Confusion about Gates and Policies

Published 5 months ago by Shivafeb17

Hi, everyone,

I'm confused and not sure about Gates and Policies. Please answer the following questions, that could help me clear my doubts.

  1. Should I use Policies only when I need to apply condition to entire Model?
  2. While using Policies, it is mandatory to use Gates or can we create policies without using gates?
  3. Where can I find tutorial that explain ACL using only laravel?
5 months ago (252,680 XP)

You should perhaps:

  • Work the examples from docs
  • Watch Jeffrey's videos on Authorization and Authentication

Yes basically a policy is for example

  • An admin can do this and that
  • A user can do only that, not this

The gate works with the policy, like:

  • No user allowed beyond me, but admin is okay.
  • Or, you can not pass me unless the policy allows it.

Just a simplified explanation. An yes it can be over whelming at first.

Remember however simple auth is also there without having to mess with the gates and policies. I view gates and policies for larger complex sites with many roles and permissions.


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