1 year ago

Queuing File Transformation After File Upload

Posted 1 year ago by hunterhawley

Hey there! I have been Googling around, and was surprised that I couldn't find the answer to this anywhere. I have a form that has a few text/integer fields, and one multi-select file field for videos. Currently, I've got code that will upload everything, put the text fields in the DB, then use FFMPEG to compress and combine every video into one concatenated larger video.

All of this works, my problem is that for any video larger than a minute or two, the FFMPEG process takes FOREVER. So, I've been watching the Laracasts about Queuing. I haven't found anything about how to pass $request data, and when I tried, I was told that serialization was not allowed for that. At this point, I just need to know how to pass my video objects to a job where they can be processed, so that the user doesn't have to sit there and wait. Any thoughts?

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