11 months ago

IP Address for content delivery with load balancing

Posted 11 months ago by drewdan

Hello All,

I have been asked to investigate an issue with load balancing. Currently we post data to our clients with a post method to their server. Our request to their server is validated by several methods, but the one that I am looking into is the IP address the request comes from. Our clients validate the data comes from us by checking the IP address it is being sent from.

We currently host our website on a VPS with a static IP address. However if we go to a scalable load balancing solution, the IP address these requests come from will vary.

So I think the answer is a reverse proxy, so the requests are routed via the reverse proxy, but how does that work? Do we spin up a server which acts exclusively as a Reverse proxy, or can this be achieved through PHP?

I am a little out of my depth, so any advice would be fantastic.

Cheers Guys

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