1 year ago

Spark, Cashier and Stripe SCA considerations

Posted 1 year ago by dr-bob

Starting September 14, 2019, European regulation requires Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for many online payments. We use Spark (with Cashier) and Stripe for a SaaS service with monthly subscriptions, both fixed fees and metered billing. With the upcoming EU regulations change we are considering our options on how to move forward with our billing.

As Stripe seems to be particularly popular with Laravel and Spark based apps thanks to Cashier, I'm looking forward to exchanging thoughts with others that are to adhere to the SCA update.

The main choice we're facing is if we stick to Spark/Cashier for billing and invoicing, or bypass it (as much as possible) and fully switch to the Stripe API, Stripe Checkout (or Elements) and Stripe Invoicing.

We are considering moving away from Cashier as it might require such a huge update to our Spark 5 (Laravel 5.5) app, that it might be easier to go native on Stripe API and tools. Also, as we prefer an architecture using "Separation of Concerns", it makes more sense to keep all user billing data just in Stripe and not in Spark as well. The only (?) reason to keep it in Spark is for invoicing, but with the updated Stripe invoicing options and tax rules, we can let Stripe handle that, it seems.

Others here that are stuggling with the same? I'm happy to share ideas and considerations and update this thread with challenges and pitfalls we face while moving forward.

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