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1 month ago
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Replied to How Do You Guys Structure Your Applications?

As always depends on current patterns, size, and deployment strategy. No one app is like another.

The size I mean more of a physical scale. 300 models? 10 models? Using a pattern can dictate that too Using TDD may dictate too.

A strategy is where is the backend is in relation to front end? Many time using Vue, devs keep completely separate for apps and other API stuff. I do, and use just an api.

Also what feels good? I personally rather click a bit into folders then scroll huge file.

2 months ago
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Replied to How To Send PDF Files Using QUEUES?

Do this quite a bit. Laravel has helpers for attachments which if you use, shouldn't be an issue.

But as @bobbybouwmann stated the files need to be available at the time the email is sent to attach it to.

Next time, probably easier to help if you post the error and/or exact issue you're having. Laravel makes it really easy if you use the helpers to send emails with any data and attachments.

FYI every email service uses Queues to send emails, even MS Exchange Server. So it a normal thing.

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Replied to How To Generate Random(6) Numbers For Each Insert Into Database

Don't normally link Wikipedia, but in this case, it's pretty accurate:

I didn't read all the replies just more of an FYI for others.

There are two issues with random.

  1. Eventually, you will run out. Most obvious and easy to get around with some thought and deleting unused rows
  2. Overhead to ensure the number is truly random. This is mostly overlooked. So if you need to verify on millions of records and use a lot of traffic........
5 months ago
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Replied to Laravel 5.8 Override Email Validation / Use 5.7 Rules

Email validation is about the easiest there is and built into PHP. If 5.8 doesn't fit you need, create a custom rule and add the code.

filter_var($email, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL)

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Replied to Using `whereHas` Across Two Databases

@kTat You can set the database connection per model:

protected $connection= 'second_db_connection';

and you can use the:


@staudenmeir Not a true statement.

5 months ago
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Replied to Eloquent Query Returns A Field As Null When It Should Not Be


FYI Those are not eloquent queries, they are query builder queries. Sometimes a HUGE difference.

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Replied to Auto Send Email

Need to post your code with three back ticks. probably not pulling in a namespace you need.