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Need help with table relationships.

Posted 1 week ago by tmomin

Hi everyone I am working on a customer text messaging app for a group of small businesses. I have the following tables.

Users, Stores, Customers, Messages and pivot table Store_User.

User and Stores table are linked using the pivot table. Customer table has store_id foreign key. Messages table has customer_id foreign key.

What I would like to do is pull all messages for customers of stores that the user has access to do.

I did get it somewhat working by using nested loops.

@foreach ($user->stores as $store)
	@foreach ($store->customers as $customer)
		@foreach ($customer->messages as $messages)
			{{ $message->text }}

This kind of works but the messages do not show from latest to oldest. They get grouped for each customer and then sorted latest to oldest.

For example: if I had a told of 9 messages sent to random 3 customers.

Customer 1 Message 1 Message 3 Message 4 Customer 2 Message 2 Message 6 Message 9 Customer 3 Message 5 Message 7 Message 8

What I would like to look like is:

Message 1 Message 2 Message 3 Message 4 Message 5 Message 6 Message 7 Message 8 Message 9

If someone could please tell me a way to accomplish this without creating another pivot table.


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