1 year ago

Incorrect string value

Posted 1 year ago by staticcode

Hi guys, this error is driving me nuts! I am trying to import CSV data. When I manually add it in Phpmyadmin then it works fine, but when I add it through Laravel I end up with the error below.

Tried everything but nothing solved this problem, but stuck on this for over a week now. Does anyone know a solution maybe? as said, I can add it manually in SQL no problem, just through Laravel it gives me this error so I'd say it has to do with Laravel?

My row:

article_name varchar(64) utf8mb4_unicode_ci

SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1366 Incorrect string value: '\xFD)' for column 'article_name' at row 1121 (SQL: update `products` set `fk_id` = 64356, `status` = 0, `brand` = 15, `article_number` = JN001, `color` = aqua, `size` = S, `article_name` = Round-T-Medium (150g/m�), `description` = Ronde hals met elastaan en halstape geen zijnaden Dubbel gestikt op schouders hals en mouwboorde, `material` = Buitenstof 150 g/m 100% katoen, `category` = T-shirt, `washing_instructions` = Maximale wastemperatuur 40 C normale was, `color_id` = blauw, `photo_1` = art79\detail_1005.jpg, `photo_2` = art79\detail_7264.jpg, `photo_3` = art79\detail_7264_highres.jpg, `photo_4` = art79\detail_7265.jpg, `photo_5` = art79\detail_7265_highres.jpg, `photo_main` = artfarbe847\master.jpg, `weight` = 0, `price` = 3.55, `updated_at` = 2018-03-24 16:42:23 where `sku_id` = 68824)

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