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25 Sep
3 years ago

SP1966 left a reply on Vue Or React On New Project? Looking For Some Pro/cons To Help Swing The Vote.

I've been working on an app with React-Native which appears to be an awesome step up from current hybrid mobile apps while also making it possible to learn once and write for both iOS and Android. My only point in bringing that up is if you believe you may be doing some mobile work in the future then time invested learning React now could pay off down the road.

27 Aug
4 years ago

SP1966 started a new conversation Setting The Tic Key To Open The Terminal On A Mac...

In one video, which for the life of me I cannot find @JeffreyWay showed us how to set up a Mac to a press of the Tic key would open the terminal, does anybody know which one?

With ES6 coming the tic is quite useful and I would very much like to reset the key. Unfortunately I cannot recall how in the hell I did it in the first place! :)

19 Aug
4 years ago

SP1966 left a reply on Php Companion Alternative For Atom IDE

On an Atom related note, Visual Studio Code, which is based upon the same underpinnings as Atom is pretty phenomenal when it comes to JS coding. If you use a framework there are likely Typescript TSD files available which give you some very nice autosence like hinting. I also like the git integration within VSC.

Microsoft takes a well earned beating among the coding community but VSC looks like it'll mature into an exceptional JS editor, splitting the difference between a raw editor's speed and an IDE's helpful features.

13 Aug
4 years ago

SP1966 left a reply on Next Vuejs Tutorial ?

The jumping around part is the singular frustration with Laracasts. You get into a new series, begin to wrap your mind around the concepts therein, then bam, we're off to do something else!

Jeffrey is such a tease!

10 Aug
4 years ago

SP1966 left a reply on Aurelia & Laravel (+ Elixir)

Are you building a SPA (single page app) front end with Aurelia or just trying to functionality to Laravel views?

If you're building a SPA then I personally would not integrate them at all. Keep them separate, including build environments and save the potential headaches on integrating them tightly.

If you're simply adding some functionality to your Laravel views then IMO Aurelia is a bit heavy and that is a perfect use example for something like VueJS.

SP1966 left a reply on What Frontend Framework Would You Choose For A Slick Web App?

@andyg1 "Then I read somewhere that even though it is backed by Google they don't actually use it for any of their systems, which is where React stood out for me i.e. Facebook use it in production."

Don't believe everything you read on the internet, unless it comes from @Bashy or @JeffreyWay. Angular was an internal project specifically for internal use which was made publicly available later. I believe the first product they used it on was their advertising platform, and given Google is an advertising driven company I would say thats a pretty big commitment.

Framework discussions are often more flammable than political or religious discussions and often times emotional people write complete bullshit in support of their personal choice, or against competitors. Community size alone should be a decent arbiter of what has been weeded out and what has proven useful!

SP1966 left a reply on What Frontend Framework Would You Choose For A Slick Web App?

Angular version 1 definitely has an up and down learning curve. On the other hand the community is by far the largest of the JS frameworks so getting help is usually only a Google search away. It also has a massive number of packages available so you're not reinventing the wheel as you go along. Regarding Angular V.1 performance, they've remedied much of the past issues which were largely limited to pages with thousands of bindings. In later versions, beginning with 1.3 I believe, you now have the ability to set one time bindings so Angular will not have to watch everything, only those bindings which can/will change.

Version 2 is a significant change, people who complained about the 4.2 -> 5.0 upgrade of Laravel won't be happy going from a V.1 Angular app to V.2. On the other hand they're still not only supporting V.1, they're still developing it so you're not forced to change. Finally, from what I've been seeing V.2 is going to be a far easier to learn and far more performant in all areas.

For my money community is what separates the winners from the also rans in the framework world. Laravel had to be great to build the community, but the community is what really helps it grow with both packages and knowledge. No other JS framework has anywhere close to the level of community resources available that Angular does. With Laravel and Angular you have to two most popular frameworks in their respective languages and focuses, and they're both the most popular for very good reasons.

Angular is my choice!

Edit: @Ruffles made an excellent point that I missed, Ionic Mobile Framework! Mobile apps are important these days, probably more important than web apps, and with Angular JS, HTML, and CSS its relatively easy to leverage your existing knowledge to build excellent hybrid mobile apps!!

Final Edit: If you've built more than a simple Laravel app you've more than likely used community packages to ease and speed up the development. You'll have the same types of resources available with Angular, no re-inventing the wheel, there are over 1500 packages available to Angular developers and most can be found here: http://ngmodules.org/

03 Aug
4 years ago

SP1966 left a reply on Forum Discussion Pagination At The Top Too?

Agreed! On longer threads having to scroll to the bottom when you know you've already read the first however many pages is inconvenient, especially given how long some of the pages can be with code examples and all.

27 Jul
4 years ago

SP1966 left a reply on A Lesson On Securing The Front End Javascript Frameworks

Your security resides on the back end as there is nothing you can do to keep your front end code private.

24 Jul
4 years ago

SP1966 started a new conversation Experience Points Are Broken!

Every week I check, and every week I'm even further behind @bashy. Clearly there is a bug in the system.

23 Jul
4 years ago

SP1966 left a reply on API Folders

In the long run V1 is going to become V2 which will become V3 and so on. If it were me I would prefer to not have all of that combined with my main site code. If it were me I would simply create a subdomain for the API and keep a separate copy of Laravel or Lumen there.

I don't know if you're using Laravel's built in Auth for your app but you're likely to find it difficult to manage with a mobile app. Mobile apps tend to be easier to deal with using token based auth which would require some changes to your main site if you're not already using them.

For my money in the long run the added complexity of separating the two easily overcomes the duplication required.

SP1966 left a reply on PHP7

^^^^ That guy must have an in with the boss.

SP1966 left a reply on PHP7

Would love that!

SP1966 left a reply on Can't Laracast Be Free? :(

I called my mortgage holder and asked if my mortgage could be free. They laughed, said they'd transfer me to the person who handles such requests... then hung up.

Life sucks.

18 Jul
4 years ago

SP1966 left a reply on Why Laracasts.com Is Not Open Source?

Between the open sourcing of the site code and making the videos free I thinks my idea for www.thebestlaraveltraining.com is going to fly!

And don't ask, there'll be no freebies ya cheap SOBs!

SP1966 left a reply on Updated Laravel Elixir

" so, over a recent vacation..."

Jeffrey is good for advice on a lot of subjects, the secret to a long and happy marriage does not appear to be one of them!

11 Jul
4 years ago

SP1966 left a reply on How Big Is Too Big?

This thread is 238KB gzipped/519KB total size and takes just under 2 seconds on my 75Mb connection.

IMO 6.5MB is a big page unless we're talking about a javascript single page app type where you're downloading all the front end logic in one shot, after which you're only requesting data via XHR. For just a regular internet page it's many times over to BIG!!

04 Jul
4 years ago

SP1966 left a reply on LaraBin.com - It's Live!

I too did not receive a verification email and I've re-requested it twice. Looks great otherwise.

01 Jul
4 years ago
29 Jun
4 years ago

SP1966 left a reply on AngularJS Controller Not Instantiating

You're welcome! It's nice to occasionally be able to help rather than always the guy looking for help!! :)

SP1966 left a reply on AngularJS Controller Not Instantiating

You declared your ng-app on the head which limits it's scope to just the head and puts your controller outside the scope of the app. Place the ng-app either in the body tag or the html tag and you should be good to go.

28 Jun
4 years ago

SP1966 left a reply on Laravel Is A Giant Waste Of Time

What @JeffreyWay said. There is constructive criticism and then there's acting like a petulant child, one shows respect and deserves respect in return, the other doesn't.

SP1966 left a reply on Laravel Is A Giant Waste Of Time

I'm disappointed too! It's the 21st century already, I should be able to simply think of the API I want and Laravel should make it!!

Taylor is pulling the wool over your eyes because I know for a fact that's how he writes Laravel.

26 Jun
4 years ago

SP1966 left a reply on Who Is Still Supporting IE 6 Or 7 Or 8?

@jlrdw You're comment in support of IE6 was that "proper HTML is the key" but now you suggest newer tech is lousy without allowing for proper coding. A poorly coded site using current tech is in no way a good reason to remain in the past.

SP1966 left a reply on Who Is Still Supporting IE 6 Or 7 Or 8?

Not remotely the same @jlrdw. The new and old twenty are still functionally equivalent, you do not need to dumb down the user experience for the 95% of people so the 5% who won't upgrade to the new twenty can still utilize your site.

25 Jun
4 years ago

SP1966 left a reply on Atom Editor

I've been using Atom a lot lately and really like it! It can't take the place of an IDE like PHP storm but has become my go to text editor.

23 Jun
4 years ago

SP1966 left a reply on Do Laravel Packages Work With Lumen?

If the package uses Laravel's config then you'll have to make some changes given all config values reside in the .env file in Lumen.

19 Jun
4 years ago

SP1966 left a reply on Does Lumen Have Model Factories?

@Ruffles Thank you, not sure how I missed that.

SP1966 started a new conversation Does Lumen Have Model Factories?

Well, does it? I haven't been able to find anything regarding this.

Thank you!

03 Jun
4 years ago

SP1966 left a reply on Folder Structure When Lumen With Angularjs?

If you're building an API back end to serve the Angular front end then build it completely separately and use CORS to connect to the API. Tightly integrating Lumen/Angular is unnecessary and adds difficulty in the vast majority of cases IMO.

01 Jun
4 years ago

SP1966 left a reply on Extra. Extra. Get Your Shirt!

Who's the geek in the first one?

31 May
4 years ago

SP1966 left a reply on A Package For Building REST API

@Arrilot Are you considering making it compatible with Lumen? Kind of crazy to build an API with Laravel anymore!

I've been playing with https://github.com/ellipsesynergie/api-response recently and it's pretty nice. I'll be sure to take a look at yours too!

29 May
4 years ago

SP1966 left a reply on AngularJS App - With Lumen Or Laravel?

@vitr If you use JWT tokens you shouldn't be storing any state data server side. The token is self validating, so long as each of your servers that accept the token for validation knows the secret/salt used in signing the token they can each validate it independently.

SP1966 left a reply on AngularJS App - With Lumen Or Laravel?

@miso I highly doubt anything as large as airbnb is running a framework like Laravel, certainly not on the API end. Besides, it makes no sense whatsoever to run a full framework like Laravel to simply respond to an API, especially a busy API. The author of Laravel himself uses a micro-framework for the busier aspects of his projects which was the motivation for developing a Laravel like micro-framework in the first place.

SP1966 left a reply on AngularJS App - With Lumen Or Laravel?

How busy do you expect the API to be? If you're feeling a need for speed then Lumen all the way, if not then Laravel would likely be a little easier and far more flexible. Regarding the API being used for both websites and mobile apps you're likely to find JWT/JSON Web Tokens far easier to use across all platforms than a session based auth.

24 May
4 years ago

SP1966 left a reply on Lumen: How To Add 'make' Or 'generate' Artisan Commands For Model, Controller, Etc


The idea that you need to install Laravel simply to use it's generators, then C&P over to your actual app is inane. I'm very curious why generators are removed from Lumen and wonder if they cause some sort of performance issue?

SP1966 left a reply on How To Get Redis Working?

@yadakhov To use Lumen or not should not be decided based upon if you need what Lumen is missing so much as how much of Laravel don't you need. You may find you have to add a few things to Lumen to get the functionality you desire, but that can still be better than getting those few things included in Laravel with a bunch of other stuff you'll never use.

17 May
4 years ago

SP1966 left a reply on My ONE Laracasts Wish

@devinfd Well, then it would be nice if I would start noticing such things! You can lead a blind man to water, but you cannot make him see version tags!

SP1966 left a reply on My ONE Laracasts Wish

@JeffreyWay It would be nice if all the videos were tagged with the version of Laravel/Lumen used and we could select the version we want as with the forum labels. I realize much of the older work is still valid with even 5.1, but it would be a nice feature to have if you have the time to implement it!

15 May
4 years ago

SP1966 left a reply on Lumen 5.1

Excellent, thanks guys!

SP1966 started a new conversation Lumen 5.1

Would I be correct to assume that once Laravel 5.1 is released that an update to Lumen will follow? Specifically I'm thinking of 5.1 Eloquent Casting functionality?

That would be far better then trying to integrate Fractal for the same API functionality!

14 May
4 years ago

SP1966 left a reply on Why Laravel Docs Not Good As Codeigniter

To me the current docs assume you have a solid understanding of PHP OOP programming and I don't think that's unreasonable. I think even with the improved docs Taylor is working on all that is going to happen is those of us who're a little (or a lot) behind the curve are going to have an easier time C&P code into our projects while not really having an understanding of why. All that is likely to change IMO is when the questions arise, not if they will.

That said, better docs are always better!!

11 May
4 years ago

SP1966 left a reply on How To Secure An Internal API From Public?

You cannot stop people from trying to access of publicly visible API. You need to secure the API and only respond to those with the proper access privileges. As @BrianDillingham said, tokens are the way to go! Google JWT/JSON Web Tokens.

25 Apr
4 years ago

SP1966 left a reply on How To Start Learning Laravel


You have an error in your post regarding Bitbucket, the free account lets you have as many private repositories as you like but only five users on your team.

SP1966 left a reply on How To Start Learning Laravel

I'll toss out Github's Atom Editor as a very nice, and free alternative to Sublime! They're on the verge of their 1.0 release and as recently as a couple months ago it was on the slow side, they've really gotten it optimized and it feels every bit as fast as Sublime. Take a look before you throw down money on another text editor!

I'm sure @JeffreyWay is a busy guy but I would be interested to hear his take on Atom!

20 Apr
4 years ago

SP1966 left a reply on Can't Use Csrf With Android App

You shouldn't be trying to use regular old session style auth or CSRF protection with apps. When you find yourself building a backend that will serve native apps you'll be best served using JWT/JSON Web Tokens for your security, they have you covered for both auth and CSRF protection.


14 Apr
4 years ago

SP1966 left a reply on Where Is Some Good Code I Can Read?

@JeffreyWay with the oh so obviously correct answer!

06 Apr
4 years ago

SP1966 left a reply on PHPStorm 8 Themes In OS X

@pasadinhas In OS X there are at least two /Library directories. The /Library directory is global, the ~/Library is specific you your user account. In fact the ~ is a shortcut to your user account so something like a theme, or even your own unique setup for an app would go in ~/Library so that any other users could have their own themes or setups and they won't interfere with yours.