1 year ago

Format cell(s) in Tables Component in Mailables Markdown

Posted 1 year ago by GuntarV

Hi, Is it possible to format individual cell(s) in the Table's Component? For example in the table markdown code below in the Cost column, if I would like to display cell value in bold if the value is less than $10, is that doable? I tried, and I was able to apply bold with regular html tag if I put them in the static table like one below, but I If I try to dynamically generate the table inside the loop, the html tags show up in the email message i.e. <strong>$9.99</strong> Any thought, suggestions.... please let me know.

| Laravel       | Table         | Cost|
| ------------- |:-------------:| --------:|
| Col 2 is      | Centered      | .99      |
| Col 3 is      | Right-Aligned |       |

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