1 week ago

Valet not working - Opening a google when using .test

Posted 1 week ago by bngaard

Hi, I am new to Laravel and PHP in general. I just completed the intro-videos on Laravel 6, and having issues with Valet.

I previously had MAMP/MAMP PRO installed, but its not uninstalled as I followed the instructions and installed PHP and MySQL via Homebrew as per instruction video.

I also installed Valet, and followed the instructions, but for some reason it is not working. When I enter my projects name "bngaard.test" it redirects to a google search instead of opening the splash screen.

I checked valet path which is: /Users/christoffer/bngaard <-- This is this the correct folder for project /Users/christoffer/code <-- this is created following the video instruction

None of it is working - any ideas as to what is wrong?

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