4 years ago

Homestead TTFB > 2sec issue .. Help

Posted 4 years ago by mabasic

I have noticed lately when working on my laravel projects locally it takes minimum 2sec to load the page.

Then I went to network tools in Chrome and noticed that TTFB (Time to first byte) takes 2 seconds while everything other happens in 1 milisecond or less.

I have tried reinstalling vagrant, homestead, virtualbox... I have updated homestead software to latest versions and the best I get is 1.50 seconds TTFB and now everything else happens in 0.5 mili seconds.

I am running WIndows 10 x64bit, 6 core CPU, 8GB RAM and homestead is running on SSD.

I have tested the application on the production server which has only 1 CPU and 512mb RAM and its TTFB is 350ms.

I expect that locally I should have somewhere near 1ms TTFB.

Does anyone have a clue what is going on?

If not, could you please post your TTFB here just to compare it.

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