7 months ago

Folder/File permissions for Laravel 5.8 on AWS EC2 as GIT project

Posted 7 months ago by MarkSiteVision

Hi, So I've been trying to search quite a bit for this issue. I am developing a system using Laravel 5.8, I'm using git as my subversion system. In the past I have had a lot of issues with getting the folder and file permissions just right. A lot of replies around the web mentions "just add 777", and I have absolutely no interest in doing that. So is there anyone here who know how to setup my server so it not one have the correct permissions on my project, but also maintain them. In the past when i have been changing permissions to 775 when i then want to commit those changes into my git and onto my server, they get committed as 644 and not 775.

I hope this makes any kind of sense.

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