1 year ago

Serialization of closure is not allowed, in queuing a mail

Posted 1 year ago by dan3460

I have a simple email that sends files to a customer.

    public function storeReceiver(Request $request)
        $files = Document::whereIn('document_id',explode(',',$request->fileList))->get();
        $receiver = Receiver::find($request->receiverID);

        Mail::to($receiver->entity->entity_contact_email)->queue(new SendDocuments($files));

That works fine, but in the request i also have some text that i want to put in the body of the email. So when i do this:

Mail::to($receiver->entity->entity_contact_email)->queue(new SendDocuments($files,$request));

Gives me the error in the title. If i replace queue by send, works fine. So its clearly complaining about the two parameters in the mail object when sent to the queue. Is there any way around this?

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