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2 months ago
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Replied to Input Set Focus Not Working !

Try calling this.$nextTick("input:text:visible:first").focus()) in your method. Also, a ref would probably serve you well here. this.$refs.input.focus()

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Replied to Vue Router Link With A Reload Component Option

Why not go the easy route and extract the elements you are using in both pages into a component and include the component in an Article and News view. That should solve your issues. Otherwise, you will probably need to destroy the component after using it which is not very efficient.

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Replied to 419 Page Expired On POST Submit After AJAX GET

419 is a Laravel code (not part of the official status codes) and is usually related to CSRF token missing from the submission. Add it to the header along with X-Requested-With header.

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Replied to Laravel Horizon: Jobs Are Failing

Are you using Forge? Do you terminate the horizon process with each deployment? Did you set up a daemon for horizon?

4 months ago
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Replied to Laravel 6 : Permanent 419 Error With CSRF Token Mismatch Error

Make sure you clear the browser caches. Browser may be caching the old token.

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Replied to How To Send An Nova Authenticated HTTP Request Using Axios ?

Are you including the api route as a string in get()?

Nova.request().get('/nova-vendor/stripe-inspector/endpoint').then(response => {
    // ...
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Replied to Homestead Update Confusion

When you upgrade the box, you should destroy the old vm instance by vagrant destroy --force, download the new box and run vagrant up.

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Replied to Pass Down Selected Checkboxes From Child To Parent

Well, $emit is using the event bus in Vue. As far as improvements, if the project frontend will continue to grow, you should consider Vuex. It's not at all hard to use and there are plugins for persisted state, cookies, etc.

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Replied to Pass Down Selected Checkboxes From Child To Parent

In Vue, you can simply use Vuex to manage all state in the frontend. However, it sounds like you keeping it simple so to pass data from the parent to the child use props. To notify the parent of a change in the child, use an event bus.

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Replied to Have Bootstrap Modal Open After Ajax Loads Data

Use a promise and open the modal in a then() statement so that the data fetch is good beforehand.

5 months ago
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Replied to VueX Store Usage

You can store the initial request in the session and every time you need to filter, you can check if the session has posts...if not, fetch them. Just do JS filtering instead of refetching every time a new filter is selected. Also, you could store the initial request for all posts in the Vuex store and follow the same process.

5 months ago
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Replied to Can't Access A Variable Relations In View Laravel 5.8

Your pivot table name should be changed to project_role by Laravel convention. The rule is that the singular table names are to be used in alphabetical order.

5 months ago
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Replied to Auth() Helper Is Not Working On Middleware

You can access the currently signed-in user's id with $id = Auth::id();

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Replied to Using Laravel Passport With Vue.js

You need to refer to the docs for vue-router. https://router.vuejs.org/guide/advanced/meta.html

If you add meta: { requiresAuth: true } to a route, vue-router will store that meta in $route object. You will need a beforeEach to check for routes that require auth. Here is an example to be placed in your router file.

router.beforeEach((to, from, next) => {
  if (to.matched.some(record => record.meta.requiresAuth)) {
    // this route requires auth, check if logged in
    // if not, redirect to login page.
    if (!auth.loggedIn()) {
        path: '/login',
        query: { redirect: to.fullPath }
    } else {
  } else {
    next() // make sure to always call next()!
5 months ago
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Replied to Using Laravel Passport With Vue.js

You can configure axios to pass the token with every request using window.axios.defaults.headers.common['Authorization'] or you can pass it individually with each request. You can store the token locally in an encrypted cookie or in the non-secure localStorage.

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Replied to Use Sweet Alert Inside VUEX

Maybe you should re-phrase the question because Vuex is only used to manage application state. You can not use SweetAlert inside Vuex. What you can do is store a boolean for whether it should be open or closed. You can create a Vue wrapper component for SweetAlert that passes in a boolean prop to open/close it and also a prop containing the message to display. The, you can create a Vuex action, mutation and getter to call inside your other component or views.

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Replied to Store() Paths

You can create the public-facing URL with the asset('uploads/your_file') helper. Or, you can use Storage::url()

5 months ago
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Replied to How To Do When The Vue JS Component Is Very Large ?

You can break the methods out into a separate file (using: export const someMethod) and then import them in the component.import { someMethod } from './someComponent' Also, you cab refactor some functionality into a smaller component to be used in the parent component. If there is common functionality with other components, consider using a mixin for those items.

6 months ago
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Replied to Install Nova 2.1 Via Composer

Hmm, that is odd. Try using the login info for the auth.json. Both of my current projects upgraded without an issue to the latest version.

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Replied to Install Nova 2.1 Via Composer

You will need "laravel/nova": "^2.0" in the require section of composer.json. Also, in the"repositories"` section:

"repositories": [
     "type": "composer",
     "url": "https://nova.laravel.com"

When you perform the request the first time, it should offer to create an auth.json file for you with your access credentials. If not, you can easily create it yourself.

  "http-basic": {
    "nova.laravel.com": {
      "username": "your email for nova",
      "password": "your nova password"
6 months ago
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Replied to Passport Authentication

The code you have posted looks good to me. I use the same basic code.

6 months ago
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Replied to Passport Personal Access Token Refresh

Did you set the token times in the boot method of AuthServiceProvider?

In the docs, there are examples of setting the refresh token and personal access token expiration times. You can see them at the following link.