Very slow PHPUnit tests using PHP7.2 or PHP7.1.

Posted 1 year ago by mstnorris

If I run my tests using PHP7.2 or PHP7.1 they are about 3x slower than if I run them using PHP7.0. Is there anyway to get to the bottom of why this is happening?

I'm using Laravel 5.5.20 and Laravel Homestead 7.0.1. I have 47 rather simple tests, some hitting the database, others just simple assertions; so there isn't anything that should take ages.

I installed johnkary/phpunit-speedtrap to see which tests take the longest so I could remove those but there isn't a specific test that takes a long time because if I remove the offending test, the next one will take ages (see below).

First Run                Second Run
Test A    0.2 sec        Test A    0.2 sec
Test B.   0.3 sec        Test B.   0.3 sec
Test C    0.1 sec        Test C    0.1 sec
Test D    0.1 sec        Test D    0.1 sec
Test E    9.3 sec        REMOVED Test E
Test F    0.3 sec        Test F    9.3 sec <-- Test F now takes ages
Test G    0.2 sec        Test G    0.2 sec

I am also using an in-memory SQLite3 database, with the Laravel CreatesApplication and RefreshDatabase trait as I want each test to run independently.

I do not have Xdebug installed or running. Is there something known that PHP7.1 and PHP7.2 take a long time to run PHPUnit tests? Is there something else I can install (or even run it with Xdebug) to track down what exactly it is that is causing the issue?


Laravel 5.5.20
Laravel Homestead 7.0.1 (Per-project installation)
PHPUnit 6.4.4
Vagrant 2.0.1
Virtualbox 5.2.4


PHP 7.2 PHPUnit 6.4.4
Time: 12.4 seconds, Memory: 162.00MB

PHP 7.1 PHPUnit 6.4.4
Time: 12.19 seconds, Memory: 162.00MB

PHP 7.0 PHPUnit 6.4.4
Time: 4.88 seconds, Memory: 162.00MB

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