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13th October, 2018

ejdelmonico left a reply on Using Nova Inside A Current App • 5 days ago

Everything in Nova has api access so you should be able to come up with a solution to solve your issue. If you run a php artisan route:list, you will see a bunch of api access points to be used for anything on the frontend.

12th October, 2018

ejdelmonico left a reply on Vee-validate Won't Work With Nova • 6 days ago

Show your component. VeeValidate works very well with Vue.

27th September, 2018

ejdelmonico left a reply on Import 'vuetify/dist/vuetify.min.css' Messed Up All My Laravel Css • 3 weeks ago

That is probably because you are using v-container. If I remember correctly, the container has fluid applied. Also, you can just use the individual modules to reduce size.

21st September, 2018

ejdelmonico left a reply on Yarn.lock Causing Auto Deploy Error • 3 weeks ago

If your question is referring to a Vue SPA frontend, then you need to cd into whichever directory your frontend is in and then run the build command. Yarn will then use the lock file in your SPA portion of the site.

20th September, 2018

ejdelmonico left a reply on Vue Axios Response Undefined Error • 4 weeks ago

Are you returning anything from a successful login like the user? Assuming you are, you should have that data in response.data, not response. Also, it might work better if you wrap it in a promise.

(credentials) => {
  return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
    axios.post('/auth/login', credentials)
             .then((response) => resolve(response.data))
             .catch((err) => reject(err));

ejdelmonico left a reply on Vuex Mutation Cant Update State With Localstorage • 4 weeks ago

On another note, you might want to rethink your decision to store the token in localStorage as anyone can get to it. If it's a public api then it doesn't really matter a lot but if you want security, you should use encrypted cookies. I usually use jscookie along with vuex-persistedstate packages. It's very easy to implement and much more secure.

11th September, 2018

ejdelmonico left a reply on Nova Login • 1 month ago

You just need any user in your laravel users table for the local environment. You can give a policy to delegate user permissions or just give an users email address as the super admin.

ejdelmonico left a reply on Nova - How To Add Custom Scss File? • 1 month ago

Supposedly, you can go to NovaServiceProvider and use Nova::style('some-theme', asset(css/some-theme.css);. It is supposed to pick it up.

6th September, 2018

ejdelmonico left a reply on Setter And Getter • 1 month ago

You have a space between set button for the function name.

ejdelmonico left a reply on Error: 413 Payload Too Large On Nginx And Php7.2-fpm • 1 month ago

@Goldoni Are you definitely sure you edited the correct php config file? You say you are using PHP-FPM which has its own config file. Depending on server OS and provisioning, you can usually find them at /etc/php-fpm.conf file and /etc/php-fpm.d paths.

19th August, 2018

ejdelmonico left a reply on Vue SPA And SEO/Crawlers • 1 month ago

You can go to Google Webmaster Tools and see what Google crawler sees when they load your page. That way you will know if the ajax calls are completed when the crawler accesses the page. Also, you could lazyload some of the routes and Google crawler will still follow them in my experience. Nuxt works great and can be set up to server render the pages. The only thing is that you need to pay attention to the requirements for serving pre-rendered pages that use ajax calls with Nuxt...but it is not difficult and works great.

17th August, 2018

ejdelmonico left a reply on Vue Router And Reloading, How To Redirect To The Requested Page • 2 months ago

Vue router uses a fall-through type path matching so / will match all routes. Therefore, your code will require auth on all routes because the beforeEach() is catching the auth required meta. That is my thought process on this question.

ejdelmonico left a reply on VueJS Online/offline Status • 2 months ago

Well, I am not sure how it would best fit your project but since it will most likely be needed globally...I would use a mixin and you can check for:

function updateStatus() {
  if (navigator.onLine) {
    // gives Boolean
    // then do what you need like provide a message

// The create 2 event listeners for the online and offline events
window.addEventListener('online',  updateStatus);
window.addEventListener('offline',  updateStatus);


ejdelmonico left a reply on Convert Object To Array • 2 months ago

Try something like this:

const = { "1":5,"2":7,"3":0,"4":0,"5":0 };
const resultArray = Object.keys(obj).map(function(key) {
  return [Number(key), obj[key]];


10th August, 2018

ejdelmonico left a reply on Cloudflare + SSL + Vultr • 2 months ago

That is correct. If you use your own cert then you will have to place the correct path in the nginx config and renew it when necessary. I tend to stay away from self-issued certs but Cloudflare will accept those for full.

ejdelmonico left a reply on ExampleComponent.vue: Issue Just White Block Of Code • 2 months ago

Did you create a Vue instance and give the instance the element to render Vue inside of?

9th August, 2018

ejdelmonico left a reply on Cloudflare + SSL + Vultr • 2 months ago

All you need to do is first get an SSL cert from Let's Encrypt through you Forge server administration panel. Once verification is complete and the cert is installed on the site, go to Cloudflare and move your DNS control to them as they state in the docs. Once it is complete, just select Full instead of Flex and you are good to go. HHowever, you can't miss any of the steps or you will have to alter the process significantly. I have used this process for many sites already and it works great.

1st August, 2018

ejdelmonico left a reply on Merging Laravel Mix Config Into Webpack.config.js For Testing With Mocha-webpack • 2 months ago

Show how you are trying to merge the config. It should be in your webpack.mix.js file as mix.webpackConfig().

ejdelmonico left a reply on Need Help Deleting Images From My Storage • 2 months ago

You shouldn't be doing anything with the linked public path of the file. When you perform a delete as per the docs, https://laravel.com/docs/5.6/filesystem#deleting-files, the file should be gone from the storage directory. You shouldn't use a full url when referencing the file as Storage::delete('file.jpg');.

ejdelmonico left a reply on Connection Could Not Be Established With Host Smtp.mailtrap.io [php_network_getaddresses: Getaddrinfo Failed: No Such Host Is Known. #0] • 2 months ago

First, clear your config cache after changing your .env file values. php artisan config:clear. Then, try again.

ejdelmonico left a reply on Laravel Passport Allow Only One User To Log In? • 2 months ago

You must get client credentials for each user. If set up correctly, Passport will issue those credentials when you hit the token route. Those credentials can be used in the request header to access the API. They should be stored in the DB in the tables created by running the Passport migrations.

ejdelmonico left a reply on Getting Data Into Vue Component • 2 months ago

Shouldn't you reference the data object as this.problem = response? That is, assuming the ajax request is coming from the same component. Otherwise, Vue provides ways to access methods from parent or child components.

ejdelmonico left a reply on Getting Data Into Vue Component • 2 months ago

I do not see where support is defined. You have a data object which provides for an empty problem object and you are setting the response equal to support.problem. It would seem to me that maybe the support object is needed or set the problem equal to the response. I believe the error message is pretty accurate.

ejdelmonico left a reply on Vultr API Access Control • 2 months ago

You should whitelist the Forge IP address'. That is the only difference from Digital Ocean.

29th July, 2018

ejdelmonico left a reply on I Want To Learn Laravel But Lots Of Videos Seem Outdated • 2 months ago

Just use the 5.4 from scratch series to learn. Then, just review the changes of 5.5 and 5.6. There is a free Vue series as well.

ejdelmonico left a reply on Date Doesn't Appear In View • 2 months ago

How are you displaying the date? Show us the template code.

ejdelmonico left a reply on How To Turn Of Phpinfo On Freshly Deployed Forge Server? • 2 months ago

Just push your repo to the server or SSH into the server and modify the file in public by deleting the contents after <?php and replace it with echo 'It works!';. Save the file and when you hit the IP, it should say it works instead of the phpinfo.

ejdelmonico left a reply on MySql On Ubuntu Is Not Working Properly • 2 months ago

Did you create a DB user for the app like www or whatever user/group is assigned to nginx/apache? You need to create that user and give it proper permissions.

13th July, 2018

ejdelmonico left a reply on Error Installing Homestead In MAC • 3 months ago

It appears to be a corrupted VirtualBox install. I would re-install the latest version along with the latest version of Vagrant. Make sure Vagrant is installed first. Also, make sure your Xcode tools version is current before re-installing.

ejdelmonico left a reply on Unable To Connect To DB From Laravel App Or Sequel Pro • 3 months ago

@JaredKC There are known issues with having Docker running in the background and trying to use Valet. If you make sure Docker instances are halted before running Valet...and vice versa...you can use either one.

1st July, 2018

ejdelmonico left a reply on How Good Is Forge Support From Your Perspective? • 3 months ago

Usually, support questions are answered in a day or two depending if the question pertains to Forge. In your case, it seems that the credit card was not processed and it is probably because of a Stripe fraud protection feature. That is usually the reason the Stripe SDK returns an error relating to approval. I would check with Stripe first.

25th June, 2018

ejdelmonico left a reply on Gettin An Error While Installing Laravel Voyager • 3 months ago

Assuming you are using a recent version of MySQL or MariaDB, then you most likely have an invalid migration because that is what the error message is basically telling you. It is hard to give a more exact answer with little information to review. Pay close attention to your role_id for the foreign key. Remember that Laravel expects certain phrasing in how you reference table keys.

ejdelmonico left a reply on How To Set Vue Component When Root Of Site Is Opened • 3 months ago

You have the root path in your router two times. Get rid of the first one because it is not needed. Also, I would recommend either using Laravel as an api and vue-router in the frontend or just using Vue for components and Laravel for routing.

ejdelmonico left a reply on Vagrant, Docker Or What? • 3 months ago

Do you mean for development or production? The use case matters.

ejdelmonico left a reply on CSV Response • 3 months ago

Sure it is possible. You can use something like PHPLeague CSV. You can read about it at http://csv.thephpleague.com/

You can create a utility class that converts the data for you and makes it available for download.

ejdelmonico left a reply on Some Beginner PHP Advice • 3 months ago

It sounds like you should read more about Object Oriented PHP. Or, Jeffrey has some videos on it as well. As far as understanding the framework, I find that clicking through Laravel'various offerings and understanding the "container" is vital. For instance, in Phpstorm or VSCode, you can super + click on a method, class, property, etc and trace it through the framework code. Doing this will help you understand how to use them and how they are constructed.

To get some experience, offer to build a website for friends, family, etc. Try to use the entire process to get some exposure. For a simple site:

- Discovery
- Research
- Choose technologies
- Map out the site structure
- Wireframes
- Mockup
- Build it with tests
- Deliver the files

These are a few simple things you can practice while doing some free work so that you can understand what is involved. It sounds hard but really isn't. Just do what you can and each time you start a project, your processes will improve.

12th June, 2018

ejdelmonico left a reply on Vuex Nested Object Problem • 4 months ago

@jmurphy1267 You should have no issue getting the value from the nested object. From the object example you posted, it would seem that you could access the school name via user.user.school.name.

31st May, 2018

ejdelmonico left a reply on Struggling With Vuex Computed Properties • 4 months ago

Yes, Axios does return a promise with the response wrapped in a data object. You should not have to wrap Axios in a promise. There must be something in the structure of your Vue or Vuex instance that is causing the strange behavior.

29th May, 2018

ejdelmonico left a reply on Vagrant Ssh Php Artisan Serve Not Working But Works Outside. Why? • 4 months ago

That is because your cloned Homestead repo is not in the VM so there is no serve command. serve is an alias in Homestead repo for serve-laravel, which is a function method for serving Laravel applications. Look at /aliases on your system and in the Homestead cloned repo.

ejdelmonico left a reply on Fatal Error: Require(): Failed Opening Required '/home/forge/default/public/../vendor/autoload.php' • 4 months ago

Here is a typical one that I use in a Laravel project:


ejdelmonico left a reply on Fatal Error: Require(): Failed Opening Required '/home/forge/default/public/../vendor/autoload.php' • 4 months ago

Well, for production, I usually change the APP_URL to match the site url so that the project base path is correct. For the DB, yes, those are the normal values for MySQL in Ubuntu server. On a side note, Forge provisioning does all of the Nginx configurations for you, you shouldn't have to modify it except to add more aggressive caching. Essentially, you shouldn't have to do any modifications except to setup the deployment process. Are you installing Laravel differently than what is expected by Forge? I have many servers managed by Forge and the only issue that ever pops up is whether or not to do a composer install (which you would not with Spark).

28th May, 2018

ejdelmonico left a reply on GitHub Markdown • 4 months ago

ejdelmonico left a reply on Mailgun - Send Hundreds Of Thousands Of Emails • 4 months ago

Well, first of all, Mailgun restricts your ability to send a large number of emails unless approved and verified by their team. So, you need that first. As far as the most efficient way to do it, I would use a serverless function to take a customized list from your server and send out the emails. You could do it on your server but you would have to increase the size of your server to handle it all.

ejdelmonico left a reply on Laravel In A Subdirectory And Phpunit Gives Always 404 • 4 months ago

Did you set the correct directory in composer.json for autoloading? The default has the Test directory linked to the default root directory.

27th May, 2018

ejdelmonico left a reply on PhpMailer • 4 months ago

What service are you using to send mail? Maybe the config values or access keys have a small mistake in the env file. You can change the mail driver to log for troubleshooting and then check the logs directory to see what exactly is failing.

26th May, 2018

ejdelmonico left a reply on PhpMailer • 4 months ago

Laravel uses SwiftMailer behind the scenes: "swiftmailer/swiftmailer": "~6.0". What errors are you getting exactly? And, what changes did you make? Laravel caches env values so whenever you change one, you should run php artisan config:clear.

ejdelmonico left a reply on SinglePageApps (Vue/angularJs/etc) Design/coding Approach-methodology • 4 months ago

Obviously, the project usually has restrictions and requirements but if I have the choice, I usually form the basic API first so that I know exactly how the data will be served. The, I use either @vue/cli or create-react-app for the frontend. If the frontend and backend are in the same domain, you won't need CORS. If you do need it, then use the spatie package. I also use Passport for auth when the backend is on a different server. Otherwise, I just use the Laravel auth routes.

ejdelmonico left a reply on Laravel And Vue Error • 4 months ago

I would refresh the browser cache then.

ejdelmonico left a reply on Laravel And Vue Error • 4 months ago

Show your layout so we can make sure you are showing you JS and CSS files from mix output. If not using versioning, then use:

// in head
<link href="{{ asset('css/app.css') }}" rel="stylesheet">

// end of body
<script src="{{ asset('js/app.js') }}"></script>
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