Missing argument 1 for Illuminate\Auth\AuthManager::createDriver() lumen and JWT

Posted 3 years ago by CROSP

I am trying to implement JWT token in my API using Lumen + JWT. I am using this JWT Library, I have set up it, but when I want to validate passed using JWTAuth::attempt($credentials) I get next error

ErrorException in AuthManager.php line 16: Missing argument 1 for Illuminate\Auth\AuthManager::createDriver(), called in /home/admin/web/ on line 87 and defined

I know where is the problem, but cannot figure out how to solve it because I don't know internals of framework well.

I have question about how does JWT authenticate the user (checks credentials in database, as I can gues it uses model class provided in jwt.php with the following line 'user' => 'App\Models\User'

By default 'user' => 'App\User'

So even if I changed user model in this file I got the next error

vendor/illuminate/auth/EloquentUserProvider.php line 126: Class '\App\User' not found

I thought and decided to add config/auth.php file with succeeding content

return [ 'model' => 'App\Models\User' ];

And now I get the the first exception.

What is wrong I can quess that I have overridden all parameters in auth config file.

Aslo I wonder where can I find (except source code, it will take a lot of time to understand it) explanation how JWTAuth::attempt works ?


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