10 months ago

HELP! My production site is down due to failed deployment - outdated PHP

Posted 10 months ago by clat23

My forge server was running PHP 7.1.4 and I deployed code that I did not know required PHP 7.2. The code I was deploying had changes to composer.json and composer.lock

This failed deployment caused my site to go down. I believe this to be true as my other sites on the same server are still up and running.

I attempted to upgrade PHP 7.2 using Laravel Forge's "Upgrade to PHP 7.2" button. The button now shows "Upgrade to PHP 7.3". However when I try to re-deploy the code, I am getting the same error. Doing php -v after SSHing into my forge server confirms that 7.1.4 is still the PHP version that is running. I tried restarting the server and restarting PHP via Laravel Forge and still no luck.

  1. How do I revert a failed deployment to get my production site up and running?
  2. How do I successfully update PHP to 7.2?

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