2 months ago

Now Host Client APP & API on Same root Domain with Different IP !!

Posted 2 months ago by heerath34

I'm developing a web app, using Laravel to develop the API and admin panel, and another framework for the web client app (next.js/now). I'd optimally like to host them all on the same url: myawesomeapp.com.

Api requests would optimally go to myawesomeapp.com/api/user/ (for example), and the actual web app would route to my next.js, hosted elsewhere, (routes like myawesomeapp.com/profile for example). I assume since much of the server layer is abstracted away if I deploy with Forge, so this wouldn't be possible. However the next best option would be putting my API and admin routes behind subdomains - api.myawesomeapp.com and admin.myawesomeapp.com respectively.

However I'm curious how I could ensure that routes to the root url, simply https://acmarkets.fun | https://apkstark.com

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