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16 Feb
6 days ago

ejdelmonico left a reply on Extending Vue SFC, Methods From Child Component Not Working

Personally, the only time I have ever used extends is for say...building buttons or inputs. I have a baseButton or baseInput component which I extend to a button or input component. Everything gets merged into the new component. For other common functionality, I use Mixins. In other words, not a parent-child relationship but a basic and premium type of relationship.

ejdelmonico left a reply on How To Purify Laravel User Input ?

I think you may be out of luck. I don't think that package or stevebauman/purify only takes care of HTML related markup. So, I would just create a helper function that converts the curly braces before running the string through the purifier.

ejdelmonico left a reply on How To Bind Form Data

Well, generally, I use a computed method to grab data from the store and deliver it in the created method for the component. If you want it dynamic, then you make a computed method. On a side note, why do you need to store an array? Do the values change often? I don't really see the need for using the store except to store dynamic or user-selected data that will persist.

ejdelmonico left a reply on Why Did Not Working Laravel Middleware CORS With Vue JS

Are you sure you registered the middleware as required? You have a choice of global ($middleware), route group ($middlewareGroups) or route ($routeMiddleware)

14 Feb
1 week ago

ejdelmonico left a reply on Valet Error Log

@ringwoodinternet That post was from 2 years ago. Maybe you should look closer before posting.

26 Jan
3 weeks ago

ejdelmonico left a reply on Vue/ Laravel Authentication

You can also use Laravel Passport and just make your own Vue components for auth. Make routes in the routes/api.php file. Need to use a catchall route in routes/web.php so that all routes are deferred to your SPA. I don't have a guide for reference but I do this very often without any trouble. You are essentially just replacing the Laravel auth routes with your own and use the backend auth through the api routes. Make sure to catch your Laravel errors so you can handle them on the frontend.

05 Jan
1 month ago

ejdelmonico left a reply on Forge Can't Access To The Git Repository Of Organization

Did you try re-authenticating Github? Also, try deleting the connected repo and adding it with the proper credentials.

02 Jan
1 month ago

ejdelmonico left a reply on Nova Metrics Simple Count Doesn't Work

Do you have an associated eloquent model for the Nova resource? If not, you won't get the data. In other words, you create a Nova resource and associate it with a model such as App\Post with App\Nova\Post.

26 Dec
1 month ago

ejdelmonico left a reply on Connecting To Database From Local Machine

For security reasons, your DB server needs whitelisting and Forge will allow a basic connection. However, you really should lock it down further on the server. The DB server should be set up so that only specific IP address' and ports can access it. That is probably the cause of your issue. You should still be able to ssh into the DB server with the installed ssh key. Password access should be blocked by default with Forge.

ejdelmonico left a reply on Laravel Forge's Configuration Of NGINX + SSL Causes Safari Timeout.

I highly doubt it is your nginx config after the let's encrypt install. I never have an issue with the config changes implemented by Forge. Are you sure the site is not being monitored because of SSL in Iran? It could also be a DNS issue with your version of Safari. My guess is if it works with a VPN, then the government intranet is causing the timeout.

ejdelmonico left a reply on In Vue.js, Does It Make A Difference If I Call A Function With Parentheses?

If you call the function with parens, it will execute at that time. So, in the created hook, you are correct in using parens so that the fetch() method is executed instantly.

ejdelmonico left a reply on Yarn.lock Is Causing Npm Run Dev To Fail

yarn.lock comes in the laravel package by default. I usually remove it right after laravel new someproject finishes and before running npm install. In a CI environment, I believe that the service looks for .lock files and depending on the service looks to run yarn or npm first.

13 Dec
2 months ago

ejdelmonico left a reply on How To Get The Reason Error In Console

I am sure you aware of Vue dev tools plugin for most browsers which gives you pretty good error messaging. If you are trying to catch an error in JS,

try {
  // code...
} catch (error) {

ejdelmonico left a reply on Laravel Forge + Redis

Forge installs Redis by default. From the Forge landing page https://cl.ly/e18a06cfb6e1

ejdelmonico left a reply on Do I Need Server Side Rendering?

All of the major search bots can follow JS in the page so SEO will most likely be fine. If you want the fastest, then use Nuxt for the4 frontend.

ejdelmonico left a reply on Create Input Hidden When The Check Box Is Checked

You are going to need to show us how you are adding the hidden inputs. It is difficult to help without the full context of your issue. If using JS, just do a check if it exists before performing the checkbox action.

12 Dec
2 months ago

ejdelmonico left a reply on Data Type For All Numbers. Ex: 2, 3.3, -2.890, 01, Etc

@jpeterson579 I would cast them first as suggested above. You can then compare them as required.

11 Dec
2 months ago

ejdelmonico left a reply on Nova Trix Field Image Resize

So, give specifics on your resizing problem and show some code. We can not guess what is going on.

ejdelmonico left a reply on Data Type For All Numbers. Ex: 2, 3.3, -2.890, 01, Etc

Have you thought about just using a string and then convert them in code? Otherwise, you might want to search for a plugin because the standard install of MySQL or MariaDB doesn't give you a way to include all of the variances you require to the best of my knowledge. INT is probably the closest.

ejdelmonico left a reply on Vue Components Not Rendering

First, you do not need to attach Vue to the window object. Just do an es6 import as you have done with other packages in your app.js. Also, unless you are referencing the Vue instance often, you do not need to assign app to the instance. You can remove the const app = from app.js. In app.blade.php, remove the script tag with your second Vue instance because you most likely do not need 2 instances. Additionally, you have assigned an id of app in the home and app blade templates. This will confuse Vue.

04 Dec
2 months ago

ejdelmonico left a reply on Vue Components Does Not Work Like In The Course Video. Outdated?

You most likely need to change the name in the component. I believe you should use kebab-case for the global component name. In your case test-something as the first parameter.

ejdelmonico left a reply on Passing Vue.http Post Data

You can remove vue-resource and use axios. Do not use vue-axios as it really does nothing for you. After adding axios package, you can add:

// main.js
import axios from 'axios';
Vue.prototype.$http = axios;
Vue.prototype.axios = axios;

Now, you can use this.$http.post() globally in your project.

03 Dec
2 months ago

ejdelmonico left a reply on How To Install Vuex

Inside the @vue/cli project root, run vue add vuex to add Vuex to the cli project.

ejdelmonico left a reply on 'vue-cli-service' Is Not Recognized As An Internal Or External Command, Operable Program Or Batch File.

Check your project structure and make sure you are in the directory that houses the CLI frontend.

ejdelmonico left a reply on @click() Passing Value By Using Laravel Variable

You should be able to convert it to json and use it as a prop in the component.

@click="toggle('{!! json_encode($something) !!}')"

See if that works for you. There are other ways to do it as well.

28 Nov
2 months ago

ejdelmonico left a reply on Axios .then() Syntax

I think you are referring to a refactor that makes the code less readable. The refresh() method takes in the destructured response (data) that Axios returns in the promise. Normally, you would have response.data injected into the refresh(). That is where the confusion lies. Jeffrey knows that Axios returns the response in the promise and lets the compiler implicitly take in the response object which is then destructured to grab the data object.

23 Nov
2 months ago

ejdelmonico left a reply on Extending User Model

You can also use Laravel roles and policies along with the appropriate middleware to do exactly what you need. It is easy to do using those laravel features.

ejdelmonico left a reply on How To Prevent 422 Console Error With Laravel Validation

Try doing a dd($request->all() to make sure you are posting the required data to the server. This will reduce the reasons why the request is unprocessable. Are you sending the token as well?

20 Nov
3 months ago

ejdelmonico left a reply on Holiday

You would have to check for Taylor's Twitter postings or Medium articles. This site belongs to Jeffrey Way and he usually has a 1-day deal for a huge discount for Laracasts.

ejdelmonico left a reply on How Long Does It Take To Learn JavaScript To A Reasonable Level?

Just take a crash course from Wes Bos. I think his JS course is free. It's called Javascript in 30 days or something like that. It will be enough. Then, take the free Vue course on Laracasts. Vuetify is just pre-built components that expose many props for you to customize them.

ejdelmonico left a reply on Nova Returns A 404 Page After Creating Any Kind Of Resource

Make sure you run composer dump-autoload and php artisan clear-compiled and php artisan route:clear` locally. See if that clears your issues.

ejdelmonico left a reply on Nova Panel Width Resizing

I would think that you can override any of the nova supplied views with your own. It probably involves copying a Vue component and editing the tailwindcss and elements. If it were me, I would investigate that first and then look at some of the packages to how they modify the view in their tool packages.

ejdelmonico left a reply on Nova Panel Width Resizing

ok, I suppose I misunderstood your question. Maybe you should read about custom tools. You can build one with any css or js to do what you want.

ejdelmonico left a reply on Nova Global Search: Customize Link

If you leave Nova as installed (without Scout), the search will return whatever is in the DB column for the link. So, the easiest method is to make sure the path is stored the way you want it. Otherwise, you would have to use a package or Scout. I am not aware of any other way as of yet. Of course, things are changing fast on the Nova front.

Packages can be discovered here.

ejdelmonico left a reply on Computed Default Value For Text Field

You should be able to get the value of any column and not show it on a form (ie: hidden) using hideFromIndex() or hideFromDetail(). Personally, I don't understand why you would want the token in Nova. You should take care of that in the controller or model and not the Nova model. If you want to view the token, and the token has a db column, you can display it using a text field.

ejdelmonico left a reply on Nova Panel Width Resizing

In order to resize those cards, try going to NovaServiceProvider and in the cards(), do something like:

(new NewUsers)->width('1/2')

You can do all of your resizing for cards there.

ejdelmonico left a reply on Nova Returns A 404 Page After Creating Any Kind Of Resource

Since you have already wasted a bunch of time, start at the basics. You can either start a new project and copy over the relevant code or continue wasting precious time. If you want to try some more than start with focusing on the routes in the project. In NovaServiceProvider, make sure you haven't accidentally removed the Nova routes. They should be:

protected function routes()

In addition, download a current zip file of Nova and replace the nova directory in the project just in case something is corrupted in there. After that, clear everything with artisan, especially, php artisan view:clear. Then, you know that it is not the source code causing the problem.

19 Nov
3 months ago

ejdelmonico left a reply on Configs For Nova Custom Tools

You definitely use .env values in your Nova tool. In fact, you will find a lot of the quality packages already available use them. In addition, you can expose methods on your tools.php class so that users can choose config options. You can do that with the withMeta() method of the base class. It accepts an array of key/value pairs which is ideal for config options. You can structure the service provider and tool class like normal Laravel packages. If you are just wanting an env value to use in a Vue component from the tool, you can place a MIX_ in front of the .env key to make it available from webpack.

18 Nov
3 months ago

ejdelmonico left a reply on Vuex With Inputs / Forms

If they are generic type filters like changing a number or string into currency, then make a component-based Vue filter or use a computed property for each. If you think you might use it again, make the same filter global in App.vue or app.js. The, use the global filter when writing the getter. In all, there are many ways to do it and to say that one way is best your use case would be irresponsible. I always choose the easier and simple way unless I know that it will cause technical debt in the future. If so, then I would take it to the next level.

ejdelmonico left a reply on VUE JS - Shorthand If / Else

v-if and v-else are added to elements so the answer is no. You could probably develop one but I don't think it's necessary considering all Vue has to offer. However, you can always use a standard ternary expression in its place. After all, Vue is just javascript.

ejdelmonico left a reply on Ajax

If you are referring to a replacement, I would recommend using the fetch api because support has greatly improved and it future proofs your api requests. Also, there are very good polyfills available for older browsers.

ejdelmonico left a reply on Dynamic Field Type For Laravel Nova Rows

That is correct. Just commit it as normal code. I usually commit the node modules of those custom packages so that my deployments are more reliable. To be more clear, the package has it's own composer.json and package.json.

ejdelmonico left a reply on It Could Be More Simple To Change The Nova Logo Image

@mithrandir is correct. It does say that in the license agreement. However, I really doubt that it would be enforced. The copyright statement at the bottom would most likely be enforced unless permission to remove it was obtained.

ejdelmonico left a reply on CSRF Problem With Mobile Only!

Are you positive the token is being added to the post request? Out of the box, Laravel attached the token from the meta element in your html layout head to window.axios. If you imported axios in a vue component, then make sure you attach the token to the request. Just for testing, don't use the import of axios and use window.axios in its place to see if you get the same error.

ejdelmonico left a reply on Dynamic Field Type For Laravel Nova Rows

Yes, that is the way you create a custom field or tool in Nova. However, you don't have to make the package public. php artisan nova:field creator/package-name will set up the entire skeleton for the custom field in the nova-components directory.


16 Nov
3 months ago

ejdelmonico left a reply on What Is .then For?

It is the preferred way to avoid callback hell...meaning one callback calls another and so on. You return a promise and use as many .then() methods as necessary to accomplish your tasks. Personally, I have never used more than two. After, you can use a .catch() to make sure you handle any errors that are returned from the promise. finally() is also available. As referenced above, async/await is a newer remedy but most packages you will use work better with .then().

You can find more info here

ejdelmonico left a reply on Components Extend From Base Component

You can use a mixin for the base component and use it in the dynamic components. So, the YoutubeComponent will start out with the mixin and you can add to it. There are several ways you can go to pass in which dynamic component to call. You can use props or an event or state, etc.

13 Nov
3 months ago

ejdelmonico left a reply on Video Speed

It should be @JeffreyWay