Backpack, Boilerplate (not Nova which is a paid solution and...
farhankarim farhankarim

CRUD generator for laravel 5.8

Are there any new CRUD generators except infyom that generate adminpanel and crud for tables using mysql?...
nitz25 nitz25


Hello, I am starting to make a project where I can create, read, edit and delete data from database. And I know that there's a lot of crud generator in github but I am conf...
royo1987 royo1987

Bootstrap Collapse several elements

Hi, I'm using Laravel 5.7 and I'm sorry but I don't know what Bootstrap version it came with Laravel... I'm that new at this I have the fallowing feature that I want...
pknad505 pknad505

Laravel broadcasting event not being picked up by socket io using docker-compose

I'm attempting to use laravel-echo-server ( I'm getting a roadblock where the client-side doesn't appear to be getting any broadcasted events. Everything s...
andreixfr andreixfr

Names are displaying based on number of posts

Heya! I have a problem with a @foreach. So, I have foreach for username, but I have a tricky bug. If I have 2 posts, I have all names f...
MattB MattB

Mailchimp not loading on all pages

So, I have mailchimp working my laravel app, however its hit an miss when it shows. This is the header section from my layout blade file. Some pages that use this layout fi...
zerodps zerodps

Validating with Rule::in / Laravel 5.8 MACOS MAMP

Hi guys, I'm trying to validate a drop-down menu where my users choose a different username to include in their contribution as a collaborator. However, I send the u...
bajwa_rajat bajwa_rajat

using another method of same controller inside one method causing error

Hi, I have made two methods inside a controller . I am calling one method inside another method. I am calling it inside a loop , but when I cal it the loop output only 6 it...
t0berius t0berius

reducing laravel queries (count())

I'm using the following code inside my template: @for ($i = 1; $i < 11; $i++) {{App\User::has('sellerDetails')->where('current_level', $i)->coun...
brayniverse brayniverse

Where are you all from?

I'm wondering how far Laravel's reach extends to. I hail from London myself....
Danieloplata Danieloplata

Group collection results by date

Hi guys, I'm trying to group a collection by date, so that I can print them to a page by creating a foreach loop per date, rather than per appointment (shown below)....
chrisgrim chrisgrim

How to Pass Data with Vue between Pages

Hi, I have a nav bar in my application that has a search function. The nav bar is a vue component and the main body of my site is a vue component. My goal is to have a user...
thebigk thebigk

Loading Count Of An Extended Relationship

Let's say I've following models: Post [ belongsTo-> Author, hasMany->Replies, morphTo->Like] Reply [ belongsTo->Author, belongsTo->Post, morph...
sheixt sheixt

Delete duplicates records from large Laravel collection

I have a large database table (~1 million records) which I need to purge the duplicate records. The table structure is as follows: |----|-------------|-----|...
rvkvino rvkvino

Laravel jenssegers mongodb embedded document attribute not working

I have tried to set Attribute in my sub document model, but it's not working. protected $appends = array('image_full'); public function getImageUrlAttribute($value) { retur...
tareenmj tareenmj

How to use Authentication using Username instead of email

I want to create an app where I Log in the username based on username, instead of email address. Since I am a beginner to Authentication, I simply ran the php artisan make:...
Aqeel94321 Aqeel94321

Create database with username and password using DB:statement()?

create database programmatically using laravel DB facade or any other solution.. have any idea?...
somethingbig somethingbig

Validating form submission to allow a user to only submit once per model instance

Hi all, Hoping someone can help, I have an Auction model that has many Bids, the Bid belongs to a User. How do I validate the form submission that stores a bid so th...
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