11 months ago

Custom helper files ar not working on shared hosting account

Posted 11 months ago by nhayder

i have 3 files added to composer.jason file

        "files" :[

The app is fully active on a share hosting account (working perfectly ) except when these 3 files are called withen the app. at that poing im getting this error

Call to undefined function setMainButton() (View: /home/demolinx/resources/views/layouts/sidemenu.blade.php) (View: /home/demolinx/resources/views/layouts/sidemenu.blade.php) (View: /home/demolinx/resources/views/layouts/sidemenu.blade.php)

the setMainButton() is defined in one of the helpers files, Clearly the helper file are not loaded correctly this is why i'm getting these errors.

so my question is? how to reload the helper file on shared hosting using ssh ????

NOTE : composer dump-autoload + composer install is not fixing it for me

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