8 months ago

how do you handle a user when their session timesout in laravel 5

Posted 8 months ago by babonday

wow sorry to ask this question but it seems everyone asks this question on here or stack overflow at very different times in their journey.. i must be looking in the wrong place in the docs not to find something so simple.

I am at the place when the session times out after the preset 120 mins. At the moment nothing happens until the user clicks something and they get an error or they realise they have been logged out.

in old apps i used to redirect with a meta http-equiv="refresh" content="5; locahost/login_page}"

i realise this is a bit of a blunt way to treat a user as they may lose their work but i cant work out where to start in laravel.. i must have read 20 threads but they seem further along then me in a) the logic and b) what i should do...

hope this is clear.

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