Format cell(s) in Tables Component in Mailables Markdown

Posted 10 months ago by GuntarsV

Hi, Is it possible to format individual cell(s) in the Table's Component? For example in the table markdown code below in the Cost column, if I would like to display cell value in bold if the value is less than $10, is that doable? I tried, and I was able to apply bold with regular html tag if I put them in the static table like one below, but I If I try to dynamically generate the table inside the loop, the html tags show up in the email message i.e. <strong>$9.99</strong> Any thought, suggestions.... please let me know.

| Laravel       | Table         | Cost|
| ------------- |:-------------:| --------:|
| Col 2 is      | Centered      | .99      |
| Col 3 is      | Right-Aligned |       |

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