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Questions about mass Email with Scheduler

Posted 8 months ago by cuartas15

I have 2 specific questions about email in production:

  • Since I'm a total novice on this, I finally got to configure a site on Laravel Forge properly, I can send emails via cron job using the php artisan schedule:run, but I've come to realize this won't work by just using Private Email provided by Namecheap as an email service.

The domain I'm using on my site is stored in Namecheap so I thought using and configuring an email there too would be easy and convenient, I paid for the [email protected], created a bunch of aliases and included them in my application to send emails, and it works, but the email service only allows 500 mails per hour.

I'm not looking to send mass emails as marketing or email lists (for now), what my app is doing is: Use a job to retrieve a list of appointments assigned to the next day in order to send a reminder to the clients, so each email is unique because it has an individual client name/appointment date/time and meeting address. What I've been using to achieve this is Laravel notification, the one that comes with it but slightly modified (I just changed the markdown a little bit).

The amount of appointments per day can go up to hundreds of thousands in the future so I need a service that can do that for me without worrying about email limits and blacklisted ips.

Not to mention I'm using the same notification system for password resets, appointment cancelations, contact and other functions.

So I'm looking for something that can cover these needs, I've been looking mailgun, mailchimp, etc but all of these are oriented on Marketing? and like I said I don't really want that for now but something that can allow me to send massive amounts of mails at once and at the same time individual messages as well? maybe since I know nothing about this I think those services aren't for me but they actually are? that's why I need help about it.

  • This question is more related to Laravel, in production, when I send emails with the scheduler, that email isn't coming with a small image logo but just the alt text, when I inspect it, it's sending something with a localhost route for some reason, this is just for this specific case of sending notifications via jobs, if I for example send a password reset email, the image is showing up just fine, is there something I have to do diferently about it?

This is what my blade template looks like:

    {{-- Header --}}
        @component('mail::header', ['url' => config('app.exturllink')])
            <img src='{{ asset('images/sme_logo.png') }}' height='70' alt='{{ config('app.subname') }}'>
    {{-- ... --}}

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