6 months ago

Multiple laravel codebases and user tables

Posted 6 months ago by laracastsluvr

Hi there, Laravel friends!

Is it possible to have 3 Laravel codebases share 1 database, but each with each own users? Those separated users should be able to access only the front-ends of each codebase they belong to.

Why 3 codebases and 1 Database, one might ask? Maybe it's stupid, but I like to treat each as a separate project.

The plan is to have

  • 3 separate git
  • 3 separate servers
  • 1 separate server for the database
  • 1 domain for the publicly accessible codebase
  • 2 subdomains for the 2 back-offices (the other 2 codebases).

I'd like opinions and suggestions of people with experience in large projects. Am I adding complexity by developing the project this way? I'm planning to develop it up to a certain point and hire 3 devs to assign each a codebase to continue the work together with them.

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