displaying the brands in filter panel for a ecommerce site

Posted 9 months ago by Shawdow


i need to display the brand for a particular products i explored in the some ecomerce site filter panel was changing as the products gets displayed

i have brand table now i need know the how the brands get displayed for every product

in the brands table

id        name           category_id 
1           hp                      1
2         sony                    1

in the categories table

id           name                       parent_id 
1             electronics                 null 
2           house appliances      null
3            laptops                            1

logic i have written if there is any wrong please correct me

in the controller

public function filterCategory() {

$category = DB::table('categories')->select('id')->get();    

$brand = DB::table('brands')->select('*')->get();

return view('category',compact('category','brand));


in the blade file

@foreach($category as $categories)

@foreach($brand as $brands)

if($categories->id as $brands->category_id)

Brand:{{ $brands->name }}


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