4 years ago

AngularJS app - with Lumen or Laravel?

Posted 4 years ago by miso

I am about to build web application consisting of three parts:

  1. Public data-oriented websites for unauthenticated users with geolocation search, ...
  2. Member area (with authentication) for managing the data
  3. Mobile app/apps with the same functionalities

The airbnb.com is a good example of the structure.

Basicaly the thing is to create a server side API which will be shared accross clients.

I definitelly want to use AngularJS for the client side, but I am not sure which of those solutions is better:

  1. Create the API with microframework Lumen and add sessions / authentication / html serving / other services to the Lumen
  2. Create the API with full stack framework Laravel and serve html to AngularJS

Thank you for your suggestions.

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