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Upload an image to a webservice using Lumen + Guzzle 6

Posted 1 week ago by Caracorn


I want to upload an image to a external web service using Lumen + Guzzle 6. The external web service does not accept "base64-encoding" the image to be sent. Only the image file is accepted as such.

But I still get an error that the image could not be found or rather Guzzle sent the request without the image, although the function file_exists() could find it.

If I work with cURL-command-line on the console, it worked fine for me:

    curl -v --user "username:password" ...

Thank you very much for every hints, why Lumen & Guzzle6 can't do it.

Here a bit of the code:

    $filename_with_path  = storage_path( 'app/pics/') . $file_name;        
    $fileContent         = File::get( $filename_with_path );
    $mime_type           = File::mimeType( $filename_with_path );
    $this->guzzle_client = null;
    $this->guzzle_client = new Client( [
        'auth'      => [
        'multipart' => [
                'name'      => $file_name,
                'filename'  => $file_name,
                'contents'  => $fileContent,
                'mime-type' => $mime_type,
                'headers'   => [ 'Content-Type' => $mime_type ]
    ] );

    $this->response = $this->guzzle_client->request( 'PUT', $uri.$endpoint );

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