7 months ago

Send HTTP request through other server

Posted 7 months ago by learn-by-flying

I have a very interesting question of possibility regarding sending a HTTP request through a private network and not the public internet. Honestly I have no idea where to start looking for help so I am posting in a few different places.

I have two servers, 1 & 2 with #2 being connected to our corporate VPN but does not publicly face the internet. #1 hosts my laravel application and I need to call a web service which runs on our corporate network.

Is there a way which I can specify when a controller asks for a json request from an internal only address to route through server #2?

Ideally I would not connect #1 to the VPN unless absolutely necessary.

Server #1 is Centos 7 running Plesk Server #2 is Windows 2016


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