1 year ago

Model::paginate() and then ->append('attribute')

Posted 1 year ago by neeonline

Hello all,

I'm using Laravel's Database Pagination (, everything work fine...

I came to a dead-[I can't find it in Google]-end. So, let's get a User model with pagination:

$users = User::paginate(15);

If needed I can add query params to the links object:

$users = User::paginate(15)->appends(['queryParam' => 'paramValue']);

But I can't append an attribute to the result set, everything that I tried failed =(

$users = User::paginate(15)->append('userAttribute');

I know it's possible to add the attribute to the protected $appends array, but this append is based on security level. So not all users should see this value.

Any help is appreciate.


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