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Level 20
95,890 XP
4 weeks ago
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Commented on Initial Environment Setup And Composer

on a mac, sure

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Commented on Initial Environment Setup And Composer

Thank you for the heads up Hashim, I will check these out.

With the updates, are you saying you just take an image for backup, in case something goes wrong?

Or, do you do something with it after each update is complete?

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Replied to Trying To Run Laravel On Windows

My opinion, ditch WSL and docker desktop altogether.

I provided a comment about this a little while back. I know its a little out of context from the conversation, but the title of your post fits 100%.

Heres a link to were I commented that post on Laracasts. Hope it helps

1 month ago
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Commented on Initial Environment Setup And Composer

Definitely. Its weird how so little attention is given to Laragon within the Laravel community.

Its always performed exactly as written, is 100% portable, super light-weight, you dont need to bootup a beast like Docker desktop in order for it to even has additional bells and whistles that these others dont out of the box. One of my favorite parts is that when done developing, you click one button and it shuts down all these services running in the background. And it all seems to be the result of one mans work up to this point (though I could be mistaken here, not entirely sure).

I wonder why the Laravel developers havent really embraced this package/guy and worked out a way to incorporate it as "the" Laravel system for Windows... its got the "Laravel finesse" written all over it! I cant imagine what their backing would then bring to the table for it.

Kudos to the Laragon creator(s), Ive used this package everyday for work for years now, and its always enabled me to do anything I've ever needed for:

  • PHP
  • Apache
  • Nginx
  • Cli
  • MySql/PostGres
  • Redis
  • Mongo
  • Memcache
1 month ago
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Commented on Initial Environment Setup And Composer

Apple users tend to only mention Apple related tools when developing. Really wish there were more windows developers/references to get started with.

I actually have both and prefer to use my Windows machine ever since dialing it in.. works like a charm and has stayed snappy for years, with some upkeep.

Just be sure to monitor/scrub your system after each Windows update. I really think testing is just another four-letter word for the folks that are sending them out..or a way to force you to get a new computer after they "force-break" it.. not sure at this point. A "full fubar" update is an ever-present threat.. but I digress

For other Windows developers that come along, there's 3 tools that'll have everything you'll ever need (or, that I've ever needed anyway):

For Developing with Laravel/PHP:

(when valet is mentioned)

For Pulling In Development Tools:

when Homebrew is mentioned, pretty straightforward and easy to use

...or a very handy alternative, but may be a bit overkill for a new developer

And you're all set to go

btw.. wsl is a great concept but ive always found it to be garbage when compared with other alternatives out there. One mans opinion.

2 months ago
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Replied to Quick Question: How Long Does It Take?

It sounds like your looking for an "audit" of his work, vs a "estimate" of a Laravel project. As mentioned, his Git history would be the best place to turn to from here. I found this "intro" to Github that provides a brief overview of how developers use Git to track changes:

Hopefully the article is pretty straightforward and understandable.

Then just ask him to share the repo, from there you're looking for the link that says "commits" (if its could other sites too..this is generally the most popular). If it is a different site, just come on back..happy to help you track it down.

Please note: This will allow you to see the work he did and the times where he saved his work..this isnt necessary showing you "how much time he put into it". I'm sure some here on Laracasts would be happy to review once you've found this repository...or you could have someone else review.

Either way, one step at a time. Seeing/knowing the repo for your project would definitely be a step in the right direction

2 months ago
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Started a new Conversation A New Laravel Package For Your Scrutiny..

Hello fellow 'Laravites',

I have an open-source package pre-release that's now available on Github/Composer called: "Laravel Permission Name Generator".

This package is my attempt to create a convention for naming permissions using a very simple configuration.

//For Example...

// rather than using a string when referencing permissions: 
e.g. 'user.teams.create' 
//using methods instead:

There's generally hundreds of 'permissions' in the projects Ive created, so remembering how they're all formatted, namespaced, plural/not plural, etc. has to be headache for others as well (im assuming).

This is my first package I'm hoping that if you have criticism, it's 'constructive'.

I have no other developers to bounce ideas off of and/or review anything. That's where I hope you guys will jump in!!

I started from 0 on Laracasts a couple years ago, I'd love to try and give something back after all the support and help the Laravel community has so graciously provided to get me where I am today!

Please let me know what you think, contributions are welcome!!

Thank you friends!


Please don't use this package in any production environment yet. I plan to spend the next few months using it in my own projects and hopefully getting some feedback from everyone to help make it production ready.

Github Link:

4 months ago
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Replied to HasManyThrough With Pivot

A great library.

Thank you @staudenmeir

5 months ago
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Commented on Allow For Configuration Hooks

+1 vote to see more and more of these ways to take full advantage of the service container.

Theres an abundance of adoration out there for how powerful Laravel's service container is but most examples of using it are pretty elementary.

When source diving Taylor's code, it always kind of blows my mind when I see the extent of things that he's able to accomplish with it for the packages he writes...quite a void from where most examples end and his skills begin.

One day, after extensive trial and error, I know I'd get there but some help along the way would be fantastic!

👍👍 sensei!