6 months ago

Problem with cookies after deployment into shared host

Posted 6 months ago by alpha6572

Hi everyone

After deploying my first laravel web application into a shared host i ran into problem with cookies . when i try to logging i ran into "419 Page Expired" error . so i changed my session drive from "file" to "database" and created related table , but problem persists. I inspected session table carefully and found out application create new token on each refresh (but same app have constant token on my localhost) . i also check browser side and realized there is no cookie saved related to my remote site (i do have cookie from my localhost) . SSL certificate is not set yet on my remote site and i'm waiting for service provider to set it .so chrome marks my site as "not secure" . I'm wondering if is it somehow related to SSL certificate ?

FYI : i also cleared cache and generate new key manually (since i don't have SSH access) .

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