11 months ago

Wrong Character display

Posted 11 months ago by dan3460

I made a small web site for my local chess club and when displaying the results of the last round i'm getting an unknown character instead of the 1/2 symbol. The files that i display come directly from the USCF (US chess federation) and i store them as a blob on a mysql database. BTW the site is https://www.woodburychessclub.com the table can be seen at https://www.woodburychessclub.com/currentTournament

so far this is what i have done:

  • Changed the meta tag to charset="ISO-8859-1"
  • Changed the default_charset = "ISO-8859-1" in the php.ini file

If i look at the data using mysql workbench i see the 1/2 symbol, so its been lost either by Nginx or PHP. I'm guessing here, what do i know.

I think UTF-8 charset should be able to display 1/2 symbol, which i think is the default everywhere.

Thanks for the help.

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