6 days ago

Laravel Deployment - production workflow and good case practices

Posted 6 days ago by MahmoudMonem

Hello guys .. I managed to deploy my very first laravel app on Digital Ocean ubuntu 20.04 server with apache2 and it is up and running and everything seems to be ok .. I am kind of very worried to mess things up and would love to hear from you how do you manage your apps once it's live.

First is there any files or things need to change because I went live ? Something in config or .env or any other files?

My current flow goes as follows; Locally:

1- develop new features locally 2- commit & push updates to Git repo

On remote: 1- Git reset hard (not always) 2- Git pull 3- run migrations 4- edit changes manuly for files in Gitignore

That's it .. what else do I need to do or stop doing .. also if you have any articles or terms or services to check , read about and learn would be of great help.

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