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@Mythos33 What does it say for the composer install command process or does it not show?


@Mythos33 I have got the same error. Maybe you have resolved this problem?


This is because the ./vendor folder created during the before_script phase isn't carried through into the testing builds. I've yet to reach a satisfactory answer for this - but its currently looking like you need to do a composer install for each of the different build instances.


It's actually something else... the [[ ! -e /.dockerenv ]] && [[ ! -e /.dockerinit ]] && exit 0 line is causing the script to drop out early


Issue is that /.dockerinit was removed in v1.11 so it always fails the test

Replacing that line with

[[ ! -e /.dockerenv ]] && exit 0

works just fine. Running php composer.phar install --no-plugins --no-scripts --dev then runs properly in the before_script section for every test build.


I'm sorry, but I totally forgot about this thread due to missing email notifications. ;-)

@gwawr 's solution works for me, thanks!


I have just tried @Refringe setup and Gitlab build fails with similar error as @Mythos33. I have copied files from into my project and push it into GitLab and build fails with error:

Running with gitlab-ci-multi-runner 1.9.0 (82714ae)
Using Docker executor with image php:5.6 ...
Pulling docker image mysql:5.6 ...
Starting service mysql:5.6 ...
Waiting for services to be up and running...
Pulling docker image php:5.6 ...
Running on runner-e11ae361-project-2277718-concurrent-0 via runner-e11ae361-machine-1483904340-0654037a-digital-ocean-4gb...
Cloning repository...
Cloning into '/builds/gandra404/ticketbeast'...
Checking out bacd084d as master...
$ bash
$ php vendor/bin/phpunit --colors
Could not open input file: vendor/bin/phpunit
ERROR: Build failed: exit code 1

Here is repo url of the failing project:

and here are failiong builds:

In case I made some new changes this is relevant commit:

@Mythos33, can you post your solution? I didn't get what have to change in order to work.


Finally I manage to run sucesfully tests on GitLab. Here is the project:

This article helped me a lot:

I have code on GitLab. Runner installed on my host(probably would work only with shared runner?) with docker as executor.

I have copied this files in my root:

The only error I had at first try was "Unable to prepare route [api/user] for serialization. Uses Closure."( but seems that is known error:

So, at the moment I have commented line php artisan route:cache andbuild paased ok!


These scripts are wonderful, thank you all for sharing your knowledge.

I have everything up and running but being new to the CI and docker/container worlds, I feel compelled to ask if theres any way to expedite the build process by pre-compiling php and extensions and creating a container--something along those lines.

Or is there a benefit to using the official images I'm missing out on?

If it helps, I used forge to provision my production server, so if there's a forge-flavored container I'd be safe running my ci-against that would be swell.

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@scuttlebyte This may help: If you look at the Dockerfile, it's pre-compiled like you wanted.


Hi all,

While i was reading this topic

i was thinking if it's possibile to have this kind of test functionality into the docker container:

 public function testBasicExample()
             ->see('Laravel 5')

If not what i would need ? maybe a webserver that runs into the docker container ?

thank you


@Mythos33 had same issue but it was random, endedup deviding the stages into build (composer) and then tests and that seem to work for me.

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