4 months ago

Integrating extensions/packages into laravel voyager, is it possible? How do i proceed?

Posted 4 months ago by hackroot

Hi I am working on a eCommerce front-end and POS with inventory system using laravel voyager as back-end, i would really love to implement a forked and updated version of Steve Bauman's inventory system package or extension in to laravel, I would like to know if it's possible. if yes how do i get started?

my thought: I was thinking maybe i will manually create models and controllers and paste the code however how do i deal with the table migrations specifically because i would really love to see and manage them within voyager.

Below is the github repository for the laravel package i want to implement; https://github.com/Trexology/inventory

I am new to PHP laravel however i know my way around a little bit. Would really appreciate the help.

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