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Posted 3 months ago by garrip91

Hello everyone, dear forum users !!! I really want to contact you with the following problem:

Relatively recently, I began to study WEB-programming (approximately from August 2018), in the process of which I accidentally found on some site "beonmax.com/ru/" paid courses on WEB-programming from a certain "expert" Sergey Nikonov. Here you can go into the details of what these courses are like (creating the Kinomonstre project (some kind of kinopoisk.ru site), first in the classical form (without using frameworks and other aids), then using the Bootstrap framework, then he creates the MySQL database, connects his project to it ......., etc ...). Finally, the author comes to "revitalizing" his site with the help of the PHP framework "CodeIgniter"! I listened to him attentively, listened (repeating everything after him, naturally) ... ONCE, everything that happened to him did not work out, TWO did not work, and I became interested in what was happening and found out that this PHP framework, it turns out stupid. They advised me, in general, "Laravel".

On the video hosting site "Youtube.com" I found video tutorials on "laravel" (link: "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZGOnN7 ... WHE-KCoNnE") from a certain next expert (here I write this word without quotes , as the latter did not disappoint me yet). I applied his methodology to my “raw” project and this is what I did:

Contents of the file "web.php": [code]

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