8 months ago

Route List not the same as web.php

Posted 8 months ago by vincej

I have done a php artisan cache:clear, route:clear, clear-compiled. And still when I do a route:list it refuses to reflect the one specific route as written within web.php. Instead it will list a route that I had described much earlier.

earlier route: salesAndWorkOrder

current route: salesWorkOrder

even if I change the route back to the earlier version it still does not find it, and I get a


Ok - so thinking it was PHPStorm, I did an invalidate caches restart, and Nope.

The spelling is the same, the capitalisation is the same.

the route is being called out of a view using a forloop like this:

<a  style="font-weight: bold; text-decoration-line: underline;color: darkblue" href="/salesWorkOrder/{{$orders[$i]->reference}}" target="_blank"> {{ $orders[$i]->reference}}</a>

What am I doing wrong ??

Many thanks !

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