1 month ago

Laravel 7 vs Laravel 8 Dilemma

Posted 1 month ago by codinglara

Is it smart to work on new projects but use v7? I started learning Laravel 7 a few months ago and I got used to it, still have a lot of things to learn, I am having trouble understanding all the changes in v8.

I've been using Bootstrap and SASS for years now, so I am already having some issues with v8 because Laravel UI is dropped. I am not familiar with Tailwind CSS, also Livewire and Inertia seem complicated for me at the moment. Is Livewire (or Inertia) necessary or it's just an option? How to use Bootstrap in v8? What's the best practice for using Bootstrap in v8? Is it better to just learn and use Tailwind instead? I tried running these commands

composer require laravel/ui
php artisan ui bootstrap

but I have problems when I run

php artisan ui bootstrap --auth

because it's not working in v8.

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